Residents booming with big bang theories

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Submitted: Wed, 02/29/2012 - 3:30am
Updated: Wed, 02/29/2012 - 3:17pm

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Big booms and shaking were felt along the North Carolina coast Tuesday that have some people worried. Now, folks are booming with big bang theories on what they say causes the mysterious rocking and rolling along the coast.

“Anything that can shake the houses, not just one or two houses, but a whole neighborhood and it can be heard from Southport to Bolivia and Sunset Harbor, it has to be something big,” said Bolivia resident Erick Myles.

Folks across the Cape Fear say the mysterious booms are back and this time they seem stronger than ever. People say they had different experiences depending on where they were at the time.

“It’s kind of freaky to me because I heard it but I didn’t see anything,” said Southport resident Jamie Hoffmann.

“I didn’t hear the booms but I felt shaking twice,” said Boiling Spring Lakes resident Ruth Finley.

Everyone we talked to said this was not the first time they have experienced the unknown sound and shaking. Some folks even say they hear the booms every week. One thing is for sure, people say they want answers.

Seismologist say nothing registered on the Richter Scale Tuesday in our area and the military says it is not responsible for the sounds or shaking.

Although scientists and authorities can’t seem to pinpoint where the noise is coming from, residents have their own theories.

“I know that there’s an explanation and it has to be military,” Myles said.

“The ocean,” said Hoffmann. “Something with the ocean.”

“I think they’re earthquakes,” said Finley. “Tremors.”

Some people we talked to said they were very concerned with the booms now that we’re nearing the end of the Mayan calendar which some people believe marks the end of the world. They say the confusion surrounding the booms only builds up their theory that we’re nearing the end of days.


  • chad r says:

    Mysterious booms baffle officials in eastern Wis.
    By CARRIE ANTLFINGER, Associated Press – 7 hours ago — A series of mysterious underground booms have been rattling a small eastern Wisconsin city for at least two nights, baffling residents and local officials who were left stumped Tuesday after ruling out numerous theories, from earthquakes to water pressure problems.

  • West virginia says:

    For over two months we have felt the ground shake and a loud boom in i know for certin in a 30 mile raidious. It shakes the house everything rattles and the pictures move on the wall.

  • Mark P says:

    the same thing was happening in central Florida. We live at least 20 miles inland and could hear the booms. Went on for a few weeks. Heard in surrounding area.
    Finally the Navy fessed up to running training excerises with live ammo off the coast.

  • Pearl anderson says:

    check out the web-site RSOE Edis. There was an earthquake which measured around 3.5 on the ricter scale this past Tuesday.

  • Brian says:

    Not sure I follow your entire post, but you are very correct about the public being kept in the dark for monetary purposes.

    Not a bit surprising though… as most people either choose to live a distracted life, or if they don’t, cannot get any answers from “officials.”… but the retired ones… that’s where the info really comes from.. that and WikiLeaks. Isn’t funny how all you hear about with Major Media this one, is about Julian Assanage (sp?) being arrested… it’s never about the contents of the releases. I mean, it’s the greatest exposure of the true nature of shadow-operations, assassinations and double crossing nature of our own government, and all we hear about is how we’re gonna stick it to him.

    There is no such thing as journalism in mainstream media anymore… just approved stories that are edited to death…

    You can see it right here in Wilmington, OOHHHHH lets build a Baseball stadium that people can come get west nile and hot dog while they take in the game.. or maybe we should build a we can say we $200M to have one… MEANWHILE:

    It’s nothing but a downright fact that basically the entire town of Wilmington’s underground water and sewage lines are on the brink of complete failure. They are doing some work down on 3rd st. but I’ve got sources, and they have pretty much been confirmed by Star News, that the problem is the whole city.

    But planners, media corps. and local government are all in bed together. It’s nothing new.

    Bottom line: Keep us calm as Hindu cows, let us have our 4G LTE and we’ll thank you for it with property taxes and closed mouths…

  • Guest Reply says:

    Maybe what we heard was the sound of the New Convention Center’s mere existence, and the plans for the New Baseball Stadium blowing up in City Council’s meeting. It just might be that is what we heard!

  • Manape says:

    You are in the strech zone New Madrid. It’s going to adjust actual Earth changes… Be aware!

