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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — More than a week after Tim Jayne was fired as Leland Police Chief, accusations from his days in office continue to come to light.

One Leland resident says the police have been harassing him for months he says they helped his ex break into his home and steal from him.

According to an incident report from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, the victim’s ex-girlfriend came to his home in June with Leland Police Sgt. Hank Smith and a few other people.

The man says Sgt. Smith entered the home with his service weapon out of the holster. The victim, who does not want talk on camera or be named publicly because of what he says are ongoing FBI and SBI investigations, says he was handcuffed and put in a police vehicle while the group cleaned out the house. The report says they took nearly $11,000 worth of items, including a flat screen TV, laptop and cash.

According to the report, Sgt. Smith, who did not have a warrant with him, told the victim, “Where you are going you won’t need these things.” Police took the man, who has been convicted several times for worthless checks, obtaining property by false pretenses and larceny, to the Brunswick County Jail. He was quickly released because officers only had a criminal summons.

Since that day the victim says Leland Police have harassed and threatened him.

“The past few months have been terrible for me and my family,” the man said in a statement to WWAY. “Every time I drive through Leland, I really do fear for my safety every time I see a Leland Police officer.”

Interim Leland Police Chief Karl Smith said this is the first he has heard of any investigation. He also said while he cannot get into the details officers responded the way they would to help anyone get their stuff back from an ex.

The FBI would not confirm or deny any investigation. A SBI spokeswoman has not returned a call for comment.

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  • Grand Ole Party

    Been busted a few times? Yup!!!

  • Citizen of the Republic

    “Where you are going you won’t need these things.”

    I guess he was right about that.

  • GuestHal stevens

    wilmington cops are not much better. Just not caught yet. Wrightsville beach just had to clean house. The crooks run from the SBI down. Let me say high up in the SBI down. They think the badge gives them the right do do what they please as they please,when they please. Some also need anger management and soon.Wilmington just does not know yet how bad their police department is.

  • GetUrUmbrellas

    The sh*t storm is still but a drizzle. Let it rain down on Leland. Pour down.

  • Guesttoo

    Not sure which one bothers me most…that this channel would take the word of a convicted criminal and publish his “story” or that posters here are actually siding with the convicted criminal without knowing the entire story. It this in any way, shape or form journalism? Was any fact-checking performed? Or, is it simply another chance to “stick it” to the LPD?

  • Leland Fan

    Gun drawn for a Criminal Summons? Way to go Sergeant Smith! Wait, it is not Sergeant Hank anymore, it is Lt Hank, leader of the Leland Patrol Division. Chief Jayne made the promotion!


    When are you people going to learn cops are nothing but thieves with badges. They are worse than the people they supposedly there to protect us from. Constant stories of bad cops lately in every news source you look at, don’t depend on them to help you they will not. Protect yourself they only come after the fact. Never trust one. NO I do not have a criminal record so don’t try to even go there, just seen enough corruption to realize the truth.

  • CopsWife

    Thieves with badges, huh?? I’ll tell you this, my husband is one of the most HONEST people that I have ever known. I hate to bring up KARMA, but I pray that one day, your life is not in the hands of one of these, “thieves with badges.” It would be a shame for your trust issues/opinions, whatever you call it, too cost you your life. Grow up!

  • deputy 25


  • Not true

    Saying ALL cops are corrupt because of a few bad seeds is like saying ALL dogs are bad because one bit someone. I know a bunch of great police officers that are very honest. Yes there are the few that are not but that could be said about any line of work!

  • Guest4561

    So, you’ve cut the head off the monster at LAPD with the firing (and, hopefully, not the rehiring) of Jayne but the monster still lives on. If we didn’t need more proof of the power-hungry, law breaking police department that is Leland, here you have a supervisor, recently promoted to lt, going into a house with a warrant, take property that he had no proof was indeed not the person in the house and arrest him on a summons that didn’t require an arrest. Jayne’s destruction of this department runs deep and the cancer has spread far – Mr. Hollis, isn’t it about time to have the Sheriff come in, disband this department, and start all over again? Do you know how much this department needs to be gutted to cure the disease of corruption and incompetence that just keeps happening? How many more stories like this do we need to hear before you see how big this problem is? The community doesn’t trust the police, other police departments don’t want to work with Leland, certified teaching officers can’t teach at the local college and this department is used at the academy as what not to do in a police department. WHAT ELSE?!?

