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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s Supreme Court will decide whether patients who object to hospital bills can get a court to decide whether they’re unreasonably expensive.

The court heard Monday from Robert Talford of Charlotte, who was charged more than $14,000 for a three-day stay for heart problems. He says the hospital should have to prove to a judge why it’s reasonable to charge him up to 24 times more than a local pharmacy for medications.

The state’s hospitals want the high court to rule they can collect overdue bills without a trial.

Lawyers for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority say of course a pill is cheaper at a street-corner drug store because the cost of that pill in the hospital also pays for nurses, doctors and maintaining a constantly clean and supervised room.

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  • Guest327

    Why should a pill pay for nurses and doctors? That should be included in the room fees. A drug store is also a clean and supervised room. Let’s face it……….the outrageous fees hospitals charge is to pay for those who get free care. I am glad someone is challenging this.

  • Brian

    The cost of nurses and a clean room should be rolled into the HOSPITAL cost, not hidden in the medication cost. They don’t want to do that, because then the public will start to question why it is so expensive to maintain the facilities – and then we’ll discover that it is mostly due to a top-heavy administrative staff, along with inflated expenses from outsourcing services that could be provided by hospital employees.

  • fore shure

    recently I was charged $90.00 in fuel

    from Gordon road to New Hanover regional


    because they can…..


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