  • Joel says:

    Even our local newspaper in Toronto has reported the testing of the new military tools that throw bullets faster than the speed of sound. Very weird. If weapons of Mass destruction matter to my well-being then maybe I want to make my way to the next life…

  • Guest120 says:

    Ok this theory makes a lot of sense and is definitely worth putting a little thought. I have been following these Seneca guns for some time and I found he wway website teaming with reports today and like always there is no explanation. But is there. Well I went through the CBS website and came across an article about the navy testing a gun capable of shooting 200+ miles. The projectile is capable of traveling 5600 mph and has a gps unit in it to guide it where it needs to go plus the gun shooting up to 10 rounds a minute. That is 7+ times the speed of sound and with 10 rounds a minute that would be one killer boom. I just find it coincidental that we report these booms yesterday and the military releases this article today. Sunny point is one of the largest military arms terminals on the east coast it’s a fact. And where else to test this killer weapon, right by the ocean at the largest weapons depot around. All secluded in his sleepy area where we unsuspecting don’t know any better. This gun would and it’s incredible range would put off an extremely loud bang (which we hear) and would be capable of shaking the ground ( which it does). I have included the CBS article about the rail gun and the Wikipedia article about sunny point. I won’t bother putter the boom article because you already know about them. Read the two articles and apply what u know. That to me connects the Dots and explains the militarys silence. I may sound like another crackpot but my articles make sense.

  • ArfyKarfy says:

    The booming you are hearing and feeling is nothing more than an airborne shock wave. And guess what causes that? OK, I know you really want to think its Aliens, or the Earth splitting apart, or whales beating on bongos (whatever), but the answer (and I know) is something far simpler. Where do you think military jets can fly and break the sound barrier? Well, not over the continental US per se… so take a wild guess. Yup – off shore, way out over the ocean. Yes, that is what you are hearing. If you worked on an aircraft carrier, or work with military ops, you’d know that. But no… you fools refuse to understand something SO SIMPLE. Instead, you insist it has to be gremlins, or UFOs, or space-time rifts, or whatever… anything but the OBVIOUS (and it illustrates how uneducated you are).

  • Guest25871 says:

    that someone off the coast of NC broke the sound barrier before his 1947 flight over the desert because these noises have been documented since well before 1947.

  • Guest54486 says:

    You don’t have to work on “aircraft carrier, or work with military ops” to know what a sonic boom sounds like. Everyone who has been to see the Thunderbirds knows what one sounds like. How about solving this one for me, since you’re so educated: When one of the Thunderbirds breaks the sound barrier near the NHC airport, I live 25 miles away and never hear those booms from home. But these booms have been heard easily over distances of 100 miles. Is there an aircraft that somehow makes a much louder sonic boom? Even the Space Shuttle wasn’t heard from that kind of distance so it isn’t SO SIMPLE.”

  • Rob1147 says:

    If your simple explanation were true then why are residents first hearing and feeling these booms now? And wouldn’t the sound dissipate if the sonic boom occurred miles out to sea? And why is the military claiming it is not involed? You haven’t answered these simple questions.

  • howard quentin george maurice massicotte says:

    even the most brilliant scientists are seldom willing to accept the simplest of truths if they be such to contradict what they learned as students, taught as professors and hold as sacred ancestral treasures… forget all the lies they taught you in school and think for one moment about the binary nature of the universe..our solar system is a binary motor with 9 planets orbiting our sun most counter clockwise and as our ancient ancestors warned us another half a red or brown dwarf imploding star the twin to our sun nibiru with 8 planets orbiting it clockwise. these two halves of this solar system come close enough to each other every 3600 years where the gravity from each attracts the gravity from the other and we propel each other for another great orbit. these ‘modern times have repeated themselves many thousands maybe millions of times over the billions of years earth has been here and so has the prehistoric age repeated itself and in 1700 years there will be dinosaurs standing where you stand right now again .this is a natural solar cycle. if the other half of our solar system failed to pass earth and all planets would slow down and stop moving altogether.. if you glue nine magnets around a plate and put a shaft on it it will not move but if you take two plates, glue magnets around both and if you put a shaft between them and spin one left the other will naturally spin right one moves the other it is totally natural a six year old can understand our solar system HAS to be binary like the vast majority of solar systems in the Milky Way

