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DURHAM, NC (AP) — Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton says he’s a leader in education innovation who would work to reverse what he calls lasting damage to North Carolina by Republican political forces if he’s elected governor.

Dalton officially began his gubernatorial campaign Tuesday at an old tobacco factory in Durham that’s been converted for modern uses. The former state senator and Rutherfordton lawyer said he chose Durham to start his campaign because it’s a symbol of adapting to changing times.

Dalton filed candidacy papers before Tuesday’s event. He scheduled another stop in Greensboro later in the day. He brings his campaign to Wilmington tomorrow with a tour of Screen Gems Studios.

State Rep. Bill Faison, Gary Dunn and Gardenia Henley already have filed as candidates for the May primary. Former US Rep. Bob Etheridge also said he’s running.

Republican Pat McCrory is also in the race.

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  • Besty_Guesty

    Empty Governor Seat? Really? Did Bev resign? Otherwise, sadly, the seat is still occupied.

  • Guest12345678

    I’m sure he learned well from Sleazley and Aunt Bev, just like they did from Hunt and those who were before him. When it comes to NC politics, the apples pile up around the bottom of the tree.

  • taxpayer

    Great…just what we need…another Governor who calls himself “a leader in education innovation.” He claims he would work to reverse the damage done by the Republicans. Did Walter not get the message? There was a net increase in funded teacher positions.

    When Walt shows up here tomorrow…I’m guessing he’ll call himself “The Film Governor”. Where was Walter when the tornadoes hit and Bev was watching horse races in Kentucky?

  • Guest2020

    He is already using Obama tactics and blaming the Republicans, so I think I’ll pass.

  • SurfCityTom

    they’ll each select a different focal point.

    He appears to be the “Education” Governor wannabe. So was Bev.

    Which one will hope to replace her as the “Jobs” Governor wannabe? Just like Bev.

    He’s touring the movie studio. Does that make him the “Hollywood” Governor wannabe too? Just like Bev.

    Looking better and better for Mr. McCory.


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