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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Gov. Beverly Perdue is making a no-interest state loan available to repair two schools and other public buildings in Tyrrell and Pamlico counties damaged during Hurricane Irene last August.

Perdue authorized state money from a repair and renovation fund to make the 15-year loan Pamlico and Tyrrell counties.

County commissioners will be required to maintain flood insurance. Perdue says flood insurance carried by the school systems in the two counties lapsed, making them ineligible for full assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Hurricane Irene made landfall on the North Carolina coast as a Category 1 hurricane in late August. Low-lying areas along Pamlico Sound like Bayboro were flooded under a storm surge of eight to 10 feet. Bayboro’s middle school and high school were damaged.

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  • Huber Hanes

    Hopefully, the exit of Beverly Perdue’s decision to quit the Governor’s job in Raleigh, should be a real eye opener and ‘awakening’ for the 2012 Governor’s Candidates & Election; as well as all of the States voters, to realize the incompetance which we have had to put up with for almost 4 yrs. already now. All politicians in N.C. need to be reminded that they work for ALL the people of North Carolina until the General Elections decide who stays and who must leave. — and its not the other way around ! I wonder what would be Beverly’s reaction would be if she were officially told that she would not be allowed to quit her job in 2012? The sooner she leaves Raleigh, its all the better for North Carolina. The N.C. Lt. Governor can hold the fort down until the Elections.


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