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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County citizens are helping make the county a little safer. The Sheriff’s Office announced the launch of its new VIPR program this morning.

VIPR, which stands for Volunteer Intervention Prevention Response, helps with home and business security checks, speed zones and helping with traffic and parking at special events.

Volunteer Coordinator Martin Michaelson says he’s excited to give back to the community.

“We hope to make a significant impact in breaking and enterings, both vehicular and home. We hope to be able to provide a level of comfort to our citizens with regard to the safety on the street and in their homes, and any way that we can assist the sworn deputies, it’ll be our pleasure,” Michaelson said.

VIPR currently has six active volunteers. If you want to learn more, contact the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Unit at (910) 798-4227

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  • Guest357sig

    Will they wear brown shirts I wonder

  • Guest55

    Try Green?

  • Beach Bum

    It’s 2012, New Hanover County is smallest county in state and now we have VOLUNTEER sheriffs. What gives New Hanover County? ARe the citizens of New Hanover County that disconnected that NO ONE is asking the County Commissioners or Sheriff just what the hell is going on on Juvenile Center Road? It is 2012. This is an embarassment, not an incentive. Thanks for the laugh brown clowns.

  • bossi

    What a great program to let us the citizens be apart of serving our community. The only clown is you if don’t see the value in citizens taking ownership of their community. Sheriff McMahon has the vision to get this program started in Wilmington. I applaud him and his depts efforts to work together and use all resources. This is a step beyond neighborhood watch and my friends and I ate looking to get involved. Thanks Sheriff McMahon.

  • WilmMan

    Volunteer programs are common practice all over the country including places as big as LAPD, Chicago, Miami and as small as Plantation, FL and Pueblo, CO

  • livinglife

    Volunteer Deputies; is this in any way like a volunteer Fire Fighter? Do they, like a volunteer Fire Fighter, have to meet all the standards that a Professional Deputy dose? Are they allowed to carry weapons or do they just have some thing on the side “just in case”? Do they have to power to detain some one? Or are they just nosey neighbors with some power? What respect will a Volunteer Deputy get from the people that are blog beaters like with WBPD and NCSHP. And please help them if any of the terrorist roll through their streets from Brunswick or Pender Counties. You best get these Cop want a be off the streets before they get beat down by the perfect all knowing citizens of New Hanover County. Mr. Michaelson please don’t get yourself to dedicated to giving back to your community or your Deputy peers, they will turn on you and make you wish you never had the thought.


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