  • Guestsally

    What police departments will not work with Leland ? Who can’t teach at the colleges? What class is being taught at the academy about what not to do??? I’m sure it is a management class for Chiefs…

  • guesty

    Smith is now listed as a lieutenant on the department website. I guess by committing a criminal act he proved he could follow in the footsteps of the other officers. What an asset he must be to the department.

  • enoughalready20

    Sounds like to me the guy that is complaining is getting paid back by someone doing to him what he has done to others. Sounds like fair play to me. Quit complaining, straighen your life up and live with it.

  • Retired Firefighter

    I just wanted to kinda fit in. Guess it didn’t work? I actually know very little about what’s going on in Leland. Just from what I read on here. Tried to be funny, it didn’t work. Can you give me some pointers Kid Blue????


    60 years without your husband doing squat for me. He might be honest with you but how is he at work? Not that you would not be preducial towards him. They will lie to gain convictions, fabricate evidence, etc. (remember the state crime lab fiasco?) Search dirty cops on the computer or police corruption on the computer. Cops only show up AFTER the fact of most crime not prevent it so I doubt I will ever need him or his buddies help. When seconds count the police will be there in minutes!!!!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Your BS is so old. We get it, you hate cops. For whatever reasons you’re hiding. Yes there are dirty cops, dirty people are in all professions. Deal with it. As far as your ignorant statement “When seconds count the police will be there in minutes!!!!” News flash dumb ass, this is not the movies, they still have to drive to the location they are dispatched to. You are one of those morons who complain when you see a cop speeding, and then turn around and complain when they take to long to arrive. They lack any type of real police in Somalia, hell Afghanistan as well, please feel free to pack your old ass up and move. Your whining has grown old.

  • Guest: ilm native too

    I think you paint the picture with too wide a brush. All cops are not bad. That makes as much sense as saying “if a person works for a company and gets caught stealing, then everyone who works there is a thief.” One bad apply does not spoil the whole bunch. It sounds like you have had dealings with law enforcement before, and have a chip on your shoulder because you were in the wrong and not willing to admit it. It’s always easier to make the other person the “boogie man”.

  • deputy 25

    you know, most crooks or people contemplating a crime fail to call police in advance!!!!!!! so yes we do show up after the fact. if YOU people the citizens would behave yourselves we wouldn’t have to be going out taking care of your little love spats and jealous drunk of your azz rages. cant even handle your own children to the point you call the police. neighbors griping about someone cutting grass to late in the evening, they stepped 4″ across my property line and such bull crap as that. grow the heck up and handle your own childish spats and deal with it and get along with your neighbor and we wouldn’t have to be showing up in minutes!!!!

  • Sally Smitj

    The SBI lab had nothing to do with LE Officers. Google Leland Officers for corripution , ilmnative…. What do you find ….. nothing but allegations and gossip. Give up some evidence!! Anything??? The felon who is scared to ride though Leland maybe should pay his taxes so he can renew his tags if he doesn’t want officers stopping him. Quit breaking the law and they will have no reason to pull you. All criminal records are public record… I’ve lived in Leland for 20 years and not once have I been pulled stopped by a Leland Police Officer, not once have I obtained property by false pretenses or passed worthless checks. Just maybe we have only heard one part of the story.


    and prosecuters sent the evidence to the crime lab and pressured them to make the evidence stick..do I need to send you the article???


    Just because you are a cop lover doesn’t mean we all have to fall in line. I you like the police state we are becoming more power to you. Not for me, got it dumb ass. If you don’t like my whining TOUGH. COPS SUCK !!!

  • guesty


  • Retired Firefighter

    To scared to come out and tell the world who you are and how you were violated?

    I think Sgt Coward is taking applications for his girl scout team.

    Again, go get the training, attempt to get hired and effect some real change from the inside, if you truly believe the rhetoric you guys are spouting off about. Have some conviction and courage to stand up, put on your shield and gun, and go kick doors in all over LA.

    Better yet, why not go apply to Charlotte, or DC or New Orleans where you an even greater chance of mixing it up with bad guys and really, I mean really find out, what being a peace officer is all about. Not making light of my brothern in the Leland Police Departmant, because I am sure they have their mutts they have to deal with day in and day out.

    But really go to a town where there is the possibility of not making home from your tour and find out if you got the moxy about your convictions or if your another crybaby sissy who didn’t get picked at kickball, like Pickey and kid blue.

    Again, good luck.

  • kblue2221984

    That’s your come back huh? Bless your little baby heart…..Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!


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