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ARDEN, NC (AP) — Some Greenpeace protesters have climbed a smokestack that towers over a power plant near Asheville.

Progress Energy spokesman Scott Sutton says a handful of protesters scaled the column at the Asheville Power Plant in Arden on Monday morning.

Sutton says the utility’s highest priority is to safely remove the protesters and protect the 400-megawatt plant that serves Progress customers in western North Carolina.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Keiller MacDuff says activists have secured themselves to devices including the coal loader and conveyer belts. She says the group thinks plants like the one in Asheville that use coal damage the environment.

Sutton says the group has also hung banners around the facility. He says police are working to remove the protesters.

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  • guesty

    From the story: “Sutton says the utility’s highest priority is to safely remove the protesters….”

    Don’t worry about their safety, just protect the equipment. Maybe a blast from a fire hose would help them come down. That and gravity should do the trick.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    Maybe thay could be used for target practice.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …should be converging on Asheville. It’s not often you get to train with those “high angle shots,” where you really have to compensate for gravity.

    Of course, since there are so many sob-sister sissies who would get upset if you started blasting them off the tower, perhaps you could just remove the ladder and leave them up there until fatigue, dehydration, and gravity brought them down.

  • Robo

    This is what happens when people like these activists are welcomed into our area. They need to be jailed. And even our university students are supporting this unlawful Greenpeace bunch.

  • RSimmons

    You ought to go up to West Va and Southern Ohio where these coal companies are doing large scale strip mines. It’s a damn shame what they have done to the land and water up there.

    Time to get off coal and start building Nuclear Power plants again. One just got approved for Georgia, first new plant in 34 years!

    Obama is getting it done baby!! 4 more years!!

  • guesty

    He is getting this country flushed right down the toilet. You can keep the change.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    This country has enough coal to last us for two-hundred years, but if we get so stupid that we don’t use it, the Chinese will buy every ton we pull out of the ground. I’ll still get my dividends from Peabody and CONSOL.

    BTW, shut down those mines in OH and WV and the people will have no jobs whatsoever, and be added to the growing roll of government dependents.

    Of course, that’s what you Obamite Socialists want – a national majority of non-working societal leeches who produce nothing except votes for Democrats every November.

    Oh, in case you’re interested, the applications for these reactors were filed and received a green light from the administration in 2008, before your Marxist Master was even in office.

  • Kirk28405

    Love how the posts say to “use them as target practice”. Maybe next time the Titan protesters are marching downtown, they should be used as target practice as well. Or, anyone else protesting or causing a disturbance. Oh, but wait, that’s OK!! What an insane little town!

  • Guest2020

    Protesting is one thing. Trespassing is different. I am not saying use them as target practice, but they have no right to trespass. If they are going to protest they should do so by legal means.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The right to assemble doesn’t include “on other people’s property, without their permission.”

    Please note, I also offered the innocuous, non-violent option of removing the ladder and letting them spend their last days doing what they love.

  • RSimmons

    Don’t have to shut the mines down just do it right. Containment ponds for runoff and leaching, Refill and reforestation of spent mine excavations. Nothing that can’t be done now using the knowledge and technology currently available. Plenty of work available to do things right.

    SOCO’s nuclear application was submitted in 1998. 2008 was the year that the reactor design was type certified and approved for final permitting phase. WIKI doesn’t tell you everything. 12 years is currently the minimum to approve a nuclear reactor.

    No charge for the lesson.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …no credit for Obama, who you were lauding through some misplaced loyalty.

    BTW, I got the info from SO’s website, not Wikipedia.


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