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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last month several fast food chains made headlines when they said they would stop using so-called “pink slime.” It’s a filler added to ground beef, but it can still show up in your food.

“I’m shocked. I was really shocked because when I saw the story on the news it was pretty disgusting,” said Nancy Ryan, a Wilmington shopper.

Reports say the “slime” consists of beef byproducts, like cow intestines, connective tissue and other parts that are not used in tradition beef cuts. Because those parts are more susceptible to E. coli, it is sprayed with ammonium hydroxide to kill the bacteria. It is then mixed in with the beef as a filler.

“What happens when you add the ammonium hydroxide to a product it lowers the ph to keep the redness of the color for several days,” said Peter Sloan, a manager at Carolina Farmin’.

According to reports, 70 percent of the ground beef in supermarkets contains the “pink slime,” but Carolina Farmin’ says you won’t find that there.

“We grind our meat from the primal cuts, the original sections of the animal and from there as you saw from what we were just doing at the grinder, we grind every day, twice a day,” Sloan said.

Wilmington shoppers say they’re grateful stores like Carolina Farmin’ are available to give shoppers a healthier way to purchase their meat.

“It’s easier to know they’re kind of the watchdog and they kind of keep an eye on what your getting in your meat is actually beef and not a lot of fillers,” said Ryan.

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