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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For years a lot of folks have wanted a Catholic high school in the Cape Fear, but it looks like that will not happen any time soon.

During a visit to Wilmington today, Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Raleigh Diocese said that talks of building a long-sought Catholic high school here are on hold.

“For now we say it’s suspended, but it’s always a possibility,” Bishop Burbidge said.

In September Bishop Burbidge announced that building a Catholic high school in the Wilmington area was in the works. To do it, though, the diocese needed a firm number of families pledged to enroll students.

“We would need to have at least 50 in the freshman class to begin the process, and so when the opportunity was presented as to how many would be sending their children to school, it was significantly below that,” Burbidge said today.

A feasibility committee came to the final conclusion that the numbers did not work.

Bishop Burbidge says though he’s seen tremendous interest in a high school for our area, now is not the time for it.

“So much energy and time has gone into it, so I think we just need to step away from it for a little bit and to see if it picks up any momentum in the future,” Burbidge said.

The bishop says there is no timetable for re-examining the idea.

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5 months 20 days ago

Well, looks like I’ll be homeschooling my kids through HS. We’re a retiring Catholic military family of 5 relocating for a civilian job to the Wilmington NC area. After researching the option to try Catholic HS for my upcoming 10th grader, this article is what I found. I’m shocked at this since there are two Catholic middle schools in the area. Maybe if Catholic HS was made more affordable people would send their kids. It doesn’t take staffing the faculty positions with nuns ect. either. Some of the BEST private school teachers I’ve known have been parents from an existing… Read more »

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