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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW freshman and Tau Kappa Epsilon brother, Bryce Scott, died Friday morning. Tonight, his brothers say they’re refocusing their energy to remember Bryce.

“Immediately, we’ve lost that spirit that fire that he had,” said TKE President James Brown.

“It’s safe to say that he was probably one of the nicest guys,” said brother Jacob Roed. “He was always down to help with whatever we needed. He was always there. He always had his heart in the right place so he’s always a good spirit.”

The members of TKE say they have lost a brother. Members say 18-year-old Scott died Friday morning at his off-campus apartment. The details surrounding his death are still unknown but his fraternity brothers say Scott is already missed. They say Scott was the kind of brother that always went out of his way for the fraternity.

“He always had his heart in everything he did,” Brown said. “He was really dedicated and he had all the potential in the world so we’re really sad to see him go.”

TKE members say they plan to keep Scott’s spirit alive on campus by pushing forward and honoring his memory.

“He wouldn’t want us to sit around and lose all the momentum that we have,” Brown said. “We’re definitely going to just stick to all the events that we have planned. Just have the fire in us to honor him in everything we do.”

TKE says they are planning on hosting an event next Friday to raise money for Scott’s family. They say Scott will be missed by many.

“Nobody can say anything bad about the kid,” Roed said. “He was an amazing brother.”

Brown says although he cannot talk about how Scott died, he says it was in no way linked to any type of hazing. He says TKE has a strict zero tolerance policy. Bryce Scott would have turned 19 Saturday.

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  • Guest55

    Mentioning hazing doesn’t strike me as unusual at all.

    People can be quick to jump to conclusions absent any real information when confronted with the unexpected death of a young college fraternity man.

    With the intense publicity surrounding many hazing related deaths, it’s quite normal for folks to consider this as a possible cause of death.

  • Guest1946

    I saw no mention of hazing except what Mr. Brown said about it. If it was not a factor, funny it was mentioned.

  • Grand Ole Party

    People assume. So he made sure to correct it before morons like you made the assumtion. So no it was in fact not funny it was mentioned.

  • Guest000001

    As a matter of fact, he was a brother, not a pledge. So the likelihood of hazing is significantly decreased by that, since it seems to be of concern here.

  • 1236456789

    Another reason the zero tolerance rule was mentioned is because Mr. Brown had heard a rumor going around that it was hazing only because he is in a fraternity. that was clearly not the case here, so Mr. Brown was just reiterating the fact that this was not hazing in any way, shape, or form

  • Janet Scott

    This was not hazing. Why would you say such a thing.

  • Das Weibstück

    Who says they are christian anyway.

  • ron

    Come on Pastor…don’t use this tragic time to promote your church… Just pray…

  • Pastor Donald

    I am very sorry for your loss. If there is anything that we can do please do not hesitate to let us know.


    Pastor Donald

  • ChefnSurf

    Shameful … Using a tragedy of this nature to advertise your church

  • 794TKE

    The reason that the hazing thing was stated is to assure people that it was not happening, The national chapter of TKE has 0 tolerance policy, Im sure UNCW has a 0 tolerance policy. As well as Brothers/Pledges have a system in place, to report these kind of things if they do happen.

    “Tau Kappa Epsilon is concerned for the health and safety of our members. Our risk management guidelines are designed to help reduce risks, realizing that risk cannot be eliminated; it has to be managed and controlled.”
    “As part of the ongoing attempt to end hazing on college campuses and particularly within Greek organizations, 21 international fraternities and sororities have joined together to establish a Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline. The toll-free number is 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293). The line is available to those who think they, or students they know, have been or may become victims of hazing. Callers may remain anonymous or they”


  • guest4989

    Being a so-called “enemy” of these boys, I have been asked multiple times in class if any of this came out of hazing. As much as I do not agree with anything those men (maybe pigs) do, there is nothing that can take them apart. not even hazing.

    A TKE would haze an average person, but NEVER a brother. Mr. Bryce was a beautiful soul… TKE, no matter how much I despise them, would never have done such a thing! James Brown has really turned around their reputation, I am very sad that he would even be questioned in such a way.

  • GuestReality

    The pastor entered his personal email, church email, and phone number to provide assistance to those who are struggling to deal with this loss.

    It’s a shame when a pastor tries to offer assistance to people who are hurting, and there are those with such small minds that they’re oblivious to the compassion of others. What a sad sign of the times.

  • Guest2012

    This Pastor was A-OK, NOT SHAMEFUL, in my book. For goodness sakes!!!

    I don’t know him or his church, but he obviously cares enough to realize that there may be a POSSIBILITY that some of Bryce’s fellow students/family members or other people who knew this young man may need spiritual and/or religious guidance to understand his untimely death. With death of someone close, people search their souls. I hope YOU never need to have someone be KIND, and OUTREACH to YOU, but if you do, this PASTOR will probably be the ONE and only who will be there to accept you.

    A lot of people who are “unchurched” don’t have a clue where to turn when they need to turn to God and/or a religious mentor. This Pastor was just being a ‘man of the cloth’, doing what God would expect of him.

    Try to see things in a “positive” light. We know how easy it is for our secular society to HATE and create DISCORD to any one of God’s loving Apostles.
    In all sincerity, I say, “thanks Pastor” and to our blogger, I am sincere as I say, “God Bless You and Keep You.” In His Name!

  • Chefnsurf

    A private contact would have been more astute. The personal email and phone number would more than have sufficed. The church email: A blatent commercial and certainly not relevant for personal contact. At best case, an egregious error in judgement. That’s best case.

