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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Leland Police Department has a new leader… for now. And it’s old leader is gone for good.

The Town of Leland is taking another step forward and putting the past behind it. Town Manager David Hollis announced Monday he has upheld the firing of former Police Chief Tim Jayne after Jayne appealed the termination. Hollis also announced Mike James as the police department’s new interim chief.

“He’s a good man, and I think he’ll do a good job as an interim,” Hollis said.

James replaces Karl Smith, who returns to his role as deputy chief.

“My main goal is to re-establish a partnership with the community,” James said.

James has worked in law enforcement for nearly 30 years. He currently works part time for the Brunswick County’s Sheriff’s Office.

James says he looks forward to changing the perceptions folks have of the police department. He says Leland’s issues are actually very similar to those of another small town he used to work for. James was chief in Stoneville, a small town north of Greenville.

“Basically the same situation,” James said. “The community had lost touch with the department, and we went in and fixed the problems and got it back on track, and to be honest with you, I enjoyed doing that.”

Hollis says he has not started to look at applicants for chief, but believes the process will take a few months.

James has Bachelors and Master of Science degrees in criminal justice. He previously served as the director of Rockingham County’s Forensic/Gang Prevention Bureau.

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25 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: Leland hires interim chief, upholds Jayne firing"

2015 years 9 months ago

Please tell me this is not “The Legend” that we’ve been reading about.

2015 years 9 months ago

What do you expect. He is an engineer not a qualified town manager. Just extending the pain and the rift. NO CLEAR PLAN!

2015 years 9 months ago

It maybe time for the DOJ to become involved. Not unusual for a United States district court judge to oversee a small town due to graft.

This is not the private sector that the manager is used to operating in. The rules are different. This is not the company’s money. Public funds and monies are being spent, absent any oversight by the duly elected town council and mayor with no opportunity for a public hearing on such important matters in light of all the recent scandal.

An interim to replace an interim? There seems to be no plan or timetables. Everything is very vague. Remember, Jayne had no plan. Mr. Hollis, definitive timetables and commitments to the public are a must to repel rumors and restore public trust. When people appear from nowhere, unannounced, it appears to be good ole boy networking in action. May I suggest a plan to you, because you seem like a well intentioned albeit naive manager. For instance a model:

Step 1:The town will accept applications until a date certain. State the date.

Step 2:The town will then examine the applications by a date certain (state the date) and choose the 6 or 8 best qualified.

Step 3: We will allow the council to interview them and narrow it down to the top 3 by a date certain.

Step 4: We will allow a public vetting of the 3 remaining candidates on a date ceratin. The public will be allowed to meet them and ask them questions. If a candidate objects, he will be eliminated from consideration.

Step 5: The town manager after observing the town council and the public vetting of each candidate for chief, will choose the best candidate for our town.

Step6: Most importantly, publish your timetables and keep the public informed every step of the way.

The plan eliminates uncertainty, includes the council, MOST IMPORTANTLY INCLUDES THE CITIZENS, and steals no power from you. Who can accuse you of wrongdoing with that much transparency?

2015 years 9 months ago

So everyone is happy with the change? I want so bad to say changes but I can’t! we have made ONE change and everyone shut up? Wow, okay, I don’t have to live there thank goodness…….. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

Retired Firefighter
2015 years 9 months ago

Thanks for the laugh again mate. Since, college, teaches you how to think, how to research and how to cope with others, I guess yours missed out on teaching how to gather all the facts to make rational decisions based on good information instead of making decisions based upon preconceived notions, emotional tirades or issuing of tin foil hats to the ultra paranoid? You can keep your college.

You, kid blue and rumblefish really should lay off the Red Bulls, find an adult before you turn on your computers and give it a break with googling Engine 82. We already had that discussion and I’d say lets compare service jackets, but you’d have to serve first in order to know what that means, so I already know my answer there. Secondly, I have college degrees in accounting(BA/MBA) and even got licensed as a CPA in NY, NC, SC, and FL. So, yeah. College. Seven years down the drain as Mr Blutaski put it.

Again, will take my low life minding my own business foul mouth attitude and MONEY elsewhere. Good luck finding work. I am certain Obama will give you a new cell phone while extending your unemployment benefits from NASA, since your are definitely more qualified at rocket science than I. Good luck hippies!

