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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County has decided the business of non-emergency medical transportation will have to wait. County commissioners voted tonight to table the issue of providing extended services through the county’s emergency management department until an April meeting. But what does that mean for patients and residents until then?

Commissioners decided that they did not have enough information to vote if they should invest money in non-emergency transportation. Some folks say the county should leave that up to businesses that are already in place.

“It would only make sense that if we can fulfill the need then allow us to do so rather than potentially the government getting involved in business that they don’t know the outcomes,” said Jerry Lecato with FirstMed EMS.

After the private service provider Amera-Tech decided to no longer offer non-emergency transportation in Brunswick County, the area has been scrambling to fill the hole left by the company’s decision. Now, the county has to decide if they would like to get into the business.

“What we would be doing is devoting some resources to doing the more routine medical transportation,” Brunswick County Emergency Management Director Anthony Marzano said.

FirstMed EMS is another private provider that is already working in the county. It says if the county gets into the non-emergent transportation business, that could mean trouble for the emergency calls.

“Once you have a patient on board, if it’s a non emergent transport be it a routine transport from a nursing home to hospital for a MRI or a CT scan, once that patient’s on board, they’re on board,” said Lecato.

Commissioners decided Monday to table the vote so they could find out more details on the situation. Until a permanent decision is made, Emergency Services will pick up the slack by providing transportation and having employees work overtime.

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3 Comments on "Non-emergency transportation decision on hold in Brunswick County"

2015 years 8 months ago

How in the world is non-emergency transportation a role of government?

Can people do ANYTHING for themselves today?

Are we so friggin’ helpless that we need Mommy to drive us somewhere when we’re forty or fifty?

2015 years 8 months ago

Yes that is exactly what we have become….. And our elected leaders (both sides r guilty) cave to pressure from the PC lunatics….everyone is the same and we should all be treated the same

If we are to lazy to help ourselves the government will see that we have everything given to us regardless of our contributions to improve ourselves

The American dream is no longer work hard apply yourself and you can have a home dog 2.5 kids…now a days it is just given to you

Guest CommonTater
2015 years 8 months ago

probably used a free phone to call for the ride. This Nanny state crap needs to stop. The more that is done for folks the more they do not want to do it seems….. frustrating to say the least!


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