    Your’e right; “what a sad sign of the times”. If you would expand your own mind far enough to encompass the fact that excesses perpetuated by religious institutions for at least the last 1500 years up until the present day are a factual part of our history, perhaps you could understand why the potential for cynicism exhists.

    Personally, I’m religious, but that doesn’t prevent me from realizing that not everyone with a religious prefix in their title is of entirely pure motivation.

    Most times, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably (but not always) a duck. It’s time to take off your horse blinders. We drive cars now.

  • Guest55555

    Yawn. Your anti-Christian rhetoric is really getting boring. We get it. You hate Christians. Move on.

  • Das Weibstück

    How was that anti anything? Its a fact. Christians assume everyone else is the same as them. Guess what? We aren’t and we are breeding. Get over it.

  • Guest55555

    If you can’t see that your statement is anti-Christian, you have the IQ of a snail.

    Your statement was only a fact in your own book. You don’t even know enough about Christians to know that they don’t assume ANYONE else is the same as they are. They KNOW they’re different. You must have a low opinion of people if you think they’re your equals.

    You’re always full of anti-Christian venom and everyone on this site has experienced it many times over to the point of being obnoxious.

    Breeding? More like inbreeding.

  • Das Weibstück

    Did you ever think that this young man could follow any of hundreds of other religions or none at all. That was my point that you have now turned into a spitting match. You disregard thousands of other gods and get angry when the existence of yours is questioned. Seriously you need grow a brain and open it.

    If you do not like what I type don’t read it, simple isn’t it. derp.

  • Guest555555

    People like you really make me laugh! You assume I’m a Christian, just because I don’t agree with your post. Wrong. I just don’t like seeing bigots like you constantly picking on people who are actually trying to help others. I doubt you’ve ever had a noble thought in your life; that would take thinking about someone else besides yourself…a foreign idea.

    The pastor put his contact information out there in case anyone wanted to use it. If they don’t, that’s their choice. It gives them an option, which you would love to take away.

    The young man that passed is beyond help, but he leaves behind others who may be suffering and need help to deal with their loss. If they want to deal with it on their own, so be it. But there may be others who would love a choice. Take away freedom of choice and, well,….you know the rest. I don’t think people like you will be happy until we’re all speaking a foreign language and wearing burkas.

  • Das Weibstück

    I am not the one that originally complained about the preachers post. Didn’t see you jumping down their anonymous throats. So much for your anti-bigot crusade.

    I am far from a bigot. I don’t hate people for the way they were born. As we all know none of us are born theists, that is a choice misguided by a myth.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if you are a regular poster with a registered name hiding behind this oh so original name. Done with you.

  • Guest555555

    You may not be the one that originally complained about the preachers post, but you were the second. Nice move trying to get the heat off yourself and onto someone else.

    If you can’t convince ’em….try to confuse ’em, huh? I had to read your post twice to try to understand some of what you were saying. I shouldn’t have bothered. It’s just more inconsequential dribble.

    You seem to be confused about the definition of bigot…let me enlighten you:

    “Bigot – Intolerant person: somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views.”

    I don’t see where it says being a bigot has anything to do with “hating people for the way they were born”. Get confused easily? From what I’ve read of your posts, if you got any slower, you’d be going backwards.

  • Guestttttt

    Dont turn his death into a religious debate. Stop acting like kids.

  • Guest555555

    It wasn’t a religious debate…it was a freedom of speech debate. I’m not a Christian, remember? I was saying that all sides have a right to be heard, including the Christians. Das would love to silence them all, forever.

    George Washington once said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

    It’s a public forum; if you don’t like it, just don’t read it.

  • Guest23423423

    Well, I also think it is odd for hazing to be mentioned, what with the article being more about what a great person this man was rather than protecting the reputation of a fraternity.

    Why would anybody say “He was a great guy and we totally missed him. By the way, hazing had nothing to do with his death.”

    This might just be a case of sloppy journalism, but it does feel a bit strange.


    As a greek alumnus, I am quite proud of the president and all the brothers comments. I will keep them in my prayers, along with his family and friends. I could not imagine having lost one of my sisters while I was in college. WE were a tight nit group and to this day I would try and do all that I can for any one of them, especially with how small the greek life community is at UNCW, I’m sure they were all very close. For those who questioned christianity, many of the main greek organizations are christian because many of us are based out of the south and there are pretty tight by-laws in place we must live by and standards we are held to. Losing a brother or sister or anything of that degree is horrifying. It’s bad enough we have to mourn our brother/sister, the fact is any organization would have to put that in because there are the people on the outside of organizations who stereotype us and think that automatically. Plus it is another support in showing how well-rounded of a young man he was, that he did not put himself into a situation that would warrant him being hazed! If you are not familiar with Greek life don’t jump to conclusions… animal house is not the case for most organizations, there are unfortunately some that make the rest of us look like idiots. Yet hey, there are some humans that make the rest of the human race look like mindless morons, does that mean we all are… umm no, still top of the food chain..

  • Guest117

    The president of TKE made it quite clear in small words that there is zero tollerance for hazing at TKE or any other fraternity on the UNC-W campus. We are proud of our fraternities on campus and they all do a lot of good in the community that you never read about. Hazing? Grow up, this is the 21st century

  • anne

    From all accounts, sounds like this was one very special young man and his family and friends should be proud of him. Hope the fraternity can use his death in a very positive way and carry on the work that he did.

  • mary shulby

    When and where is Bryce’s funeral?

  • Kris Williams

    Service Information:
    Apex United Methodist Church
    100 S. Hughes St
    Apex NC
    3:00 p.m. Saturday, March 3, 2012


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