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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some scary moments at two Wilmington schools this morning. Classrooms were locked down as police looked for a man who fired shots down the street scattering five shells near the corner of 10th and Wooster Streets.

“You never know what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen around here,” said Danny Miller, who was visiting some friends near where the shooting happened. “You have to be careful. You have to be on your guard every day in this one area here. Truthfully, no. Safety, no. Don’t feel too safe around here.”

Miller said things are getting bad. Several other neighbors we spoke with were too scared to speak on camera. They say they not only fear for their lives but the lives of their children.

Miller says the suspect is an unfamiliar face in the neighborhood. He does not know why the man started shooting. Neither do police, who caught the suspect after a brief chase leading to a host of charges, including discharging a firearm within city limits, hinder and delay of a law enforcement officer, going armed in terror of the public and possession of firearm by a felon.

“I think it’s a bunch of young kids, and I think that they don’t have anything to do, or they are just doing these drugs,” Miller said.

Late this afternoon, police said they charged Joseph Thomas Humphrey III, 26, of Wilmington with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and related charges. He is in jail under $30,000 bond.

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  • CCResident

    WWAY is constantly in Columbus County looking to stir some news and portray the county in a backwoods manner. But on the other hand, I would rather live here than I would live in New Hanover County where my children are in a school system than has to have schools locked down on a regular basis because of thug activity. Maybe you need to focus your attention on your own backyard and see what you can do about the gang activity and murder(or attempted) in your county. I realize that all WWAY cares about is getting a story out to make money thru attention, but really…these allegations that you have aired lately about a rape at TCES and scrubbing at ADMS have done more damage to the two students involved than it has brought justice of any sort. Now every kid in eastern NC knows who these two students are and they will be scarred for life. Use your brain for a change WWAY.

  • Guestwhat

    New Hanover County Schools are not constantly on lock down. And they didnt release the names of students, and btw what scarred them for life was the sexual assualt that happened in your precious county schools.

    Also, Columbus County IS Backwoods (which explains why it is portrayed that way) I mean be honest with yourself. It’s not stirring up trouble it’s just reporting. But I agree that they should stay out of Columbus County, but only because it’s embaressing to the rest of SENC.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Maybe you failed to notice the dozen stories about New Hanover county for every one story about Columbus county. Could it be due to your backwoods education and your lack of mathematical skills? The job of WWAY is to provide news, not justice. If you are unhappy with the quality of news provided, then move on already. You won’t be missed.

  • Rob Surf City

    I too, do not live in New Hanover County but welcome WWAY news to “stir” around in my community. The news staff calls it as they see it and in my opinion they do the best job at timely reporting community events that impact the broadest segment of the community. Just because you do not like the story does not mean that it isn’t newsworthy.

  • 28472

    Please excuse my spelling. GOVERNOR

  • 28472

    R.C. FOR GOVENOR – 2012

  • CCres

    Well, when you post the names of the parents or the interviews with them, then you might as well tell the students’ names. It is not hard to figure out. And if you think that it didn’t affect those two children, one from TCES and one from ADMS, then you are ignorant. WWAY needs to be smart enough to determine what to air and when to draw the line and say this will do more damage than justice.
    I would rather live in the backwoods than have to worry if my kid is going to get shot walking around in Wilmington, especially on the school campuses. By the way, I have three college degrees and the last one came from your gangster town, compliments of UNCW. So bite me!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Once again I will remind you, WWAY’s purpose is not to provide justice, it is to provide news.We would rather you live in the backwood too. Please stay put.

  • BiteMe

    Don’t judge our entire county on the actions of a few. I could say that a few other counties seem really BACKWARDS with the actions of their county commissioners but I will take the high road here. Remember when you point fingers you have some pointing right back at you!!!

  • Guest CommonTater

    ignorance has no county line.

  • Guestwhat

    Well back to your original point, you’re mistaken to say WWAY is stirring up trouble in columbus county, the stories are all news worthy, child abuse in schools, a State Senator sexually abusing young men, this would make the news in any county in the Country. And Columbis County is within WWAYs brodcast area. And regarding Wilmington(the gangster city as you call it)….all cities have crime and ghettos, but it’s not as if NH County schools are constantly in the news for violent crimes. You’re just spitting back at what you think is an attack on your county, but in actuality it’s just accurate reporting.

    And as far as biting you goes, I’ll pass, but I’m sure Senator Soles would gladly take you up on that offer, I think you’d be his first college graduate.

  • Outsidelookingin

    I take exception with someone from Columbus County calling it backwoods! While I now live in Wilmington, my hometown is in Columbus County. Wway didn’t call it backwoods, you did! This leads me to believe that you think that about your community. Shame on you. Instead of criticizing, why don’t you volunteer your time or money to improve your surroundings.

    As far as the educational resources, I can say that I received an excellent education while growing up there. I was well prepared to succeed in college and graduate school. I moved on to have a successful well paying and satisfying career. I know many folks that have done the same.

    So, if you want to use the term backwoods as an adjective, use it while looking in the mirror.

  • guesty

    I’m sure he is a good guy and never hurt anybody. Let the silly posting begin.

  • Gramps1950

    This punk will be back on the street, in less then a month.


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