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CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (AP) — A Camp Lejeune Marine has been found not guilty of charges that he assaulted members of a scout sniper platoon when they could not complete a series of pushups.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reports that Lance Cpl. Dario Martinez was cleared in military court of eight counts of assault along with other charges.

Martinez and two other Marines were accused of hazing new members of their platoon by forcing them to do pushups in a barracks room after hours and then assaulting them when they said they couldn’t keep up.

Last fall, Lance Cpl. Chad Fyffe was also found not guilty.

The third Marine charged, Lance Cpl. Michael Martin, is scheduled to appear in military court next week.

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  • Anonymous Guest

    I am a former Marine who is GLAD that he got out. When I read news articles regarding how some Marines treat other Marines and how SOME Marines act like absolute jack***es it always serves as a reminder of WHY I got out of the Marine Corps. As a veteran, I have absolutely nothing against our military as a whole and I actually support them 110%. However, with that being said, I am convinced that the U.S. Marine Corps recruits the absolute lowest quality individuals among the five military branches in terms of both moral character and, dare I say it, intelligence (you smart Marines may exclude yourselves from that comment). Seriously, you hardly ever hear about Army Soldiers, Air Force Airmen, or Navy Sailors committing crimes or engaging in what could be considered ungentlemanly acts. Its mostly Marines who always seem to be in the negative media limelight. I’ve said it a million times before, there is a REASON why the U.S. Marines have the HIGHEST first term attrition rate among the five military branches. I don’t like and didn’t like being associated with troublemakers? Would you?

  • GuestUSMC

    I am also a former Marine. I served during the late 60s and this sort of thing did not go on when I was there. Once graduated from Recruit training, ITR, and school for your job training, you went to a duty station or wherever to do what you were trained for. I don’t quite understand what this was all about.

  • Guest461

    As in any military branch, there are those that sqeak through the gamut and get to be a Marine. Sounds like you had a really tough time with your exposure to other “men”.

    You have forgotten about the “Tailhook Scandal” (US Navy), the sexual abuse scandal in 2003 (USAF), the USAF Dover AFB scandle with body dumping and confused B-52 flights, the thousands of lead-acid batteries dumped in the ocean during marker maintenance by the USCG, the 20 million dollar US Army bribe scandal. The list goes on and on and on…endless.

    If I were you, I would place my self in the category of “jacka$$es and idiots” that you defined for your fellow military. I’m glad you made it through your pitiful experience and I’m very glad you aren’t out there serving this great nation any longer. There are enough cowards in this world already!

  • GuestReality

    …says he is a former Marine and he sounds like a complete jerk so maybe there is something to what the 1st one posting said about the Marines getting the dregs of society.

  • Guest461

    Since you have such a big mouth spouting off about the quality of military personnel that serve our nation, its people and protect our freedoms, perhaps you would like to divulge any military experience you may have? My guess is ZERO. I can accurately guess that the most substantial accomplishment you achieved in life was passing your 5th grade home economics class.

    To refer to a former marine, or ANY marine for that matter, in the manner YOU just did is disgraceful and extremely ignorant on your behalf! Go back to your crack pipe and zone out for a while before you go back to swashing toilet bowls!

  • GuestReality

    Why don’t you cry a little bit instead of dishing out your self serving rhetoric. You must be Commonsense in cognito because you sound just like that crybaby. I will refer to anyone, any way I like to. It is called freedom of speech you big baby. I fought to defend that right, but, you can bet I was no Jarhead.

  • Guest28461



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