UPDATE: Firefighters battle flames at house fire

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Submitted: Thu, 03/01/2012 - 1:09am
Updated: Thu, 03/01/2012 - 5:15pm

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A house fire off Carolina Beach Road Wednesday night gave firefighters a tough time.

The fire, near the corner of Indian Trail and Shawnee Trail, was so hot it caught some trees in the front yard on fire. A hydrant wasn’t near the home so firefighters had to run hoses some distance before a mobile water supply arrived.

Neighbors we spoke to said they smelled a burning plastic smell in the area for several days and had called fire officials.

Cody Parrish, passed by as the home was engulfed in flames.

“Earlier today I was coming home from my grandparents house me and my mom were driving by and she saw a whole bunch of black smoke in the air and she was wondering if it was a back yard and then I took a glance and it was a house fire the trees in the front were on fire and the house itself was on fire,” Parrish said.

No one was injured in the fire and firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to other homes. The residence is believed to be a total loss.


  • Guest_99x says:

    O Face, here’s a link you may find of interest: http://www.myspace.com/boxalarmproductions/blog/432226642

    You may think that some of the good folks native to these parts still buy into the notion that any whiskey soaked putz wearing an FDNY shirt is still some kind of hero. Trust me, the people are a lot smarter than that, they are just less likely to call you out straight on for being full of crap.

    Turn off the Denis Leary “Rescue Me” re-runs, put down the bottle of Jamesons and think about how your screed has disgraced the memory of the 343 who gave all that day.

    No real “Brother” puts down another “Brother” or “Sister” the way you have addressed yourself to NHC Fire Services.

    Have a nice life…. Elsewhere.

  • Guest4444 says:

    Tell it how it is!!!!!! The truth hurts and the county will lean on the crutch of the city taxpayers having their services sent into the county over and over again. Until someone confronts “upper mangt.” this will continue being an issue.

  • O Face says:

    Tanker Shuttle? Really? Smallest county in the state, no more volunteers and New Hanover County Fire Services looses another building with in a week because of no freaking hydrants??


    Sounds to me like someone ought to check in on just what the hell is going on in the goat roping called New Hanover County Fire Services. While they are getting curbstomped for not having the balls to fight fire or actually be a fire department, have no fear, the City will put out your fires for you as usual.

    Glad I am getting 16 guys and a batt chief(2 engines, 1 truck, 1 rescue) on my first alarm.

    New Hanover County Fire Services has No Balls and squats to pee.

    Can anyone answer why the County Fire Chief and Sheriff drive unmarked vehicles home? To be sure, they stand behind the message and image of their office, right? Nothing better than seeing a marked vehicle advertising your product, right?

    The County and City fire chiefs have never worked a day on shift as a career firefighter anywhere, ever. FTM-PTB No quarter will be showed to suvivors. Fir’ na tine. Box 55-8087, Never Forget!

  • Guest5454654 says:

    Your comment is ignorant.. The NHCF are wonderful people and have all they need to fight fires. We DO NOT NEED THE CITY! This is just unfortunate. The neighborhood is old and was not designed as it should have been with hydrants every block… Give it rest.. my guess you are from up north.. head on back up there!

    Does anyone have any REAL info on what this family needs? Clothes, shoes? Who owned it???

    Love to help a fellow neighbor in need.


  • Guestem says:

    You need to turn that frown upside down.

  • Guest461 says:

    …and hell-bent to disparage other fellow firefighters. You won’t last very long, wherever you are! Unprofessional, poor verbal skills and lack of education. Nobody likes a big-mouthed braggart, I surely wouldn’t want you covering MY six!

  • guest4321 says:

    Word in the neighborhood is that it the house exploded…Wondering what type of cooking was going on in there. Wouldn’t be the first house to be home to a ‘lab’. That is also probably why it was so hard to fight…it was probably a chemical fire from what was cooking.

  • V.Benton says:

    You are an IDIOT. This was my brother’s house he has never used any drugs and does not drink or even smoke cigarettes. He was at work and the wiring behind his range short circuited. The “explosion” was aerosole cans. This many has never even tasted a beer or smoked a cigarette. GET A LIFE YOU IDIOT

  • V. Benton says:

    This was my brother’s house. It was not on Shawnee Trail but on a street that connects with Shawnee Tr. He lost everything. Thank God he was at work when his house burned down. He needs clothing, furniture, household items, and help with removing the remains of his house. He did not have any insurance. Now he has nothing but what he wore to work on Wednesday night. Any items used or new would be greatly appreciated.

