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WILMINGTON, NC (GREATER WILMINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL) — A recent survey completed by a University of North Carolina Chapel Hill business professor shows Wilmington residents may be getting the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to paying for basic city services.

Wilmington ranks No. 1 in Michael Jacobs’ “N.C. Stewardship Index,” a chart that ranks the largest 25 North Carolina cities based on a system of metrics comparing their respective property tax rates, and water and sewer rates.

According to metrics used to complete the index, an average Wilmington family pays $3,969 a year in combined property taxes and utility services. Hickory ranked second with $4,147 a year, while Asheville ranked third at $4,274.

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  1. Mike T

    We can now have Baseball.

  2. Guest Reply

    Yes…you could have your baseball even if we were the most “expensive” in the state. I really want to know where the money went, that was picked from our pockets from previous years, in an attempt to balance the budget. Yes…now there’s plenty of room to RAISE RATES on “Everything” since we are so below other parts in the state. Here’s an idea…raise the bar instead and run all these bureaucratic idiots out of town on a rail. Gotta build an Amtrak station first…to get them out quicker…and then head DUE EAST FULL BLAST!
    Don’t forget to raise rates on our failing sewer system…Jeez!

  3. Guest28451

    Considering CFPUA is raising rates nearly as fast as gas prices are going up in this area. Time Warner has been raising prices and we know Progress Energy’s rates arent cheap by any means so as the saying go. Anybody can say anything with statistics I really have to wonder how they did their calculations..

  4. A Clue

    Maybe those who conducted this survey actually compared the middlin’ CFPUA rates to the rest of the state? If folks around here spent as much energy researching utility rates as they did whining about CFPUA rate increases on local blogs and websites, they might get a clue. Wanna know what I mean…move to Shallote.

    COW and NHC customers were paying nothing and getting nothing in return. CFPUA can’t play that shell game.

  5. taxpayer

    …who’s entire working career has possibly been spent in the academic arena…conducting a survey using metrics he designed. Figures lie…and liars figure.

  6. Metric Man

    “According to metrics used to complete the index, an average Wilmington family pays $3,969 a year in combined property taxes and utility services.”

    Regardless of how hard you search, you can’t find the actual survey, just his opinion about the survey. Teasing out water, sewer, and the remaining metrics used (and the ones omitted) would give us a more realistic portrait of “stewardship,” until that time, we don’t really know how he measured what.

  7. taxpayeriam

    Must work for CFPUA OR APART OF THE GOVERNMENT.You are defending CFPUA for what reason,if you lived in the county and where only paying about 15 to 18 dollars a month before CFPUA was formed,you could see why people do not thick much of CFPUA because the people in the county are paying around 5 to six times they where paying without any up grades.I still get the water from the same place as before CFPUA was formed we are not get sewer or any better service only higher and higher bills.

  8. Challengetheworld

    Wake up Wilmington. You want better opportunities, elect the right people and yes RAISE taxes. Thats right, I said raise taxes. We need more taxes to have better services. Its simple economics. (..ahem, when the money is managed by the right people in a transparent way)

    Conserv-a-tive taxation approaches will not work any longer. I agree we need better tax-management and fund management but we also need to quit kidding ourselves, we pay next to nothing compared to the rest of the country. Our public schools are dropping to the bottom of the barrel and our public safety workers aren’t paid at the level they deserve. Furthermore, we are not doing enough to invite more manufacturing to the greater Wilmington area. This is why CAT sped up to Georgia. A state with a tax-payer funded college education system.

    Sure, we can stay just the way we are and we will continue to lose out on everything else. Enough is enough.

  9. Guest2020

    The government officials need to learn to be better stewards of the money we have already given them. Tax hikes wouldn’t be as necessary if they would quit wasting money. Why should the taxpayers even be willing to pay more taxes when the city council doesn’t listen to them? Wilmington’s mayor and city council are all for taking your money, but completely against letting you have a voice. Until they can be more responsible for what they have, then they don’t need to get any more. The citizens of Wilmington should not have to keep throwing good money after bad.

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