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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Criminals who run from flashing lights face more punishment than just spending time behind bars.

The “Run and You’re Done” law that went into effect in December, allows law enforcement to seize chase vehicles and sell them at auctions. All the money goes to the county school board.

“If we can use that as a deterrent to keep people from running, I think it can assist law enforcement in general,” New Hanover Co. Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said.

Just last week the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office chased a car outside Shallotte. They say when people hear about the “Run and You’re Done” law, they are probably less inclined to drive off.

“Because of the risk that they impose to the public by going down the road at a high rate of speed, they could have hurt someone very, very bad,” Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s spokesman Del Routh said. “It causes law enforcement… it puts their life at risk also. So just by merely putting them behind bars, whoever created this has decided it’s just not enough.”

The vehicle from last week’s chase in Shallotte is just one of the four vehicles confiscated in Brunswick County under this new law. The law has been used in New Hanover County 10 times, Columbus County seven times and Pender County twice.

Law enforcement says it’s a great asset to have at their disposal.

“The point will get out that this is what’s going to happen, and maybe that will stop some of this,” Routh said.

That chase in Brunswick County last week started after police say the suspect dropped off a child at a hospital who later died. Shallotte Police say they still do not have results from the autopsy for the little boy.

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  • Guest555

    Come on. If that happened and there was sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. ie. dash cams, then that would obviously be thrown out in court.
    They should definitely seize the vehicle and/or impound it. The same should be true for DWI offenses. There are several other states in which a vehicle is impounded after a DWI/DUI stop or any other time an individual is arrested. NC needs to get with the times and step up and match what other states do for criminal behavior.

  • Guest61246

    I really don’t think the cop would benefit from the confiscation of a vehicle, but this law has definitely opened a can of worms. If somebody does not immediately stop for whatever reason, I suppose the cop could say he tried to run and take his vehicle. We are losing our rights every day to government on all levels and nobody seems to care.

  • Wade Griffis

    Sorry, Tom Hanks-stole your line. It is absolutely stupid to try to run from the law when they turn on the lights to pull you over.

    Think about it! There will be several cars in persuit. There is the helicoptor. There is the morgue when you lose it and crash into a tree.

    Then, after you get caught- you get to meet your cellmate. He has been there for a while. Guess what he’s got on his mind.

  • guesty

    Just because you couldn’t make the cut to join the police force doesn’t mean you have to hate every cop.

  • Guest61246

    You don’t have a clue how cops work, do you?

  • Guestbdsfdffbsdffb

    Do a little research into how often dash cam footage goes missing…… Its not to say it will ALWAYS happen, even regularly. But it WILL happen, and when it does its a ‘criminals’ word against law enforcement. And we ALL KNOW that police never lie ;-)

    And if you really don’t think a police department wouldn’t benefit from the confiscation of a 2010 Lexus, well ive got a lovely bridge I would LOVE to sell you.

  • Guesthellooooo

    I know very well that in some instances footage disapears. The “criminal” in this case has every right to a well educated defense attorney that would have no problem getting it dismissed. Criminals lie…they steal, flee from police, sell drugs, what have you. And when they chose to break the law, they have to pay the consequenses. If they did nothing wrong, the truth will come out.

    And aparently you are not reading the article when it says that all seized vehicles will be sold at auction and given to the Brunswick County School System…Benifiting students and educators thanks to dumb criminals who think its ok to run from the police. Good job buddy…

  • Challengetheworld

    When you call 911, just like I commented to the other “guest” poster above, I bet you hope the good cops come to help you.

    There are bad guys in every line of work, but I assure you all cops are not bad. Provide me your research on dash cameras and how often video goes missing. I will gladly explain to you how it actually works, I design them.


    I would not lower myself to be a thug with a badge I have more self respect for myself. You always throw out that BS someone could not make it or has a criminal record..some of us see them for the Thugs and Corrupt pigs they are. You are nothing but a badge hag, go watch COPS and get your jollies, know what I mean???

  • Grand Ole Party

    Listen old man, you are not fooling anyone. Everyone knows you are a wanna be. You didn’t make it. You are no ones hero hahaha. You hate em cause you can’t be em. Just man up and admit it. But no worries, you are not the first cupcake that didn’t make the cut. Maybe in the next life.

