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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s no secret Ilario Pantano was going to run for Congress. Today he made it official.

Pantano filed paperwork today in Raleigh to run for North Carolina’s 7th District seat in the US House. He won the 2010 Republican nomination for the seat before losing to incumbent Rep. Mike McIntyre in the general election. Pantano vowed that night to run again.

Pantano joins Randy Crow in the Republican primary May 8. State Sen. David Rouzer is also expected to run, but he has not yet filed.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …that the USMC leadership wanted him behind bars. Trust me, they didn’t. They wanted the entire incident behind them, but had they actually wanted him to get court martialed and convicted, he WOULD have been court martialed and convicted.

    As far as the Marines surrendering, they were under the command of the Navy at Wake, the Army in the Philippines and in both locations were ordered to surrender.

    I have no issue with your personal assessment of Pantano other than those two minor corrections.

  • Daniel89

    We firmly believe that these truths to be self-evident:

    #1 Pantano is a media whore that loves being on FoxNews more than he likes talking with people from southeastern NC. His “radio show” with the old fart himself, Curtis Wright is further evidence of his vain nature and love of the limelight. We need someone who is going to represent us North Carolinians well, not a loud mouth politician who seeks to use us for vain glory.

    #2 Pantano is adverse to work. His “100 days of work” campaign theme in 2010 was a joke since he himself has rarely worked more than a few days at any one job. He’s worked briefly at a number of jobs — but sticks at nothing. He claims to be a “best selling author,” but this argument falls flat when you see his book in #305,766 position at Amazon and selling used for $0.04. His brief tenure at the Sheriff’s office was unremarkable. Ditto for Wall Street. We need a person that has a real career success here in North Carolina, not man trying to find himself via the election process.

    #3 Pantano is no war hero. No silver star, no congressional medal. Rather the USMC leaders wanted him behind bars. Yes, he slithered out of it, but it left a bad taste in many peoples mouths — and set back US-Iraq relations. Pantano says, “Marine’s never surrender; they always have another fight.” Let’s fact check that — Marine’s do surrender. Yes sir! Think Wake Island or Corregidor Island. Pantano needs to surrender to another more electable candidate — it’s not about him, it’s about the Republican Party.

    #4 Pantano is a Carpet Bagging Yankee with a gut wrenching Bronx accent. Just listen to him on TV. We need someone who is from here to represent us, not to use us as a stepping stone to get a real job.

    #5 Pantano is way in debt from his 2010 campaign and thus screwed hardworking people in Wilmington out of money. Local printers, consultants, and of course the Blockade Runner — all need to be paid — month’s ago. How’s that for fiscal restraint? Pantano’s response, “Everyone runs up debts and Mike did too.” But what about showing some leadership, dumbass? Oh, and one other thing… We’ve heard from several sources that Ilario and his Botoxxed, Daisy Duke-esque wife have been partying at many clubs in Wilmington with their new “Boss Hogg type” pals picking up the tab every time. We need someone who will walk the walk and talk the talk.

    #6 It’s appalling the way Pantano talks about Jesus. Pantano is total fake who uses religion to gain credibility. He only starting attending church before the election — he then became “born again” at a megachurch ’cause there’s more Southern Babtists voters. Never was it more true: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

    If you’ve read this far, please listen to the following:

  • Guest 97534

    Everything you said rings true with me! I’m sick of this guy. He’s a constant politician, except that he’s never been elected to ANYTHING! He speaks of conservative values but yet hasn’t been a productive member of society for several years running, even owing MANY small business members multiple thousands of dollars. He waxes religious but cusses like a sailor, er, marine. Point is, he’s NOT what we need. Maybe Rouzer and maybe sticking with McIntyre, NOT PantaNO!

  • Challengetheworld

    He will not get elected. There are too many unknowns, I think we are safe.

  • Guest 95324

    I’m NOT a fan of this guy and cringe at the thought of him being elected…fortunately, I doubt he has any chance of winning the Primary and absolutely has no chance of beating our Blue Dog, McIntyre!!!

