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MARINE CORPS AIR STATION NEW RIVER, NC (AP) — The military’s big expansion in North Carolina continues as the Marine Corps builds a $140 million mega-hangar to hold four squadrons of a revolutionary aircraft.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reports that officials at the New River Air Station are preparing to break ground on one of the Marine Corps’ largest single structures.

The super hangar will house dozens of the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.

The base also is getting a new $14 million fitness center, athletic fields, a renovated marina, and the largest skate park in eastern North Carolina.

New River fitness director Richard Cole says skateboarding is one of the adrenaline-rush activities important to help returning war veterans step down into stateside life.

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  • mpheadley

    Is that what all the banging was last night? (3/4/2012)

  • fastpitch12

    Did we not learn anything from Pearl Harbor ? All aircraft grouped together? When you forget history, it is subject to repeat itself !
    Hope not !!

  • SurfCityTom

    with the technology today, military forces can detect incoming aircraft about the time they take off from wherever.

    They can put a squadron of fighters or drone aircraft or missles up in seconds which will obliterate any incoming aircraft.

    There’s a big difference between aircraft on a field in Guam or Hawaii and on a field on the east coast.

    When you talk about History, remember the Democratic administration, in 1941, knew the attack was coming and did nothing. They did not want the Japanese to know the intelligence people had broken the code used by the Japanese and Germans to communicate. So all of those deaths and all of that destruction tool place.

  • The entire V-22 idea is a waste of money and lives:


    The aircraft is unsafe, period.

  • longcolt

    you’re right, maybe not. truthfully we don’t know, because we’ve only fought chumps since 1945. Remember, the only real honest to god fight for our existence has been vs. the nazi’s. all that money we’re spending at walmart is not going to waste, the chinese are building & designing some interesting stuff. our economy is weakening, the marines are having sloppy leadership problems, the army is thinning out, the air force can’t get funding for any more dominance fighters. In the end however, the locals are endangered more from the osprey crashing on their house than any foreign force….


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