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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — He still has not filed to run, but Congressional candidate David Rouzer picked up a key endorsement. NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger threw his support behind Rouzer today.

Rouzer, a Republican from Johnston County, is running for the Republican nomination in the newly-drawn 7th District.

Berger says he’s worked closely with Rouzer in the state Senate and called him one of the chamber’s “bright young stars.”

So far only Republican Randy Crow has filed for the seat currently held by Democrat Rep. Mike McIntyre.

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4 Comments on "Still not in race, Rouzer gets key endorsement"

2015 years 10 months ago

I am glad you brought up Thom Goolsby…our Senator from New Hanover. He has decided to ENDORSE Rouzer even though Pantano is a fellow ex-marine. Good for Goolsby…he knows Rouzer will defeat McIntyre. Pantano had his chance in a huge Republican wave year of 2010 and blew it! He impersonated a Sheriff’s deputy, gave money to Sid Causey for County Commission (a Democrat), took support from Walter (RINO) Jones, refused to release his entire military record showing how bad his performance was from April 2004 since, refused to release records from Defend the Defenders, was forced to resign from the Marines by the Marines, refused to release his tax returns and has no JOB! Pantano is a good speaker but is a terribly flawed candidate. This is why Sen. Rouzer will be our Republican nominee…he has a clean background, he has proven he can win elections and he is conservative. (endorsed by the widow of Jesse Helmsamong others!) Pantano needs to run hard, lose graciously and find a line of work he is suited for that does NOT involve public office.

Pa of 4
2015 years 10 months ago

Politics as usual, this time, Raleigh good old boy, establishment, throwing their weight behind their poster boy Rouzer. Of course, Berger will support Rouzer, because in my opinion, the lines were drawn around Rouzer, he announced he was running the same day the new lines came out. The problem is, I don’t think the Raleigh establishment got the memo, the country is going against the establishment and career politicians. Even Sen. Thom Goolsby ran against career politicians in 2010, his campaign handout said “Thom will fight to clean up the career politicians’ corruption.” We don’t want more of the same. Rouzer said he began his political career in DC immediately after college, in 1995. He is also a lobbyist, lobbied for the AG JOBS AMNESTY Bill in 2007, he supported the liberal sponsored bill by liberal Diane Fienstein,of CA. and that was also supported by liberal senators Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy. Rouzer being the career politician and lobbyist that he is, says he does not want term limits, I guess he just wants to get back to DC with his Washington friends and special interest groups and pacs that are some of his campaign donors writing some of his big checks. From what I understand, BIG CHECKS EXPECTS BIG FAVORS. Sorry Mr. Berger, Rouzer’s actions are not what I call conservative.

Pa of 4
2015 years 10 months ago

We are sick of the politician mentality, go along to get along, let’s make sure we don’t ruffle any feathers, so we can get re-elected, just go down the middle and keep both sides happy. Enough is enough, I am sick of spineless entrenched polticians, that don’t speak up for their constituents and this country. We the people, deserve a voice in Washington, someone that has a spine and will stand up for this country and is not concerned about getting re-elected, but is more worried about America losing her soul. America is in grave danger, and it is our generation’s turn to step up and speak out and fight to protect this county, like so many generations before us have had to do. Someone like Marco Rubio and Allen West from Florida, someone like Paul Ryan and for me, that someone from the 7th district in NC is Ilario Pantano. He has proven he will fight for us, he already has in 2 wars, while David Rouzer has been playing career politician and lobbyist, lobbying with the liberals and going against conservatives. Our grandchldren’s future is at risk, so don’t play politics with me, because I’M SICK OF IT.

2015 years 10 months ago

I like David. Great guy — he’s got my vote. Way better than that tea party nutjob from the Bronx, Pantano.


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