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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Tabor City mom says her five-year-old son was raped at school. But it’s who she says attacked the boy that you just won’t believe.

Sherri Loika says her son was sodomized in a restroom at Tabor City Elementary School by a five-year-old classmate. She found out the night it happened after his teacher called.

“She told me that the boys were taking a long time in the bathroom, so she went in to hurry them along, and that’s when she noticed another boy’s penis was on my son’s leg,” Loika said.

But that wasn’t all. When Loika asked her son what happened, he says a different boy raped him.

A doctor examined her son, but Loika says there was no physical tearing or scrapes because of the boys’ ages and their physical development. Wednesday, she says a psychologist confirmed her fear.

“Most kids, she said walk in there and give her short yes or no answers,” Loika said. “He spelled out exactly what happened to him and drew pictures of it. She told me there’s no doubt in her mind that this incident did occur with him.”

Since the attack, Loika says her son lays in bed in every morning refusing to go to school.

“He used to get up every morning before the alarm clock would go off and get his clothes on, and he would be ready to go to school,” she said. “Now, all he wants to do is lay there. He doesn’t want to go there.”

Loika claims the school threatened her son with truancy for staying home, even though the school would not remove him from the same class as his alleged attacker. Loika says Superintendent Alan Faulk called her today, finally agreeing to transfer her son to another school. Faulk did not want to comment because of sensitivity of the situation.

Loika showed us a letter from DSS and the investigation report from the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office. Both said nothing could be done about the situation and the investigation has been closed. Under state law a child under six cannot be held criminally liable.

“Nobody is trying to investigate anything,” Loika said. “They’re trying to throw their hands up, throw it under the rug like it never even happened.”

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71 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: Mom says five-year-old son raped by classmate at school"

2015 years 10 months ago

No, shame on you, Marci. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about which is exactly what the majority of the problem is with this situation and others in the county. People that know nothing or little about situations feel the need to comment on everything.
If you have never taught one day in a classroom, don’t try to assume what it is like or the challenges that teachers face due to negligent parents and influences from home. If you have ever raised children, imagine raising 26 on your own for 180 days for more “wake” hours than their own parents have them. By the way, teachers spend 4 years receiving an EDUCATION (that means learning how to teach kids on subject matter, not how to teach and parent them because thats not done at home in many cases)because they CARE ABOUT KIDS….its certainly not for the paycheck! Trust me, no one would tolerate barely getting by, dragging home hours of work, and putting up with a lot of outside influences if they didn’t care for the kids. Be careful who you judge! It is extremely unfair of you to be so critical!
On that note, children NEVER go to the restroom by themselves…sorry! But that is incorrect information. We have a buddy system in this county (that means 2 at a time) since an incident occurred in the restroom at WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP back in the late 1990s.
Teachers take the entire class to the restroom where students may go in one at a time…when students request to go to the restroom at a time that the whole class doesn’t go, the teacher must send the kids in pairs…
The teacher did what was right…
Teachers can control the factors that are within their job, and their role as professionals…they cannot however control the behavior of other students when they are not in their presence.
If the teacher would have left the entire class unattended, she would have been held liable for any indcidents.
In other words…It was let the kid pee in his pants…quit teaching to take the kids back to the restroom and interupt more learning time because the kids had to go AGAIN…or leave the class unattended…I mean really…what more do y’all want?
Its amazing to me how this parent and everyone else is angry at the school and its employees because they were choosing to follow protocol…but no one is remotely upset with the parents and family from which this child committed such an act? Good grief people! Where are your priorities?
I would never subject my child to having to relive this event…if it even happened…every day just because I’m trying to prove a point. There’s ways of taking care of what she wants to without subjecting him to being labeled for the rest of his life. The only person responsible for ruining this child’s image and reputation are the ones who keep handling their business on Facebook and in the public eye! Is this about helping the kid or seeking to embarrass and hurt others? If this was about the kid it seems like his privacy, feelings, and future would be of upmost concern…not whether employees are going to be fired for doing their job. As a parent who is happy with my child’s place at a school in the county school system…if you don’t like the schools and your child’s right to a public education…you haul ’em to the charter school everyday and provide all of their meals or pay your dues to send ’em to private school.

2015 years 10 months ago

I just don’t understand why the mother waited a week to say anything. Her Facebook clearly says that the child was suspended Friday for threatening to “stab” a female student. Then on Monday she starts posting all this stuff. To me seems like it’s trying to get back at the school/school system for suspending her child.

The story on her page seems to be missing a lot of details! If you ask a child the same question over and over…they’ll soon tell you what you want to hear. 5 year old boys raping one another? Is that even possible? Come on!!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

wendy thats where you are wrong because there is no buddy system in this school she sent 3 boys into that bathroom and did not go check on them until she heard my son scream NO STOP. she let that out at the last meeting between me her and the principal.. so talk on issues you do know and if you are a teacher i feel sorry for you because your system sucks and by system i do mean school system aka ALAN FAULK SUPERINTENTENT!!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

sorry but your local paper sucks as well i know because i read the bull crap too it says that the sheriffs office referred it to dss sorry but dss refused it refused to investagate if you’d looked at wway youd seen the documents i provided which proved that already!!!hope you dont have kids either.and you know peditricans need more schooling my sons doctor said the same thing said he wasnt sure if a kid that age could get an errection but if you want the proof scroll down to a link i posted for another smart a** and read it you might find it interesting to know that can and he did.!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

Maybe the offender can’t be held legally responsible because of his age but the SCHOOL and HIS PARENTS can be help legally responsible. I hope that this mother will hire a GOOD lawyer!!


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