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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Two Wrightsville Beach police officers have been demoted and another has quit. Town Manager Bob SSimpson made the announcement this morning following weeks of investigations into the officers, who the town initially fired.

The officers appealed, and have been on administrative leave since.

“All three of these officers had strong performance records… up until this particular time,” Simpson said.

Tuesday the town said Sgt. Rob Miller and Cpl. Shaun Appler have been demoted, had their pay cut five percent and put on probation for one year. Ofc. Michael Altilio resigned Tuesday morning.

“In the case of officers Miller and Apler, it was one specific incident. In the case of atilio, it occurred over time,” Simpson said.

The town would not say why the officers were investigated, citing personnel laws. That’s not good enough for some Wrightsville Beach residents.

“We as public citizens are inquiring what they did so we know what exactly they did, but they’re hiding it,” Spencer Roylance said.

Michelle Roylance said, “How can we be certain that our children are safe hanging out with their friends or riding their bikes in their community?”

Simpson says certain department policies may change because of the investigations, but he would not say which ones. He stressed that the town took appropriate action with the officers.

“In layman’s terms, they’re going to suck it up, press on and be professional,” Simpson said.

All three officers investigated have served in the Wrightsville Beach Police Department for more than ten years.

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49 Comments on "Wrightsville Beach cop quits, two others demoted after firing appeals"

2015 years 8 months ago

Chief House has received praise from the public for being open and accessible, as well as for his attempts to revamp the police department. He has stated that he is actively looking for weaknesses within the department. In the capacity of CHIEF OF POLICE he found three tenured officers that deserved dismissal – obviously not a decision he made lightly – and acted in the best interest of the town and department.

Now he’s been taken to task by the town manager? WBPD has an unusually high turnover rate, possibly due to the antics of some of their “seasoned” employees. Now that WBPD employees feel comfortable enough to voice their concerns to the new chief, the whole department is effectively told to butt out.

How will this affect the moral within the department and the relationships between the two demoted officers and their superiors? It won’t take long for the whistle blower to be outed in a department this small. And how will their work environment be affected?

Bottom line – the town manager should have upheld the chief’s authority and shown solidarity within the upper management of the town.

Wb resident
2015 years 8 months ago

They have been there long enough to have something ie dirt on the town manager.

2015 years 8 months ago

Appler and Miller were the ones involved in the unnecessary tazing and police brutality of some college kids that happened to be in a cab that was pulled over. All the cab did was stop to pick up passengers. Funny thing is the Town of WB settled out of court and some people got paid. All of this was kept quiet by WB. Lets see how much time and money can be wasted on these Rouge officers…Appler alone is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Im getting tired of my tax $$ going to waste. I guess this is the good Ol boy system at its best. WBPD is a joke.

prince ALBERT
2015 years 8 months ago

Appler—Miller you have no future at WB or WBPD, both of you have a history on SCHLOSS ST….quack

Dave Hoff
2015 years 8 months ago

What the citizens of WB need to ask is how much money has Appler cost the town. Miller and Appler were both involved in a police brutality and unessacery tazing of some college kids. All this resulted from a taxi stopping in the road to pick up passengers. I witnessed this. Both Miller and Appler are rouge cops. This particular incident resulted in the town of WB settling out of court and paying the kids “hush” money. Once again , all kept quiet, more tax dollers of the residents of WB wasted….Its the good ol boy syndrom. As for this Altillio , I dont know him, but Ive seen him around. He was a cocky big mouth. He evidently was the smart one saving whats left of his career. WBPD is a joke


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