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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Commissioner voted four to one Monday to remove Charles Warren from the Department of Social Services board after viewing footage from inside the December DSS meeting.

Although he would not talk to us on camera, Commissioner Warren was very vocal during the hearing. Warren said he felt disrespect by numerous people, including his fellow commissioners. Warren says the difference in race and religion are just a few reasons why he is not on the same page as the board.

“When you go back to slavery, when they talk about religion, with caucasians going to church, they would have a church meeting and then go outside and hang three or four black people,” Warren said.

During the hearing, Warren said if he was removed from the board, he thinks Chairman Bill Sure should be removed from the commission because of Warren’s removal from a meeting in December. Sue says the situations are very different.

“You saw the film tonight,” said Sue. “And I don’t know who was here the night that he was removed but there were some shots on TV of him being removed and in my personal opinion and the opinion of a whole lot of other people I talk to, there’s no comparison.”

DSS Board Member Elsie Peterson was appointed to replace Warren as the new chairman of the DSS board.

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  • Grand Ole Party

    Charles Warren has proven time and time again he is nothing more than a racist uneducated pig. The board did the correct thing and removed the idiot.

  • Guest000000

    Fianlly an end to the Pat Sykes/Charles Warren Show! Now I just hope Mrs. Peterson will not be bullied around by Sykes and Grimes and this board can actually function as it was intended to.

  • Brunswick native

    The only Racist on either board is Charles Warren. What would warren know about slavery or what white people do or did after church services. Please resign from all your political offices mr warren you don’t deserve respect.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Now, hire an independent auditor to examine the DSS expenditures for the past three years.

  • Brian

    Racism will not die until people stop talking about it and move on.

  • Missy

    I’m speechless at Mr Warren’s comments. What does he even mean??

    Does he think that the consequences for his bad behavior can be compared to lynchings of blacks?

    Every time this elected official opens his mouth, he shows more of his mental disorder.

    This man must not be re-elected in November.


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