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CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY)– Not one, but two plants cleared big hurdles Wednesday and are now a step closer to calling Castle Hayne home.

Both a uranium enrichment plant and cement plant could possible be setting up shop in New Hanover County.

The people of Castle Hayne say they have been torn by this issue for quite some time and with these plants getting ever closer the debate rages on.

“One, the last plant didn’t hurt nobody,” said Castle Hayne resident David Riggs. “Two, the Castle Hayne area could sure use the jobs.”

“That number of jobs is minuscule (compared) to the damage that’s about to be done if this all happens,” said Charles Robbins of Stop-Titan.

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality approved an air quality permit Wednesday for Carolinas Cement Company, bringing Titan closer to the county.

“We had hoped that the state would heed the citizens request to look at this in a comprehensive way and they chose not to do that but to issue this peace meal permit,” said Stop-Titan member Tracy Skrabal.

Stop-Titan members continue to be very vocal about the plants not coming because of their impact on air and water quality.

Those who are for the plants say they have not hurt the area in the past, and the economic growth that could come with the new plants would make it all worth while.

“I think that we’re sophisticated enough that any air quality problems, I think they’re going to address,” said Castle Hayne resident Mitch Wallace. “Anything that’s going to bring some growth and jobs to the area, I’m all for.”

It’s not all about Titan though. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said recently that a plan to build a uranium enrichment plant in Castle Hayne is safe.

They still have more regulatory approvals to go through, but Stop-Titan says that just doubles the trouble.

“That’s a little mind boggling. The impact would be almost unconscionable how that can effect so many people,” said Robbins.

As for Titan, it still has to go through a long local permit process, including trying to get a special use permit.

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20 Comments on "Castle Hayne residents react to issuing of Titan air permit"

2015 years 10 months ago

Sure, Brian.
When this is all over, I can’t wait to hear from all of the locals who have secured “high-paying jobs” with Titan. Let us know how it goes! Certainly they will pick up engineers and executives from the locals. If you’re unemployed in New Hanover County don’t fret- Titan is coming to save you!

charles robbins
2015 years 10 months ago

Ignorance is bliss I’ve heard. No one can just sit down and THINK this out.You have to look at the science, what has happened in other locations that have cement plants, read the proposals, meet with the Marine Fishers, Corp of Engineers, N.C. Wildlife comm., DWQ, local geologist, doctors, economist, etc, to even start to understand the real problems. I’m a local builder also and would welcome growth, but not at the expense of my family’s well being. Take a drive to Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, to see what a large open pit mine looks like. Go take a look at the Yankee fork of the Salmon river at the carnage left after J.R. Simplot went through with his dredges.What was left at the old cement site in Castle Hayne was the worst mercury pollution we have. At this time all rivers in the United States are mercury impaired. Brian, whoever you are, do you know what that means?

2015 years 10 months ago

Charles Robbins and Tracy Skrabal will be first in line to apply for a good paying job at the plant – with their family members in line right behind them. Mitch Wallace and David Riggs have actually sat down and THOUGHT things out, rather than being opposed to the plant just because they want to feel like they’re in control of something.

2015 years 10 months ago

So you’re saying companys should NOT have to have environmental permits to operate? And that the only reason they have to do so is because of know-it-alls who “are afraid of environmental impacts”? I’m sure you don’t understand how absurd that sounds, but trust me it sounds VERY absurd……. so enjoy your mercury sandwich.

And by the way…having “knowledge of the history, comings ang goings of business/industry over the years” doesn’t mean that someone understands toxicology or are qualified to determine if an industrial process will contaminate or hurt a community, even if they are a part of it.

Your point of view is blindingly ignorant.

