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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Over a hundred residents of New Hanover County gathered today to rally in opposition to Titan. The cement company took a significant step towards coming to Castle Hayne earlier this week when they were issued an air quality permit by the DAQ. Protestors say they are not happy with the permit and plan to end the momentum that Titan is building.

“Why invite more pollution into our environment,” said Kevin Murphy, a local business owner. “We’re already one of the most polluted counties in the state, there’s no reason to continue this.”

Protestors say this permit will allow over 12,000,000 more pounds of pollution to enter the environment.

Doctor David Hill says these chemicals are strong contributors to human illness.

“They cause lung disease, they cause heart disease, they cause cancer,” said Hill. “We have newer evidence suggesting that they cause strokes. They seem to contribute to pre-mature birth and even spontaneous abortion. So I’m very concerned anytime somebody comes in and wants to increase the levels of those pollutants in our area.”

Titan Cement still has to go through a long local permit process, including trying to get a special use permit from New Hanover County before any of this comes to fruition.

Despite that, this group of concerned residents say they have reached a breaking point.

“There’s a lot of smart people out here and they understand what it’s going to mean to this community to bringin another polluter,” said Kayne Darrell of Stop-Titan. “We’ve just decided enough is enough.”

WWAY spoke to many people from Castle Hayne earlier in the week who say they welcome Titan Cement and the jobs that will come with the company.

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25 Comments on "Group rallies in opposition to Titan, air permit"

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2016 years 2 months ago

Titan has attempted to manipulate ‘the rules’ at the federal, state and local level. They have sued our citizens. They threatened our County government with legal action if they updated our zoning for heavy industry (last updated in 1969). They refuse to participate in moderated, balanced public debate on their economic benefit to this community.

Quit attacking your neighbors and look at their actions, not words. Enough is enough. We deserve better.

mighty rebel
2016 years 2 months ago

Why is it when I read these comments, the only factual and knowledgeable ones seem to come from those who oppose the building of this plant? To suggest that a questionable number of jobs (the number, qualifications and descriptions of local hires of which Titan refuses to reveal) justifies the level of negative impacts this plant will have on our community is NOT common sense. To suggest that they are “following the law” and so we should sit back and allow a foreign corporation to dictate how things should be here and what our future should look like while they… Read more »

More Facts
2016 years 2 months ago


● The EPA listed New Hanover as the #1 toxic emitting county in North Carolina out of all 100 counties in 2010 (1

● The EPA has also listed New Hanover as the second highest criteria pollutant emitting county in the state (behind Columbus Co.) in 2010.2

● New Hanover County is the second most densely populated county in NC, which means the industrial zoned areas and the biggest polluting facilities, are dangerously close to residential areas, schools, parks and athletic fields. (Where do your children play?)

… Read more »

Health of Wilmington
2016 years 2 months ago

DAQ’s Mission Statement is “To Protect and Improve the Outdoor Air Quality of North Carolina”

The NC Division of Air Quality is doing the exact opposite of their mission statement by issuing Titan Cement their air permit. The DAQ chose Titan’s profitability over 12,000 citizens’ and 450 medical professionals’ voices that demanded Titan should not be built in New Hanover County. A permitting process that does not look at the science, medical literature and the will of the citizens is a flawed process.

New Hanover County is already the #1 toxic emitting county and the #2 most polluted county in… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

That funny that the rally held sunday should be considered negative. People concerned about more pollution. I call that work towards the greater good. We are very well informed. We are well educated . We are not afraid of a corporation with a history of high level pollution . Perhaps 1,200,000 additional pounds annually of pollutants doesn’t ring a bell. Think about this…this additional pollution will hit you where it counts….in your wallet. maybe those of you in favor can answer a question for me that Titan refuses to. What is their median salary that the people employed there will… Read more »

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