  • Guest757

    I guess you haven’t heard he was cleared on that… Enough is enough stop beating a dead horse…

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    1. They had just exited a nearby home which, when searched, contained a wealth of intelligence relative to al Qaeda in Iraq and material for constructing IEDs.

    2. The men were NOT on their knees, but were advancing toward Pantano. This was proven by the autopsy conducted by the Department of Defense.

    3. A full Article 32 investigation resulted in a recommendation for ONE minor charge, conduct unbecoming an officer. It was so minor that the convening authority chose to prefer no charges.

    I vote for McIntyre all the time and will this time, but I don’t understand why you people are so scared of this guy that you have to make up incessant LIES about him. If you can’t defeat him with FACTS, you simply lie…..which makes you a man that is devoid of honor and integrity.

    So why would ANYONE listen to you? You’re as worthless as those Republican idiots who claim that McIntyre is a liberal!

  • Guest1165

    This is a guy that while on patrol, he and his men stopped a car of civilians from another town coming to see relatives. The car was searched twice by Marines under his command and nothing was found.
    The Marines said Pantano was upset that nothing was found and went around the car breaking windows and lights and slashing the tires. Accordinging to testimony, he was still mad and told the members of the squad to form a perimeter facing outward. One of his NCOs said he thought they would be let go because they had no weapons and did not appear to be a threat. The men were on their knees facing the car.
    In a matter of seconds the troops heard Pantano empty a 30 round clip, reload, and empty 30 more rounds in the men. He then put a sign on them. That is 60 rounds for two men.
    At no point were they a threat to him, and the judgment he used combined with his uncontrollable temper should have disqualified him from leading men anyway.
    This speaks volumes as to his suitability to govern due to his poor judgment and volatility.
    He is not even from here. He is , if you will, a carpetbagger that worked for Goldman Sachs. Is this what we want?
    He is another Brian Berger waiting to happen.
    Where does he work, anyway? Or is he just running for congress all the time?
    Think before you vote. Go online and look a some of the pictures his wife posed for working for Robert Mapplethorp.
    This is not a good person.

  • Erlkoenig

    Just because we was cleared doesn’t mean the freeloader crowd wants to start acting responsible. So they throw out half-info stories spiked with innuendo and childish name calling. And attacking the dude’s wife is just sleazy.

    Pantano may win, Obama may go down in flames with the other People’s Democrat Workers Party members and Guest1165 may have to start paying it’s own way through life

  • Challengetheworld

    You are right on one point, enough is enough…of Pantano. Time for someone with some fresh perspectives and no questions about things that happened in his/her past.

  • Guest1165

    Just because he was “cleared” doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. He said himself that he did. The only reason he was not given a Court Martial was they supposedly could not verify one statement against him out of many.
    He is not a honorable person, has quite a temper and is someone of dubious character.

  • Guest2020

    A couple of months back there were several articles (I found none by any local news media) on the web regarding the outcome of an investigation by an NCIS officer. He ordered the bodies exhumed and a a second autopsy was done. His report stated that the men were not shot in the back as previously stated. He also said that there were many witnesses who backed up Pantano’s version of the events, but that the original investigators chose to go on the word of just a handful of people and if I am not mistaken the investigator said that those who spoke out against Pantano had some kind of grudge against him. The main witness changed his story several times.

    If is so unfortunate that the media is all gung ho when it comes to making accusations, but is not as quick to report when a person has been exonerated.

  • longcolt

    did you read the “cleared” report that you’re referencing? the “doc” is obviously a paid off quack. you should read it, its comical. i’m amazed stephen colbert hasn’t got his staff on this pantano weirdo yet. i’m embarassed for you & the other sycophants that have some silly allegiance to the biggest flake known to this area.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Boy you lie more than a two dollar whore. Old news, old story. At least he had the balls to serve, until you do stop with the crying. Man up and move on.

  • west LA

    Didnt Jaun Pantano get the message the last election? He got his butt kicked. The people of North Carolina dont want him down here telling us what to do do. Hes been campaigning on his wifes bank acount for years now. And those darn commercials where he reminds us that he was in the marines. Enough already!Someone please read him the memo! We dont want you as an elected official. And besise, dont you think he looks just like Mr. Burns nerdy assistant on The Simpsons? And also, could you get him to tell Curtis Wright that hes full of crap too. Those two were made for each other.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …you are the LAST person to be lecturing on the subject of honor.