  • Angie says:

    Hi, I really loved what you posted, you seem to cover all the bases. Feel free to contact me at angsank@yahoo, I’d love to know if you have a newsletter, blog, or at the very least where you are getting your information, other than the Holy Book. Have you heard of Gregg Bradden’s book “Awakening to Zero Point”? It talks all about the depletion of the Earth’s magnetic field and what can happen when it gets to zero. The last time it was this low was around the time of Christ’s resurrection. Frequencies are changing all around us, and even inside of us. Love to also know your thoughts on preparation. Take good care and may we all live life to the fullest now and love from the heart. Bless

  • Brian says:

    Preface: Ms. Harden, you are painfully beautiful. I noticed that you like “The Office” and I’d love nothing more than to sit around and make up “..that’s what she said.” jokes to make you laugh… but I won’t… it’s too hard for me…it won’t leave me satisfied… I don’t think that I could keep it up…I’m sorry I just dont’ have it in me.

    Mayans… aliens… Mayan Aliens. Martha Stewart being canceled (overdue much) .. who knows what’s really going on right? :)

    Don’t kid yourself, though… the fact we are obviously having seismic activity shouldn’t surprise anyone……. oh yeah… this is America. Land of the weapons of mass distraction… most people have no idea what’s going on around them… we are, quite literally, out of tune with nature.

    This is(in my scientific opinion) the most unprecedented time in recorded history. There are videos of places all over the planet experiencing these tremors and even stranger, experiencing giant horn like sounds coming from virtually nowhere. Canada, Mexico, Kiev Ukraine, Russia, Brazil.. it’s happening all over the planet. You can YOUTUBE for either topic…

    It actually is a rather common phenomenon…when it happens in one place at a time… the horn sounds are (according to several astrophysicists: Earths depleted Magnetic Fields. Our shields are down, Scotty….

    People really do need to prepare. I mean, our magnetic North pole is already in Siberia… several meteorological sites can easily confirm this…. so our poles are starting to reverse… oh and hey, guess what happens to our Sun when we cross the galactic central plane of the Milky Way this winter??? Yep.. it will begin to experience pole reversal as well… It’s happened before… People take their existence for granted…

    NASA already told the public basically “hey, our Magnetic Fields are the weakest they have ever been, a giant solar EMP could hit us and bring our Electric grids down…for not months..years” Do you know what happens to a Nuclear Power Plant when it doesn’t have electrical power for over 30 days… meltdown…and how many NPP are there along the Eastern seaboard alone? Not to mention, Car Batteries..done, cell phones, THE INTERNETS!!!…over. Dark Ages + Pandemonium = I’m moving to Peru.

    Something is happening… and the Messengers (real word for Angels in the Hebrew Bible) are all around. If these horns and tremors are being covered… UFO crap has just basically gone Gonzo.. Check out the YouTube bids of the UFO inside that Iceland Volcano that erupted a couple years ago….. It’s all so crazy. Never before have all the kooks who claim that the world is changing in a very drastic way had science on their side.. this time, unfortunately, from a probability standpoint, they do.

    Have a super day. I’ll be in Peru (the Sacred Valley) if you need me. Holla at a playa when ya see em in da streetz.

  • Guest Reply says:

    With all this vital info…does this mean we don’t have to pay mortgage/city taxes/tax due to the IRS from 2011?
    If it were disclosed (“IF”) the East Coast of the USA were in an area of an eventful major Earthquake soon to be on the horizon…how many people/businesses do you think would “Up Stakes” and BOOK?! Heck…TV has already started chiming in on these people on the Discovery Channel.
    If mass destruction happens due to magnetic polar reversal/all the above…have no illusions…we are stuck with it and that’s that. We all remember the dreadful fears of the computer crashes in store for us in the year 2000. I knew one fellow that was sick to death worried about this. After I told him that there are 24 time zones in the world, and this increases disaster x (times) 24…he almost went off the deep end. But how many people stopped to think on 12/31/99 here in this country, that the year 2000 was already “Here” across the international date line? Very few wanted to…it took the thrill out of it all and they just wanted to worry…worry…worry.
    Point is…we are still here…but if we aren’t and we all died in that event of 1/1/2000…whom can prove it? This may be the “after life” after all…and things are just as rotten as before. :-(

  • Guest6789e2 says:

    Your ideas intrigue me, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Aedeerr says:

    Since jets and flight have been with us since the late 40’s… I think you’re incorrect. I don’t think I’m going to trust the memory of an 80+ year old person.

