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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There’s still no word on what killed a UNCW student last week, but we are learning more about what happened.

Bryce Scott was found dead at his apartment in the Reserves at Forest Hills Friday morning. Today, we got a copy of the police report that shines a little light on the situation.

The report says an apartment complex worker found Scott around 9 a.m. Friday. That’s two days after investigators say the 18-year-old was last heard from.

The report lists the incident as “sudden death.” It then lists “narcotics/drugs” under weapons or tools. Under the drug or alcohol use section, though, “No” is checked.

A police department spokeswoman says investigators have to run a toxicology report to determine exactly how Scott died. She says she does not believe that any illegal drugs were found at the apartment, and investigators do not suspect foul play.

We tried to talk to the worker who found Scott. The management office at the apartment complex said no one there would comment on the situation.

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  • suewilmington

    Sheds some light? This acticle said absolutely nothing. Still no cause of death. Lets not tarnish this young man’s name with speculation. This is enough of a tragedy!

  • Guest227345

    Look, all this report says is that he narcotics or drugs were related to the sudden death. It could have been a prescription overdose on accident. Especially since they have the kid down as not using drugs. They are not tarnishing the kid’s name they want to find out (like the people reading the article do) why a college freshmen would suddenly die. When that happens it usely means there is something else invovled. Be it on accident or on purpose. You guys were the ones reading into this too much not us.

  • Guest 109

    Why does this news station continue to report in this manner. The only reason I even read the articles is to possibly make a post that will clairfy the misleading information that they put on here. The cause of death is UNKNOWN. Also, in regards to the police report: evidently the reporter isn’t familiar with the techinicalities of how a police report is written. It is not a report from the state medical examiner and should not be used to merely speculate on what happened to this kid………..it is tragic!

  • Guest9743

    I think the reporter(s) at WWAY are very familiar and aware of what they are reporting. You might not like what they are saying or what they may find out but that’s the job of a good reporter, keep digging until you get to the bottom of the story! Evidently you’re not familiar with WWAY, they don’t let up off a story just because a few people don’t like what they are saying. I would suggest that you might want to start reading the competition’s website if you don’t want to know the truth.

  • Juststopplease

    Just stop,

    Don’t speculate, guess, or spread rumors about this incredible person. He was a great guy and your desire for a “good story” is shedding bad light on him. Just stop

  • uncwww

    I hung out with Bryce Wednesday night. This says he hadn’t been heard from for two days before he passed – so I guess I was with him the last night of his life. From my perspective, it was a normal night. He had stuff to do, but it didn’t seem like anything was off. All of the rumors going around are based on assumptions. It would be best and most respectful if everyone could wait on the facts, his character and his frats character shouldn’t be smudged because of what people “think” happened.

  • Guest 1

    This paper is unrivaled in substandard reporting and is grossly negligent in informing the people of our city. Stop hiring Cape Fear CC graduates. Perhaps Raleigh or Charlotte could loan a few reporters?


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