    There were not “many” statements against him. There was one statement accusing him of murder, filed by an NCO who had recently been sent to an Article 15 NJP by Lieutenant Pantano, and who had gotten the word out to the entire squad that he would get back at him somehow.

    How is it that in a war where we routinely prosecuted anyone for the least infraction, where we court martialed SEALs for punching a resisting captured insurgent, where we relieved commanding officers for engaging unapproved targets of opportunity, and where the Marine Corps is still prosecuting Marines who inflicted non-combatant fatalities while engaging insurgents in Haditha, the investigating officer in Pantano’s case could only recommend that he be charged for violating Article 133, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer? Why no recommendation for a murder charge? Why no recommendation for a manslaughter charge?

    Pantano isn’t some special golden boy who was somehow spared in a war where charge sheets were flying around like paper airplanes. He wasn’t charged because he committed neither murder nor manslaughter. He engaged two insurgents who were in a position to disarm him and he was legally justified in doing so.

  • Guest1165

    It was a cover-up, Lurch. Why don’t you read the article about His Sleaziness In NY Magazine. They know him well. It’s where he is from and should go back to.

  • Guest1165

    I did serve, Grand Old Poop.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I’m “Lurch the teabagging freak” (who isn’t even a Republican, has never voted for Pantano, and never will as long as McIntyre is running) and you’re a liar with some neurotic fear of Ilario Pantano.

    Glad we could agree.

  • Guest1165

    We can agree that you are “Lurch, the tea-bagging freak psychiatrist” that has an unhealthy attraction to Pantano.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Coast Guard doesn’t count cupcake.

  • Guest1165

    I got your cupcake right here. Come and get it.

  • guesty

    Actually the Coast Guard does count as they do a very important job as first responder on the oceans.

  • Guest1165

    1. If you call a tangle of wires bomb making equipment, then maybe you are right.
    2. How did they have gunshots in their back. The only one that says they were advancing is Pantano and who in their RIGHT mind would believe him.
    3. It was a cover-up as only the military can do.
    Everything I said was true you tea-bagging freak.

  • Guest66

    If you are gonna jump on someone for making up “incessant LIES” you shouldn’t do the same. How can an autopsy prove they were advancing? The autopsy “proved” they wasn’t shot in the back.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …on a claim that he shot them execution-style from behind. Pantano claimed that he first engaged them as they advanced on him, and his rounds first impacted them in in the front.

    The autopsy lends credence to Pantano’s version of events and refutes the fact that he executed them from the back.

    Why are none of you explaining how, in a war where hundreds of soldiers, sailors, and Marines were court martialed for the least infraction, Pantano somehow walked? He’s no golden boy. He was not a superstar in his time in the Marine Corps. Why was HE spared?

    Here’s hoping that McIntyre wins again and you Pantano OCD sufferers get some help.

  • Guest2020

    The star witness against Pantano had a grudge and changed his story several times. An NCIS investigator took a second look into the case. He had the bodies exhumed and a second autopsy was performed. This second autopsy proved that the men were not shot in the back. They were shot from the front just like Pantano said. Also, there were several witnesses whose stories supported Pantano’s version of events. They were just pushed by the wayside in favor of the witness who supported the prosecution’s case. Pantano was exonerated.

  • Guest357sig

    Pantano has my vote.

  • Guest1165

    I make more than you do and am probably paying for some of you “entitlements”. I’m no sleazier than the carpetbagging Goldman-Sachs guy masquerading as a war hero.
    Nobody has still told me where he works.
    Thetruthaboutpantano.com is a nice website for you to look at, Jughead.

  • Guest67

    The easiest way for them to get it behind them is to NOT have a court martial.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Why did Pantano get to walk? Why would they cover for him and no one else?

    Trust me – I spent twenty-two years in that organization, and can assure you that you WILL be hammered when you deserve it. Panatano would not have walked if he was guilty of anything beyond wasting ammo and leaving that silly note.

  • Guest67



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