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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last month several fast food chains made headlines when they said they would stop using so-called “pink slime.” It’s a filler added to ground beef, but it can still show up in your food.

“I’m shocked. I was really shocked because when I saw the story on the news it was pretty disgusting,” said Nancy Ryan, a Wilmington shopper.

Reports say the “slime” consists of beef byproducts, like cow intestines, connective tissue and other parts that are not used in tradition beef cuts. Because those parts are more susceptible to E. coli, it is sprayed with ammonium hydroxide to kill the bacteria. It is then mixed in with the beef as a filler.

“What happens when you add the ammonium hydroxide to a product it lowers the ph to keep the redness of the color for several days,” said Peter Sloan, a manager at Carolina Farmin’.

According to reports, 70 percent of the ground beef in supermarkets contains the “pink slime,” but Carolina Farmin’ says you won’t find that there.

“We grind our meat from the primal cuts, the original sections of the animal and from there as you saw from what we were just doing at the grinder, we grind every day, twice a day,” Sloan said.

Wilmington shoppers say they’re grateful stores like Carolina Farmin’ are available to give shoppers a healthier way to purchase their meat.

“It’s easier to know they’re kind of the watchdog and they kind of keep an eye on what your getting in your meat is actually beef and not a lot of fillers,” said Ryan.

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  • Guest CommonTater

    I thought the whole place was C grade at best…… I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating anything bought from there myself.

  • beefy

    I am more disgusted by the video of Carolina Farmin’….
    The guy grinding and handling the ground beef in the video was not wearing gloves and his nails were chewed and dirty.

  • Brian

    I wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I dropped in at CF today. I didn’t buy. I discovered that their prices are higher than the most expensive supermarkets in town. I don’t see value there. You’d think that products that come from local farms wouldn’t have the high costs associated with transportation and distribution that are passed on to the customer. It’s too bad that people don’t realize just how much of a premium that they’re paying there – for essentially the same products that you can get at the regular supermarket.

  • EyeConcur

    After viewing this video, I am completely disgusted. I’m pretty sure this isn’t in compliance with health code. Is this common practice for this facility?

    I think I might prefer “pink slime” over those filthy hands. At least then I would have hope that it sounds worse than it really is in reality, but there is no question that this practice is completely unhealthy. This guy had what looked to be sores on his hand.

    Gross sums it up!

  • Brian

    This article reads like an advertisement for CF under the guise of an ‘article’. If you were a GOOD media outlet, you’d investigate and report on which supermarket chains and fast food outlets in our area are using the ground beef that contains this pink slime product.

  • Guest34534

    There is some discussion as to whether chicken McNuggets are still made of this, but – well, watch the video, then check snopes to see that it’s for real.



  • Guest28451

    While I prefer my meat organic and what not to begin with I think this is awhole lot about nothing. You do know that Ammonium Hydroxide is whats in Maalox and similar anti-acids right?? Actually the Ammonium Hydroxide is less toxic in the long run then the Aluminum Hydroxide that is also in some anti-acids like Rolaids as Aluminum while not truly a heavy metal can accumulate and cause neurological affects while Ammonium is a break down molecule of Nitrogen and Hydrogen and from a biochemical standpoint is much less toxic especially after cooking then alot of what people put in their bodies ultimately.

  • Guest350

    If people really knew how their food was adulterated by processors as well as super markets, they would be outraged. As for this story, did Carolina Farmin’ pay for this advertisement?

  • barsea

    The government has just purchased 7 million pounds of this nasty filler to be put in the foods at our schools…..

  • Besty Guest

    Perhaps the manager of that store missed the acid base unit in high school chemistry. Ammonium hydroxide is a base and will raise the pH, not lower it.

  • Das Weibstück

    Can you guys please do a followup story and find out which of our local supermarkets are using this slime? I would like to avoid them. Thank you

  • Guest45787

    Don’t eat meat. It’s disgusting. You’re eating a rotting corpse. Seriously.

  • Guest461

    …and leave us carnivores alone. Your sick description is an acute display of your extreme fanatacism. Use moderation in everything, except moderation itself. Seriously!


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