2015 years 10 months ago

I live in Castle Hayne. Lived here since 1967. I remember Ideal Cement. I remember spanish moss never grew for a few miles around the plant. I remember the dust that settled all over everything. I remember some farmers not being able to sell their crops because of this dust. I remember wells going dry. Yes, Ideal Cement paid for new wells, but some people were without water for up to 2 weeks. I would like to know who you are to speak for the people of Castle Hayne? I don’t remember electing a spokesperson. If you are not a spokesperson for titan, or worse a brain washed free mouth piece, why don’t you sign your name?
Ideal Cement was ¼ to 1/5 of what titan proposes to build. The jobs are at least 4 to 6 years away if there turns out to be any jobs. Jobs for pollution in an already polluted area and river is a tired, stupid argument. Titan refuses to answer any questions. This foreign corporation has a proven track record of not following the rules. If you think the government will prevent any problems, explain how BP’s oil spill in the Gulf happened? The government was on top of that one.
You are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to claim to speak for an entire community. You could be better served finding something else to worship other than a foreign corporation that could care less about you. If you are so brilliant, go to the stop titan web site and answer the questions that have been asked. Please be prepared to prove your answers are truthful and verifiable.

2015 years 10 months ago

Funny how local residents of Castle Hayne, who probably have a knowledge of the history, comings ang goings of business/industry over the years, are in favor of the positive effects new business will bring. On the other hand, you have some people who think they know what’s best for everyone else, because they are “afraid of the environmental impact,” which is why companies such as this have to apply for permits and maintain certain standards to begin with. Go Titan Go!

Fact Finder
2015 years 10 months ago

I have a Master of Arts in Environmental Studies as a matter of fact. What is YOUR education?
Name calling? Please point out just exactly where I resorted to any sort of name calling?
Yes jobs are important but you must weigh the benefits with the costs and if not you might end up with a pig in a poke. I have no idea what that statement even means?
I have no idea either who or what RE Smith is so I certainly do not support anyone calling others names nor do I criticize others right to speak, unless of course, they speak with no facts to back up what they are saying.
There’s only one of us here having a tirade.

2015 years 10 months ago

A Master of Arts in Environmental Studies is hardly enough to qualify you for attempting to make decisions affecting many who are seeking employment in this area. Where are your facts?

2015 years 10 months ago

Well you still havn’t shown that you know any facts or statistics about the situation. All you have done is call other’s credibility into question. So instead of saying …..”who is this guy “..and…”what does he know”…Why dont you tell us who you are and tells us what you know? Tell us about all those facts you found. Otherwise your post seems pretty hypocritical.

2015 years 10 months ago

Use the environment and environmentalist to kill industry – Karl Max “paraphrased”

2015 years 10 months ago

Clearly every time we get in a car, we have made a choice about environmental cost vs. what we need or want in that moment, and every time we do so we’ve chosen the desire in the moment over the cost. I know people feel like they can’t trust speculative data about environmental issues due to researcher bias, but in the end, even if you can’t feel certain about that data, I think it’s all about whether its worth the risk.

The sparse amount of jobs proposed to be provided by Titan is simply not worth the environmental risk. You’re betting a high cost for very little reward when you bet on Titan’s construction. You’re also betting that, if environmental speculative research does turn out to be accurate, that there could be further job losses involved in the possible negative impacts. This is clearly not worth the risk to our community.

Fact Finder
2015 years 10 months ago

“That number of jobs is minuscule (compared) to the damage that’s about to be done if this all happens,” said Charles Robbins of Stop-Titan.

What a broad and dramatic statement! Who IS this guy?! What kind of education does he have? Does he really KNOW what the requirements of the permits are that Titan would have to adhere to? There is a Public Records Act and anyone intelligent enough to read the draft permits can go and take a look at them! I am just a working citizen of New Hanover County, but I bother to read the facts before passing judgement and claiming hell fire and damnation! Check out the facts for yourself! I welcome Titan to the area!!! Why? Jobs, jobs, jobs, AND I KNOW the facts!!

2015 years 10 months ago

Fact Finder. Then enlighten us on your education and background before you start your name calling. Can you recite the permit limits that are required here? Do you know what the Clean Air Act mandates as far as industrial pollution? You say you know the facts. So how many local jobs will titan bring? Do you know any other fact other that what Titan’s economic report said? Do you know that report, which was submitted to the County Commissioners and to the State was just three quarters of a page long, and only highlighted jobs modeled on just a few parameters and not then entire effects of the proposed plant? Do you discount data submitted by one of the leading INDUSTRY consultants that Titan will negativley effect public health and cost tax payers upwards of $9 million per year for those health effects? Can you state those statistics? Do you know what data DAQ depends on to properly assess the modeling numbers Titan submits to them? I think it is time for you to wake up. Yes jobs are important but you must weigh the benefits with the costs and if not you might end up with a pig in a poke. If not you are blind and eventually you will pay the price along with all of us who pay taxes and choose to live in this community. You must be a fan of RE Smith and other right wing zealots who start all of their comments and manifestos by calling people they do not know names and critizing their right to speak. Get on the news and show your face or just hide behind emails and letters. Lets hear and see you for who you are and what you stand for. Have you seen an indepth study of the economic impacts of Titan upon our community? From your tirade I assume you have not.

