Some speak out against Jayne firing at Leland Town Council meeting

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Submitted: Fri, 02/17/2012 - 4:57am
Updated: Fri, 02/17/2012 - 2:22pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — While some might have expected a quiet meeting of the Leland Town Council Thursday night, it did start with some fireworks. A group of residents came out to speak in favor of fired Police Chief Tim Jayne.

Mayor Brenda Bozeman feels sentiment in the town is divided on the Jayne issue. She would not comment on his firing or appeal.

Town Manager David Hollis feels the town is moving ahead.

“I think things are getting better,” Hollis said. “We’re moving forward.”

When asked about the group who spoke in favor of Jayne, Hollis said, “Everybody is entitled to their opinion.”

Hollis would not comment on the appeals process or what Jayne had to say in their meeting. Hollis has 15 business days to review Jayne’s appeal. He then must give Jayne his decision in writing.

Hollis would only say that he would have a decision about Jayne within that time frame.


  • Old Guy says:

    The guys that did the work on the houses were ON duty. The citizens of Leland paid them for doing work other than their duly sworn jobs. Just like the Deputies did for Ron Hewett. Get a clue Leland. These people are all in this together including the great and powerful Jon David!

  • Guest227 says:

    Jayne needed to go! Plain and simple. Of course a few people are upset. Namely Beth Pidgeon who presented the petition. She’s Jayne’s neighbor! He probably had cops doing off duty work for her as well. We need a police chief that is good for the entire town…not just for his neighborhood.

  • guesty says:

    They need to do a major house cleaning over there before the image starts to improve. When you have officers pointing weapons at other officers, firing shots in their backyard, moving cars around after a wreck, shooting other officers with simulations and all the other stunts I can’t remember, a major overhaul is needed.

  • NCcoast53 says:

    I say ” good riddance” as far as Tim Jayne is concerned. Mr. Hollis was right in in giving Jayne the boot. If one keeps going to the horse’s tail to change directions, when the problem is in the head, you’re just wasting time. Mr. Hollis cut off the head of the problem in letting Jayne go. There’s just no way to change the direction and image of the Leland police dept. with Jayne still at the helm. It’s done, so let’s move on…

  • Lelandgal says:

    Those who complained about Tim Jayne didn’t stay for the rest of the Town meeting after getting their turn to speak. And if you have collected that many names who are for Tim Jayne why not turn them in, you can make a copy if you sre so scared that they will not be read.If they don’t like us in Leland then don’t have to tell anyone that we are not a great community. We are trying to be and we are on the right path with Tim Jayne gone. If all they are going to do is run their mouth about something they don’t like, why even go to a Town meeting. For those who were against TV 3 and the Local News Review paper ( Leland Newspaper) they sure seem to know what was on air and in the paper. And what does it matter who owns the Local Paper? Someone has to own it. Get a life and get over the bad things that have happened to Leland. We need a new Police Chief and we have a new Town Manager. Mr Holllis is doing a great job, He doesn’t jump on a problem , he studies it before he makes up his mind. Great Job Mr Hollis. Keep up the good work in Leland.PROUD to be part of the LELAND COMMUNITY.

  • Guest Native says:

    You people thought you were helping Mr Jain. Allyou did was lower yourselves to the standards of the ones you were putting down for what they have said about your neighbor.
    Ms Bird you may be ashamed to live in Leland but we’re not.

  • GuestDisband says:

    Yes they do! Right now all this did is give the brass and others vying for promotions frOm Jaynes firing what they wanted. Let’s not forget the memo written by Cox at the direction of who?? LPD your greed and corruption caused all of this. If you hadn’t turned on your own leader none of this would have happened. Thank goodness karma caught up with you all since so many of you throw that word around like you’ve done no wrong! As for evidence, the appropriate people have it. Don’t worry yourself to death Sally. No one needs to prove anything to you or in these blogs. Who would seriously jeopardize investigations just to silence you??? You just keep reading old girl.

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