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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A crime scene became the site of a vigil this evening, as the community gathered to remember a young woman, the victim of a brutal murder

Latricia Scott would have turned 25 today, instead she is dead and a man jailed for her murder.

Family and close friends gathered in a vigil to remember Latricia. They miss her.

“It’s sad, it’s sad, my two grandchildren, five and three.”

Linda Scott is Latricia’s mom, she was at the house on Cowan street where Latricia’s body was found in January.

Kyperoo Gore Jr. is Latricia’s husband and the father of her two children and he misses his wife.

“Everything, everything, down to the smile the laugh, the walk, the talk. All of that.”

Andrew Bernard Adams has long criminal record that goes back decades and includes rape and assault. He is charged with Latricia’s murder may face the death penalty. Police are also examining old cases to see if Adams could be the perpetrator, but none of that will bring back Latricia.

Linda Scott is mad that Adams was released from prison.

“He should not have been let out of jail. No way, no way. Cause I miss my daughter.”

Adams is due back in court to face charges for Scott’s murder on March 15th. Investigators continue to look for links from him to other crimes.

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