2015 years 9 months ago

That’s what they said when they hired Jayne, Farris and others-nothing new, same old same old thing. Listen citizens, you need to realize until you clean house from top to bottom in every area, especially the long standing political house nothing is going to change. All you have to do is look at the history of the town. Plenty of qualified caring people have come and then been forced out. Nothing will change without the intent to change. The town needs new representative, educated, transformational leadership and all those who have been party in any manner….{including home grown town staff who treat others like crap, local leaders and attorneys who show them how to hide the truth} to what they do over the years need to go. It is time. It is 2012 not the 1970’s any more. Get on board Leland and take a step to becoming the progressive caring community you were intended to be!!!!!!!!!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

Sometimes new is better. New ideas and view points can help revamp a department and the morale of the officers. If this Chief has a master’s degree and all those years of experience, I think we should wait before we judge his capabilities and give him the benefit of the doubt. I look forward to the future of the department.

fellow officer
2015 years 9 months ago

On the surface, this interim looks to be someone the town manager knows and like; a good guy. Here we go again. Bachelors and masters from where? a Diploma mill? Stoneville NC has a population of 950 people; and that’s a stretch. Come on town manager, at least act like you know what you are doing. You need to move on and hire a fulltime police chief for your town. Your latest interim chief has over 30 years, has reached a point where he’s retired and can work part time; don’t you think he’s probably out of gas and in over his head as well? Sheriff’s offices are strictly political entities. Is that a direction the PD needs to follow? And you are putting a bandage on a gut wound; putting off surgery for therapy when surgery is needed right away. What is more pressing for town than stabilizing the PD? Help us understand?

2015 years 9 months ago

This is a post not a résumé. Therefore, short answers are ok. Listen, born with a silver spoon, they are the backbone but what would you know about that since it appears all you have to time to do is try to show what you believe is your superior intellect and find some little thing to criticize. It is the context that is important, or did someone forget to put that point in a power point for you.

Let’s see how successful you are when people find out that the only experience you have had is kissing butt. A piece of paper + but kissing=no substance. You will find that very soon for yourself.

I would take someone who has worked, gone to Brunswick Community College or Cape Fear any day over you. At least they have common sense and will twice as hard. In addition, here’s the real reason-their heart is in what they do, they are not just trying to blow smoke up people’s butt to get a title and move on. They are from here and they want to improve the community here, not take things away from here.

PS- The sentence you started with my guess-should be capitalized, should it not? Maybe you need to go back to school and have a life lesson.

Workforce means you actually work.

Try this one on – “Arrogance diminishes wisdom”~

Arabian Proverb quotes

2015 years 9 months ago

have no fear,

couple of things to point out that may help you in your future endeavors to seek out a job in Leland or anywhere else that cares about quality of their employees… 1 – spelling, grammar, and punctuation are important. my guess is that you aren’t capable of securing a job because you don’t employ those things in your writing. If your resume is half as bad as your ridiculous comment, you can know that your application is not looked at, regardless of what institution you attended for education. 2-apparently you are not the backbone of the work force.

Guest 4 eyes
2015 years 9 months ago

Ms Bird (Pigeon), Little man and woman (yankees) that was so ugly at town meeting should have stayed home. That’s what you get for being so ugly. You hurt your neighbor more than you know.
You should have let him fight his own fight and oh yeah Community Policing was in Leland before him. Young man named Rob was so good at it and Jain fired him cuz people liked him better.

2015 years 9 months ago

the transplants. They love to look around for any evidence of some Faulknerian, all powerful “good ol’ boy network,” dominated by a Big Daddy character who dresses like Colonel Sanders and calls people Suuuuh (sir) as he makes all important decisions while puffing stogies in a smoke filled, backroom while tugging on his suspenders. Hollywood has convinced them these folks exhist and dominate every rural town and county. But the transplants look out for one of theirs own no matter what a disaster the person is here or back home (Ted Kennedy/Chappaquiddick). NHC is in a difficult situation because one of its officials was originally from Rochester and transplant voters decided it was time to vote in one of “ours.” During the 2010 campaign, I heard that more times than I could count on all my fingers, toes and with my pants unzipped.