  • Guest56843 says:

    is that these noises have occurred since before supersonic aircraft/missiles existed. Right here in ILM, there are elderly people who’ve heard them since before such aircraft or military firepower existed. They also occur in numerous locations around the globe and have been reported for hundreds of years. Even a Space Shuttle launch, which were uncomfortably loud (the noise and vibration set off car alarms) while the booster rockets were burning and includes sonic booms, can’t be heard over the territory that these noises cover. You can see them for hundreds of miles but the sound dissipates quickly.

  • Guest12345 says:

    Columbia County, GA —

    ***UPDATED at 6:24 P.M. on Tuesday, February 28th***

    If you heard a loud explosion Tuesday morning, you weren’t alone.

    Columbia County Emvergency Management Agency (EMA) director Pam Tucker says her office was slammed with phone calls, after a big boom rattled houses across the county.

    We’ve learned that blast came from the Martin Marietta rock quarry on Columbia Road.

    That blasting was supposed to be at noon, but apparently it started a little early.

    The people at Martin Marietta didn’t want to say very much about the blast, other than it was just like any other one they’ve done…

    Columbia County dispatchers took calls Tuesday morning from people in Appling, Martinez, and Grovetown who said that the boom rattled the windows in their homes.

    We called Tucker, and at firstm she said the boom must have been from a supersonic military aircraft…but later we learned the rock quarry blasted earlier than expected.

    Tucker told us this was most likely a shallow blast. She say it was unique because of the placement of the blasting in the pit, and it certainly made for an eventful morning in Columbia County.

    Tucker told us the legal air blast level, which is essentially how loud the blast can be, is 142…this blast registered at 130…so it was a legal blast.

    ***UPDATED at 11:53 A.M. on Tuesday, February 28th***

    Columbia County EMA director Pam Tucker confirms the loud “boom” heard in Columbia County Tuesday morning came from blasting at a Martin Marietta quarry on Columbia Road.

    Martin Marietta officials confirmed they set off a blast at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning at about the same time the “boom” was heard and felt.

    The company had notified Columbia County EMA that they were going to set off a blast at noon.


  • Tim says:

    I used to live on Columbia Road (15 years) and am familiar with the rock quarry blasts. I now live in Wilmington, NC. What I felt yesterday, and have felt and heard in the past in Wilmington, are not the same as the rock quarry blasts. What we experienced here yesterday happened just after 10:00 am. What was felt in Columbia County was at 10:30. The speed of sound in air is about 12 miles per minute. Evans is about 300 miles from Wilmington. The numbers work out this may have been a huge sonic boom. It was probably too large to be military craft. I am working on a theory that huge atmospheric pressure differentials are being created just off the coast, basically when high pressure and low pressure meet suddenly and the pressure differential has to resolve itself immediately.

  • Guest010512 says:

    The answer was fornd on YouTube; “Did you feel the Mountains Tremble, By: Delirious” Check it out… wow….

  • Das Weibstück says:

    My 83 year old Dad would resent that comment. He could think you under the table.

  • Guest3574 says:

    These noises have occurred since well before Chuck Yeager’s 1947 flight. If you don’t trust older people, do you trust old newspapers and other writing that document these noises? You’re not the first person to move here and think “how simple, it’s just sonic booms.” Don’t be such a simpleton. It’s more mysterious and complicated than aircraft.

  • Mark Brander says:

    If you want to know what the Military is up to read some of the info at Prophecies Org

  • Ann says:

    A few nights ago in St. Louis, I heard noises like a jet engine- landing and then reving up again. Looking up to the sky- nothing but stars. It lasted about 2 minutes (off & on) and my first guess was airplanes- but none were seen. It’s truly frightening when it sounds like something is going to land on your head/house and nothing is there.

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