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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A day after a mom speaks out about the rape of her child another Columbus County mom is speaking out saying the school district did little after her daughter was sexually assaulted by her classmates.

Kim Coston says her 12 year-old daughter was sexually assaulted numerous times at Acme-Delco Middle School back in October. The mom says her daughter was attacked by her fellow classmates. Coston says her daughter had been picked on repeatedly by three boys but then one day the bullying turned into assault while her daughter was in the gymnasium.

“The boys proceeded to touch her breast, grab her in between her legs, to the point that one boy, as she put it, dry humped her to the point where she can feel his personal area, hard and pressed to hers, “said Coston. “Then they just stopped when they got whatever arousal out of it. They turned around and walked away and went on and played.”

Coston says her daughter has not been the same since, adding that she was then bullied by other girls after reporting her attack.

“She attempted suicide,” Coston said. “She has nightmares and is going on medication tomorrow.”

Coston has since moved her daughter to a different school but she’s hoping the Columbus County School Board will change the way it handles victims and their attackers.

“I don’t think it’s right that our kids are going to school with predators even though they’re the same age. The School Board needs to step up and take action,” said Coston. “Take those children out; I don’t care how old they are. Take those children out and make it a safe place for our children.”

WWAY tried contacting the school board today but we were told by one board member that the chairman is the one designated to speak with the media. So far we have not heard back from him.

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  • Guest132

    Columbus County really sucks. Sorry to say. I have lived here for 31 years, attended M.S. and H.S. in this county, I know how the schools are, I wouldn’t send my dog to the county schools here. My daughter will start high school next year, and I will do everything in my power to assure she doesn’t attend school in this county. She currently attends Charter Day School and I am pleased with the education she is receiving. I applaud Kim for standing up for her daughter. This child has went through entirely too much at her age, and the school board ought to be ashamed for basically turning their backs. Action needs to be taken.

  • Guest1964

    As a parent of 3 kids, who attended and still have one in county schools I do not agreed with you.Do you serious think this couldn’t happen anywhere. i have helped volunteer in schools with all of my children, you would really be surprised at what they talk about and do, even the Kindergarten age kids. Children know now that the teachers or even the principal cannot spank them, you can only go to ISS of be expelled. Who wouldn’t won’t to be sent home. GOD has been taken out and look what has came in. kids need to know that there are consequences for their actions, and it all starts at home. I also know parents that talk about a child in 3 grade at the charter school, who is talking about sex to the other children. So to think it only happens in county schools is irrational. It can happen anywhere. I really hate what has happen for the children involved and i pray that they will be alright.

  • lisa

    thank you for speaking up so many people keep quiet it really hurts the children.they need voices to scream loud and long for them. may god bless you and your daughter



  • 3293

    First of all, I am so sorry that this happened to this young girl. I know if it was a member of my family I would furious. But in the school officials defense this could very easily happen anywhere (not just in schools), and the blame can be pointed in several directions.

    Every parent should sit down with their kids and explain to them how serious actions such as these are and if they are involved in such actions how severe the consequences will be. Children are smart and most of them are well aware that if something goes wrong at school their parents’ first instinct is to blame the school or teachers. The boys that committed the assault in this case probably knew there would not be any consequences for them, otherwise they would not have done it.

    One teacher, who is responsible for 20-30 students, cannot watch every student every minute. There may be one student sick in one area (vomiting, etc.), two asking to go to the restroom at the same time (and oh yeah, please keep in mind if the teacher does not let them go and there is an accident, there is another news story), one is crying because she/he was kicked by another child, and the list goes on and on.

    Until the state school board recognizes the fact that class room sizes need to be drastically reduced or should have teacher assistants for all grades, problems such as the one above will only increase.

    So parents, use the energy you have to blame others to contact the North Carolina Board of Education, your Congressman, or House of Representive to complain. And don’t forget to educate your children at home….it all can’t be done by the teachers at school.

  • nellie

    all teachers shoud be looking in to this bullying is everwhere

  • Jeanette Bracey

    I am proud of Kim for taking a stand. My daughter was bullied at this same school Acme Delco Middle School. She also wanted to kill her self. It is a shame that the school system on this end of the county is so sorry. I also removed my child from this school,just as soon as I found out that they weren’t going to do anything about the bullying.

  • anne

    I can feel your pain over what is happening with your daughter, but why did you bring it out in public like this and put that child in a position to be recognized? Not only have these boys emotionally devastated her, but you did so by going public.

    If I hard to start over, my child would never go to public school. Not enough people are looking out for their welfare, and the quality of some of the teachers and administrators are questionable to say the least. Yes, you have good teachers. I know some of them and their life is wrapped up in the kids, but you have some just biding their time or been there so long, they have lost their love for the job.

    It is time for parents to take a stand against this type of behavior. The schools need to stand up and put a stop to it instead of burying it under the paperwork and privacy issues.

    Parents – you need to know what your children are doing, and if your sons or daughters are involved in this, you need to deal with them swifly and harshly. Get them some help before it escalates.

    My daughter is 30 now, but when she was in school, I told her that if a boy ever touches her in a way that makes her uncomfortable or fearful for her safety, to hit him with whatever is handy or knee him so hard he will remember it for a long time. I told her then we would deal with the school at that time.

    Young men and women – you have no business laying your hands on anyone for any reason other than self-defense.


    DON’T blame her for bringing this out in public! That’s exactly what she needs to do. But this is only the first step. I hope this child is getting some counseling. I am outraged at the stories that have come to light in the past few days about sexual misconduct in our schools. The PARENTS (Guardians) must come together to protect our children. I hope that Kim will get a GOOD lawyer and bring action against the school, school board and everyone other entity involved. We as parents (Guardians) must talk to our children candidly about this. But don’t blame the parents when something like this happens! Blame the offenders!! Do something about it. Keeping it quiet and sweeping it under the rug is the worst thing to do! I will be praying for this child and this entire family. May God be with you always!!

  • Mary

    I cannot believe your best advice to this case is to keep it quiet. SHAME on you.

  • Cassidy

    If your going to say that she pretty much did wrong by coming out with my story she didnt. My momma care’s about me and my safety and doesn’t want it to happen to other kid’s. Please keep your opinion to yourself. She cares about me that’s why she did it.

  • Das Weibstück

    The boys are lucky this is all Mom did. If this were anyone else’s daughter there might be some boys uhh… missing in that town.


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