2015 years 9 months ago

More to do-you bet. Hollis, you forgot to look at the real trouble makers who stare you in the face everyday and have no loyalty to the town but only to themselves. Sure, they think they are safe because they have lied and covered up their own incompetence. Truth be told you thought you got rid of the ones Bozeman told you were the problems because she thought they were the ones leaking information and could cause trouble in court. Both of you were wrong. Just wait and see, the pay raise hush money will only go so far and those with any sense are only hanging on until an opening happens somewhere. Those who can’t get out will continue to give you BS and play the double sided game as long as they draw a paycheck.

2015 years 9 months ago

First baby step; bring in an outsider to run the department. Even though he worked for the BCSO, it is better than promoting one of the insiders to chief.

Second baby step; upholding Jayne’s firing. What good is it to cut off the head of the snake and then give it life support?

Retired Firefighter
2015 years 9 months ago

So, what was the point of the SBI investigation again? Clearly, the citizens of this area are living in fantasy land and said bye bye to reality. Do not be pissing and moaning to anyone when the next round of terrorist assault the United States. Do not be pissing and moaning when the next natural disaster occurs and “government” doesn’t move fast enough for your tastes.

I do sincerely hope, the few officers left in the Leland Police Department, have the moxy to stand up for themselves and tell the few village idiots, who think they have a clue or a right, to piss off or tell them to do it themselves.

The only thing taxes allow you to have an opinion on is making sure the infrastructure works when necessary, not managing or leading it. Leave the leading and managing to those who are qualified. I have seen alot of officers in the FDNY, that did not have the experience but had college degrees, get promoted through the ranks just because. College doesn’t qualify you expert on anything other than you know how to study and take a test. But hey, we taught monkeys to fly space ships. Ask kblue and his band of merry men, I am sure he’ll rap about it later.

Like Caterpillar, will take my money and business elsewhere. Good luck hippies!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

Hey Retreaded Firefarter….

If both YOU and JAYNE leave the area we’d have two less slobs. Hop to it! When driving north, use exit 355 on I-40…. it’ll take you to I-795 joining with I-95 around Wilson. You should know the rest of the way. It will save you about 20 mi.

You’re a lowlife just like Liflander.

WWAY, there was a “retired firefighter” named in a recent article published on another news organization’s site after a council meeting in Leland. He was one of a few pro Jayne loudmouths at that event. I’ll betcha that the name would match this jerk. With a little investigative reporting you will “out” another BS artist trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame here.

Engine Company 82 in the Bronx is where he is claimed to have retired. It is the subject of a 1972 book by a firefighter, Dennis Smith entitled “Report from Engine Company 82″. Much of our “retired firefighter’s” stuff over the past couple months looks lifted from that book rather than really “lived”.

Even if there were such a thing as the “brotherhood” that retired firefighter describes, he, himself could NEVER have been a part of it mostly for the reason that real brothers live quietly and don’t spill secrets on other brothers.

2015 years 9 months ago

College doesn’t qualify you expert on anything other than you know how to study and take a test. (Perhaps you should have gone and this sentence wouldn’t look like a “MONKEY” wrote it?) I’m gonna go out on a limb here dumb dumb. Did you perhaps clean toilets for the FDNY? It seems to me that you would have a hard enough time brushing your tooth without poking your eye out. Can you blink by yourself? I could rap to you but I’m trying something a little different. Knock Knock jokes!!! Ready? “knock knock” “Who’s there”? “Kblue” “Kblue who”? Kblue gonna stick his foot so far up your candy butt your gonna be chewin knee cap!!!!! Say’s who? Say’s the dumb dumb bashing Kblue!

2015 years 9 months ago

Have no fear supermpa is here. He/she will scarf up all the jobs in Leland and Leland thinks they are getting something. All they are getting is someone waiting to move on. They will mess things up as always, blame someone else and by the time anyone figures out that they messed it up they will be long gone. They won’t ever give hard working Leland people who go the Cape Fear or Brunswick Community a chance and that’s the way Leland wants it. They can convince the supermpa they are so needed while all the while using them, manipulating them and underpaying them. When is someone going to wake up and see that we are the backbone of the workforce and guess what, we have papers too, we work we don’t think we are fancy and need to look cute?