  • Courtney says:

    I personally know the gentleman whose house it was, I worked with him for some time. He was not COOKING anything, and has never been involved in any drug related activity or any illegal activity for that matter. He has spent his life working HARD and has given nearly all of what he has worked for to help other people. He lost everything in that fire. Every comfort you can imagine having, and all the necessities you can’t live without- he lost them. On top of that he lost the home he grew up in and made his life’s memories in. Your baseless assumptions and accusations turn my stomach.

  • Courtney says:

    VBenton: I worked with him over several years- how can we get things to him?

  • noni says:

    I am a long time friend of Kirk’s and have put out an APB on Facebook and my friends are blowing up my page trying to get things to him. I tried reaching him all day and only now found out it was the wrong number, so I’ve called the number V posted and the voicemail is full. So I will continue to try to reach him, in the meantime, I have two friends who’ve said they’ll help with demolition, and I have many friends of friends who want to give him clothes, money, dishes, whatever he needs. He is so shy and unassuming that he will refuse help, even when he desperately needs it. That’s ok, I know a LOT of people in this town, I’m certain he will be overwhelmed with help w/in the next 5 days…
    He and I worked together for a couple of years and his mother watched my children so I could work. A good man and a good friend. He deserves all the help we can give him, as he has selflessly helped hundreds of people, without any strings or requirements, just happy to see the joy on their faces… We need more people like him in this world, and I am happy to help him.

  • vbenton says:

    Anything new or used would be greatly appreciated by him. He does not even have a pillow, towel, blanket, dishes, clothes or furniture. An air mattress would be great. He said he would like to have an alarm clock. ANYTHING would be appreciated. Because he is a single man who works,there are less resources available for him.
    His cell phone number is 910-386-6763. I told him there are 2 people on this blog who are asking how to send items. If you cannot reach him on his cell phone I will post his work number.

    Thank You

  • vBenton says:

    Please read below, I posted his cell phone number.

    Thank You

  • vbenton says:

    Thank you for your comments, they are true. I can tell you know my brother. He has helped many people. I told Kirk what you added here and he said to tell you Thank You. He does not have computer access now so he cannot yet read this yet. He will go to the library and go online when he has a day off. I cried instead of sleeping last night thinking of my Mom’s things burning and my brother losing everything.

  • egr4196 says:

    I am glad your brother is okay. I heard about this on the news and its terrible. I run by the house all the time. I would like to help with the house and possibly give some things that my family doesn’t have use for. How will I be able to do that?

  • V.Benton says:

    To the moron who wonders what was being cooked: You are an IDIOT. This was my brother’s house he has never used any drugs and does not drink or even smoke cigarettes. He was at work and the wiring behind his range short circuited. The “explosion” was aerosole cans. This many has never even tasted a beer or smoked a cigarette. GET A LIFE YOU IDIOT

  • VBenton says:

    The “smell of burning plastic” “for several days” has no revelance to this fire. This was my brother’s house. He was there until going to work in the late afternoon. He was not cooking anything. The explosion sounds were aersole cans igniting. He did not have insurance and lost everything. I am thankful he was not at home when it happened. It is sad to see the neighbors gawking as his house went up in flames. Thank you to the firefighters who risk their lives to save people and property.

  • RimGale says:

    Just had to join the party:

    While this cat is good at castigation and has typed a bit of drama, he is correct about NHCFRS tactics on suppression aggression or there lack of. He is also correct about the Fire Chiefs.

    I must simply add; why all the emotion??? Why expect big results and saved property from the ‘Animal’ when those in charge aren’t familiar on how to ‘Love it a lil’ in order to be the best at killing it.

  • Support Firemen not their boss! says:

    Thew firemen who were there did the best they could with what they had. That being said, NHCFD will never be able to respond to something like this now that they turned their backs on all of the men and women who so loyally volunteered for them all these years. The management in NHCFD needs to be scrutinized and most of them need to be replaced before they get people killed! The disorganization, inability to schedule, and their refusal to get all of the firefighters all of the training they need is overwhelming. I am glad that no one was hurt at the fire and would love to know where to send clothes and such to the man who lost everything.

  • James Ryan says:

    Another foundation saved. The right way to extinguish this fire is to stretch a hand line through the front door, knock down visible fire on the 1st floor, move hand line up to 2nd floor, knock down visible fire, pull ceilings with six foot hooks, extinguish fire in attic with hand line. Overhaul and extinguish any hidden fire.

    Reasons for the above: You have to assume that this building is occupied. The exit to this building is the front door. By stretching a hand line through the front door, you control the entrance and egress to this building. You protect the occupants of the 2nd floor and allow fire-fighters to make a search of the second floor via the interior stairs. By knocking down the fire means not completely extinguishing it but to be able to safely stretch that line to the 2nd floor and knock down the 2nd floor visible fire. Then open up the ceilings to completely extinguishing the fire with minimum damage to building and contents.

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