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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Residents of a Wilmington apartment complex say it’s littered with creepy crawlers. One family living in the Greentree Apartments says their bed bug infestation is a nightmare and even forced them to take their little boy to the hospital.

“They was kind of crawling everywhere and they was real creepy looking,” said Nakisha Myers.

Myers and her cousin Charde Gross moved into the Greentree Apartments just last week. They say after their first night they knew they had a big problem.

“We’ve been getting bit up,” said Gross. “We’ve seen bed bugs, roaches, you know stuff is not clean. You know the carpet, it’s just not right for somebody to live here like this.”

The problem is so bad that Gross’ two-year-old son Marcus had to be taken to the emergency room because of the bites.

“I called the health department, they said take him to emergency,” said Gross’ mother Sheron Pierce. “They are treating it with steroids and they said the only thing they can tell us is we needed to vacate the premises because it would be a reoccurring problem.”

Other neighbors were having similar issues.

Myers and Gross say they are so distraught about the experience that they want to move out of their apartment.

After WWAY took Marcus to the management of the apartment complex, they agreed that it is best for the family to move out and agreed to give them a full refund.

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  • Bed bug bites may be irritating, but rarely should they require a visit to the hospital. Next, moving out is counterproductive. These folks may simple take bed bugs from their current apartment and move them to the next. Instead, the building management should bring in a licensed professional pest control company to aggressively treat. Once the bugs are gone, then the family can decide whether to stay or move. Educational information and guidance on bed bug biology and management can be found at https://identify.us.com. Most importantly, folks should take care to ensure they know the identity of any bug they find in the home before taking action. Most bugs found on the bed are not bed bugs. Identification help can be found on the website listed above.

  • Lilly

    That is what happens when you live in the hood! Green Tree apartments are a dump, you can tell by the physical appearance. If you can afford to live there, their are few other apartments in town you can live out. Green tree apartments are not the cheapest in town but the most dirtiest.

    I feel sorry for the little boy I do hope he gets better, but consider the area, location, and physical appearance of Green Tree Apartments.

    The area is nothing but low life’s thugs, and drug addicts. Def isn’t a place for a family esp with young kids.

  • Das Weibstück

    Are these apartments furnished? Are they sleeping on used mattresses? If not now their own mattresses are infested and need to be treated or destroyed or they will just be hauling the bugs to their new place. Anyone that came into that place will be carting them out with them. gross. Bedbugs are hard to see. They said they moved in just last week? I bet its fleas.


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