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NASHVILLE, TN (AP) — The nation’s largest protestant denomination will remain “Baptist” but it’s thinking about whether to stay “Southern” for much longer.

Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright is expected to present the recommendation of a task force studying whether the denomination should change its name.

No potential new names have been made public, but they could be revealed Monday night in an executive committee meeting. No change would be official until it is approved by members at the next two annual conventions.

Wright has said he is concerned the name is too regional and hinders efforts to plant new churches outside of the South.

Others outside of church leadership say the name has become a liability because it is too often associated with divisively partisan politics.

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  • Challengetheworld

    Religion is afraid to be too affiliated with one side of politics? Too LATE! You can’t have it both ways anymore. Is time to stop hiding behind the curtain. Preacher politics are illegal.

  • ChefnSurf

    Preacher politics are illegal? Since when? The First Amendment protects the rights of ministers to preach about anything at all … without the threat of fines or other government sanctions.

    It always surprises me to see how much effort anti-religionists religiously put into anti-religion activities. Really ironic.

    Both non-religious and religious citizens of the United States have a right to their own political opinions based on their own value systems.

    If thou art unhappy with the laws of our fair country, thou art free to find another land more agreeable to thee …. and to moveth thy posterior, along with the rest of thy parts, to this land of thy choosing.

  • David

    Apparently the S. Baptist denomination has yet to comprehend biblical context.

    Meaning His Apostolic Church of scripture was never denominatinal. Historically it is PRE denominational.

    Therefore, their efforts to match their denominational title to the biblical pre denominational His Apostolic Church is simply null and void.

    Much easier for them to study the roots of Early Christianity and move toward it instead of wasteing time trying to rewrite it.

  • Guestwhat

    Not really sure what you’re trying to say here….Is S.Baptist a denemonation of christianity? Yes it is.

    When you talk about the Apostolic Church are you talking about 1st century Christian Jews living the age of the Apostles? If you are than you are correct that is PRE-denominational.

    or are you talking about modern Apostolics? if so then you are incorrect as they are a denomination as well.

    Are you saying any attempt at denominationalism is wrong?

    just what are you saying?

    you’re comment: “Therefore, their efforts to match their denominational title to the biblical pre denominational His Apostolic Church is simply null and void.”…is pure babble. How are they tring to “match” their title (Baptist) with the apostolic church. the baptists have always existed as a denomination, unless you are alluding to John the Baptist somehow, and if that’s the case then you are further off base than I had imagined.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …where they won’t let a little ol’ thing like the Constitution get in their way.

    The IRS can legally revoke a church’s tax-exempt status if the church is subject to regular “political preaching.”

    The rule is rarely enforced and usually only used as a club to waive threateningly over the head of Conservative Christian value churches. They somehow always miss the guilt-ridden progressive left-wing preachers, the Black liberation theology nutjobs like Jeremiah Wright, and the Catholic priests who were telling parishoners to call their congressman to support Obamacare. (That worked out really well, huh?)


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