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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police arrested a man overnight for a shooting at a Castle Street club.

Officers responded to a report of shots fired at the Sportsman’s Club at 1111 Castle Street around 2:15 a.m. When they got there, they spotted Frederick McIntyre Jr., 29, walking quickly away from the scene. When officers confronted him, they say McIntyre ran.

During a chase, police say McIntyre drew a handgun from his waistband. When ordered to drop it, they say he threw it in some bushes. After a brief struggle, they took McIntyre into custody. Meanwhile, officers learned that a man with a gunshot wound had been taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center by someone he knew. No word on the identity of the victim or his condition.

McIntyre is in custody at the New Hanover County Jail. under $20,000 bond. He’s charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a stolen firearm by a felon, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, discharging a firearm inside city limits.

No one has been charged yet with the shooting, which is still under investigation.

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  • Guestsnicker

    AND… yet another upstanding member of society… Bet you he’s already out terrorizing the public.

  • Lucy

    Another worthless low life thug off the street is all I have to say.

    One day many more to go! Keep it up Wilmington PD..

  • Over It

    It is evident to me this generation that is so obsessed with this lazy way of living that nothing can be done to save them from their splendid stupor. They would rather pick up a gun and be a coward rather than be a bigger man or woman and try and work it out for a peaceful community. Idiots. Yes, I despise the fact that a large portion of all taxes go toward housing, feeding and keeping this young man and many more healthy for their stay in local, state, and federal prison. Yes, I despise the fact that we tie the hands of our law enforcement by giving criminals too many rights and not giving the law enforcers enough money to attract better cops that will then think the job is worth it. Yes, I vote for what i think is the right candidates for getting the right thing done. No, I don’t think my vote means anything due to the fact that all local officials are in it for the money and don’t really care that the folks that put them in office are suffering due to their beligerant impetuance (this means you Saffo). And at last NO, I don,t think that the parents these days have it in them to mold a better citizen of their brood. Think I am wrong, show me YOU can be a better person and stop letting the street babysit your kids (it wants to keep them). Don,t let your mothers and fathers keep raising your kid “cuz you wanna get your drink on and smoke weed 420 dayz a year”, be responsible, be kind, break the color barrier, deny stereotypes, Love one another. Just saying…..

  • Grand Ole Party

    Does he deliver mail as well?


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