  • kman

    Constitution Article IV The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated

  • Guest134567489

    This is not an unreasonable seizure. They broke the law, fled, caused damage to government property, put citizens in harms way by their idiotic choice to run from the law. They are lucky they didnt end up dead.
    Sorry but their is nothing unreasonable about a seizure after a high speed endangering chase.

  • Guest7969

    define “unreasonable” Is it reasonable to run from the police and put the general publics lives in danger? I say no..in that instance it is perfectly reasonable to seize your car. I HOPE, PRAY AND WISH they do this for FIRST TIME DUI offenders…I bet DUI’s will slow down in a HURRY!

  • Guest461

    When you are a criminal, i.e. FELON, you LOSE your constitutional rights. When you are in the act of commiting a crime and are evading the police by initiating a chase, you LOSE your rights! You are subject to search and seizure. Remember, you did type the word “unreasonable”…remember? Coming back to ya now?

    I really hope that you aren’t so stupid as to believe that Article IV of our Constitution is actually there to protect someone caught in the act of a crime and in pursuit by law enforcement…are you?

    It is rare to read such a rediculous and assinine post as yours!

  • Challengetheworld

    Remember that next time you call 911, you hope they show. Thats pretty unfair to say all law ENFORCEMENT is corrupt.

  • Guest111

    Auctioning cars for cash…. The money is the problem, Law enforcment is now and forever corrupt.


    lie and say you ran if you have a nice vehicle they want..I have told you before thieves with badges…they are worse than the criminals they supposedly protect us from…Come on badge hags defend them as I know you will.

  • Challengetheworld

    I think that they should impose a mandatory set of jail for running from the Police. Furthemore, when they are released, if ever, they should have to work for the state to pay back all the costs of the incarceration in full.

  • Guest11

    I think that this needs to be posted in all our Tourist information, I will make it known.

  • Guest222111

    I’m sure that fines and jail time is more than sufficient penalty. It is plain over the top abuse of Authority to take people’s property. I saw this coming when the Law Enforcement agencies began to keep money and guns from drugs bust for their own use. It will be your house next. The Law enforcement no longer deals with the average citizen issues; there is no money in it. As soon as money became benefit to the Law enforcement agency, they are no longer servants of the public… They become the greedy thugs that they are supposed to protect us from.

  • guesty

    People still try to run from the police. This plan should be expanded to include drunk drivers as well.

  • Guest Jester

    You guys really need to learn to do a little research before commenting on articles. If you would have read the text of the law before commenting, then you would have known that law enforcement receives no money from the auctioning of the vehicle(s). The proceeds go to the school systems.

    As with any other law, don’t break it. That way you won’t have to face the consequences of doing so.

    Just saying.

  • swfsddvwef

    Do a little ‘research’ of your own into where the procedes go to in drug seizures. What percentage actually goes to the school system? You’d be shocked at how little goes anywhere, and how much illegally goes right back to the police department and the DEA.

    Also, keep in mind, its a policy of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ in these cases. Law enforcement does what they want, when they want, with no fear of consequence.

  • Guest910

    do the same for a person convicted of a DUI.

  • SurfCityTom

    there is a statute on the books which allows seizure in those cases. For reasons unknown, it is not implemented very often.

  • longcolt

    to drive junker cars. cops don’t want to confiscate a beater…so save your money & keep driving that high mileage junk. kinda like marrying an ugly spouse, if they leave you….who cares.

  • Genious!!!

    Wow..you are one fine outstanding citizen for that comment. Keep on breaking the law and I dare you to run from the cops. I doubt that losing your “junker” car will be your biggest concern.

  • GuestCommon

    It is spelled r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s and a-s-i-n-i-n-e, you idiot. You should know how to spell before you call someone else stupid.

  • Guest Jester

    Maybe you need to read my post again. I don’t recall saying anything about drug seizures. However, since you brought it up, 75% go back to the agency that initiated the seizure and the other 25% goes back to the state. The 75% that goes back to the agency, can only be used for counter narcotic purposes only, per state rules. NCDOR is responsible for collecting the drug seizure(s) and auditing the agency. The other 25% that goes back to the state, goes into the state’s general fund.

    What happen? Did they take something of yours on a drug seizure?

    Law Enforcement follows the general statues that your elected officials put into law. Don’t like it, contact your elected officials. Other then that, like I said before, don’t break the law. That way you won’t have to face the consequences of doing so.

    Again, doing a little research always helps before posting comments. Just saying.


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