2015 years 9 months ago

Looks like your firefighters hat got a bit smoked up there Sparky. You must have encountered a few missed or perhaps bypassed promotions due to your lack of education. If your demeanor and use of foul language was as commonplace in your performance as it is in your posts, that alone is likely the primary reason for your being left behind. If your not the lead dog, the view never changes.

College teaches you HOW to think, HOW to research, HOW to develop and HOW to cope with others. You’ve obviously missed out on a lot of these. Oh…and one more thing. Nobody ever taught a monkey how to fly a spaceship. The monkey simply rode along as a benign research tool, completely isolated from any controls. Educated human beings were the ones that designed, developed and guided that spacecraft 100% of the time!

It’s never too late for education. Spring semester is starting soon. Brush that fat chip off your shoulder and give it a try!

Southrn Born
2015 years 9 months ago

I was born in the south, grew up on a farm and worked in the field most days, when we wasn’t working we were being schooled in the art of Good Ole Boy, Its me thoier after the last one, I chuckle as my belly roles wheni think about my white cadillac, my greasy fingers from the fried chicken and cornbread, course we call them hush puppie. Why I have conspired to sell all of our swamp land to any northerner wishing to rid themselve of thier 225 year trapping of cold weather up north. why didnt my folks consider moving up there.

Why tonight we are having a selection committee to determine candidates, to take over for me and become the next big daddy. Charles Warren and Tim Jayne being memorilzed as our latest successes,”GOD BLESS AMERICA and SOUTHERN GIRLS FOR INVENTING DAISEY DUKES”. Goauts to get going now, doaunt waunts to be late a traing the next generation of GOOD OLE BOYS, them some fine young fellas.

Old Guy
2015 years 9 months ago

Good morning Chief James,
Just a word of advice. Please watch who you trust. Better yet don’t trust anyone. I’m sure you have heard from your Sheriff what he knows of the Sturgeon Creek house incident. He was the one that new first what was going on in Leland Police Department. Your best bet is to clean house like Jain should have to begin with and start with a brand new slate. With the exception of a few all of the persons working for you now are gypsies, tramps and thieves!
To you JAIN,
na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you really think you had a chance? You were the stupid one! How’s that destiny thing working for you now? God knows what you did and that you need to make amends. Ask your priest at St. James. He’ll tell you! Forgive and you will be forgiven. In Yoda’s terms “Do not and you won’t! Later alligator! LOL!

Guest hal stevens
2015 years 9 months ago

This man has no business in law enforcement. He attracts the wrong type of people. We have certain rights in this country that men died for us to be able to enjoy, due process of law. Miranda rights. Search warrants. Just to name a few. This is not a police state yet, thanks only to GOD and not people like this.

2015 years 9 months ago

Mr. Hollis, there are many people like me who have paid attention to the issues in Leland and want to apply for the chief’s job and be objectivley considered. But your comments to other media outlets imply that your second interim police chief is the person you want to have the job. Mr. Hollis are you sure you yourself know what you are doing as town manager? I find myself deflated by your actions and your comments in your handling of this situation. If you already have your mind made up or you are not going to be objective in your approach to permanently fill the post, at least remove the ad for the job and be an honest professional.

Polly II
2015 years 9 months ago

Dear Mr. Hollis,
How in God’s green earth can you compare Stoneville Police to Leland Police? Everyone ought to go up on their website and see this. Their twenty four hour a day force of four and that’s including Chief Randy Moore really offers great protection. What in the world did Chief James have to do to clean up that department? Get three officers? WOW!!!!!
After he left there he went to work part time for Brunswick County to keep his certification no less. I hope Jon Ingram got his money’s worth? Here we go again. Visions of grandeur! Jain was the big fish in the little pond and now James is the little fish in the big pond. LOL!

Old Guy
2015 years 9 months ago

Good Afternoon citizens of Leland,
I took the advice from Polly II and looked at the website. Wow did I get the shock of my life when I looked at the names of the Town Council members. Mr. Billy Farris! WHAT????????????? Did you all know what you were getting into here? No? Well you had better guess again because here it comes! LMAO!!!!!


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