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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Middle and high school students are learning lessons from a different type of teacher. District Attorney Ben David is speaking to students around New Hanover and Pender Counties encouraging them to make good decisions. Sometimes the DA takes away just as much as his audience.

“We’ve had three different arrests that have taken place recently based upon information that school resource officers and others have learned after I’ve left talking to these young people,” David said.

David is going from the courtroom to the classroom trying to get local students involved in their own safety at an early age. The school talks started back in 2004. David says they are making some serious strides.

“The most recent example I had of real leadership was a young person who came up to me right after the talk to report that there was a drug dealer in his neighborhood that was dealing to children,” David said. “I’ve had young women come forward to say they’ve been sexually assaulted at home or by a total stranger.”

Many students at Cape Fear Academy, where David spoke Wednesday, have been hearing the district attorney speak for years. They say his message truly makes a difference.

“I’ve had a few friends that I’ve stopped from doing things because of the speeches he’s given,” student Ben Tiller said. “I was like, ‘Listen: the DA, he comes to talk to us every year. Don’t do it. I don’t want to lose you.'”

David tailors each of his speeches based on problems a given school or community has recently been dealing with. This year his focus for high schoolers is on new driving laws and the use of prescription drugs.

“I had lost one of my friends to something, which was exactly what he was talking about, so it was nice to hear him remind us that we are able to look out for each other within the community,” Olivia Tucker said.

David continues his talks at Murray Middle School and Ashley High School next week.

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  • Guest1212

    Do you have the days and times he is at each school. i have children who attend both schools and i may want to drop in.

  • Guest parent

    Separation of church and state? Crime text-a-tip is already set up here. There is plenty of technology in law enforcement hands to get leads without turning a young adolescent student into a snitch in front of his peers.

  • Guest111

    Sounds like you got lots of sumphin’ to hide!!! Something bothering you??? You getting scared??? Or are you some bleeding heart that doesn’t want to help law enforcement take care of business? Maybe you better run. You want permission for someone to talk to your child about life? Sounds to me like you are a problem for your child and you are trying to keep him / her from being a good citizen. Bad parenting brings on bad children.

  • guesty

    From Guest parent: “Separation of church and state?”

    CFA isn’t a church, it is a private school.

  • Guest2020

    There is nothing wrong with a parent deciding not to allow their children to listen to a politician. Schools are supposed to be for getting an education. Part of what is wrong with our education system is taking time out from the essentials to listen to some politician. I don’t like my child being forced to watch Obama’s speech every year and if a parent doesn’t like having their child listen to a politician (or any other speaker that is not essential to their child’s education) then that is the parent’s prerogative.

  • Guest2020

    Separation of church and state does not exist in the Constitution. Even if it did, it certainly would not apply here since Cape Fear Academy is not a Christian school.

  • Guest111

    You are what is wrong with children today. It is most educational for a child to learn the legal system, to understand what bad behavior can cause them. Are you saying the DA is a politician and nothing more? Are you out of your mind? Obama is a politician, and a good one. He got people to vote for him and the man isn’t capable of running the US. The DA is trying to explain what bad things can happen when you get with the wrong people, etc. Good Grief How old are you? 22?


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