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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton says he has the support of more than 100 current and former elected officials in his bid for North Carolina governor.

Dalton highlighted the endorsements Tuesday in a prepared statement. He is one of six Democrats seeking the party’s nomination in May. Former US Rep. Bob Etheridge and current state Rep. Bill Faison are the other leading candidates.

Dalton says former lieutenant governors Bob Jordan and Pat Taylor back him, as does former Senate leader Marc Basnight. He also counts the support of state lawmakers, mayors, county commissioners and sheriffs.

In our area, Dalton said he’s received endorsements from Rep. Susi Hamilton, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield.

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  • SurfCityTom

    he is too closely aligned with the Governor and her out of focus style of government.

    Like her, he would be the Jobs Governor one day; the Education Governor another day; and the Hollywood Governor on another day.

    He needs to come up with a foucsed plan on what he would do to get the economy turned around before he tries working on Education and Hollywood.

  • Guest28451

    He just got the roll call list of every Dumbocrat in any significant office in NC to sign the list.. The Dumbocrats are desperate to hold onto power somehow in NC after they’ve already lost the State house, Bev Purdue’s ineptness is going to lead to McCrory becoming the next Governor no matter how many tax and spenders bless the Lt Governor and kiss his rear.


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