michelle Barton-Anderson
2015 years 10 months ago

I simply could not believe it when I heard that Titan was granted a permit. I live in Texas but my extended family is from this area and therefore I have spent much time there growing up. It is such a lovely place, a really magical place. I can not believe that the government would allow this kind of contaminant to come into it’s land. Outside of Dallas where I am from there is a town called Midlothian. This town also has a cement plant and the people in this town are very ill from living around this level of toxic contaminant. Their property values are not worth much any more as it is a hard sell to get people to buy property in a land so polluted. The question of jobs created seems so small in comparison to damage done. And for the gain of some European company who will rape the land of it’s resources. How could this even be a consideration? I am heart broken for you, New Hanover County.

2015 years 10 months ago

Cement was a legal business, and meth labs were illegal. Wonder why the environmentalist aren’t out marching against something that causes a greater environmental and societal hazard…and seemingly ubiquitous in North Carolina?

2015 years 10 months ago

Should we stop dope growers that kill over 40o,000 americans every year? These Christians and their porcine, parasitic pastors profit from poisoning people of all ages and genders. They pass themselves off as FAMILY TOBACCO FARMERS. Ever watch someone die of lung cancer.

2015 years 10 months ago

Meth heads would kick their anti-business, knee jerk reaction butts.

Jamie Walker
2015 years 10 months ago

What’s this about a Uranium enrichment plant?!?!? Who do our representatives represent?? When our officials got together to decide if the second most polluted county in the state, with one of the top ten most polluted rivers in the nation, should say yes to the fourth largest cement plant in the country AND a Uranium enrichment plant, what were they thinking?? They weren’t. The corporations were thinking for them. They just nodded in a haze of pressure for more money, more jobs, more cement, more….and more. This is not the answer. There are companies that will not add 12 MILLION pounds of toxic pollutants to the most toxic county in the state. The problem is that a county full of smokestacks has a hard time luring companies without smokestacks. Stop already NHC! We’re a beautiful Coastal community. Spread the coastal luxury, not the smog. Bring in companies that are not going down the tubes like Titan, who is rapidly plummeting in the market polls. Companies that won’t choke our children and put us in competition for the most polluted county in the state. We all need to ask ourselves this question: WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

2015 years 10 months ago

Meth labs and marijuana growers are two entirely different genres. There is not ONE, SINGLE documented case of ANYONE ever dying from marijuana. A lot of idiots made, but zero deaths.

Rick Wilson
2015 years 10 months ago

Titan and Jobs

Titan refuses to give an exact number of jobs that will be offered to the people of this area not already employed by them. No pay scales either. Before forming your opinion on Titan please do the following:
1- Ask Titan for the number of jobs.
2- Ask for the number of individual crafts, and job descriptions.
3- Ask for the requirements necessary to secure these jobs.
4- Ask for the pay scale for each of the crafts.
Bob Odom, in his own words said “We will fill these jobs to the best of our ability with local people.”
The “best of our ability” sounds like a predetermined cover all. Fast forward a few years and it is, Well we tried to hire locals, but no one was qualified.
Demand this information now. Demand this information while there is time to do what’s necessary to qualify for these jobs. It is crazy that so many people carry the banner for Titan because of the illusion of jobs. Especially since they do not have any idea whether they, or anyone else in this area will ever get one. I am not asking you to change your mind about Titan. I am asking you to make Titan verify that your trust is merited. If they continue to remain silent, if they continue to refuse to answer these questions publicly, do they deserve your trust and support? People with nothing to hide are not afraid to answer questions. Titan deals in lawsuits, illusion, and silence. Is this trust worthy?


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