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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County detectives say they’ve taken thousands of dollars in heroin off the street.

Detectives arrested four people from South Carolina Thursday with an estimated $17,000 worth of heroin in their vehicle.

“Certainly getting this amount of heroin off the streets we hope will save lives, and we do feel confident that it will slow that trade down,” Sheriff John Ingram said.

Deputies arrested 23-year-old Terrance McFadden, 28-year-old Thomas Alexander Murphy, 22-year-old Dezirea Trappier and 21-year-old Latisha Green on the Bolivia Bypass off of Highway 17.

Officers say they found 630 bundles of heroin and a separate 10 gram bag in Green’s purse. They also say they found a handgun and bullets under the driver’s seat.

Ingram says there was extensive planning before finally arresting the four.

“Unfortunately we know that there will be somebody to step up to take their place and start a supply here, but at least we’ve been able to slow this down,” Ingram said.

All four suspects are charged with three counts of trafficking. They are in jail each $1 million bond.

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  • enterprise

    Means to me that they were set- up! 2 words French Connection. Taking dope off the streets wack it down to nothing and put it right back on the streets at a higher price! French Connection. Jus my opinion dont judge me;)


    How much the Cops skimmed off the top????

  • guesty

    Much less then you would steal if you could have made the cut to be an officer. It seems you were beaten daily by the other inmates while you were locked up. That also explains your hatred for police.

  • James Simmons

    What are thinking Latisha? If my brother, your grandfather, was still living, he’d be ashame of you. I’m feeling his pain for him right about now. I don’t know what time, you will get for the charges, but you may as well do the time for doing the crime. Because no one has $50,000 to get you out. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love you and I’m sorry this happen to you, but I hope when you get out of this mess you got yourself into, you would have learn your lesson. Love you, Uncle Jimmy.

  • GuestReality

    How awesome to see a relative takes the bull by the horns and publicly show his disapproval of a family member who commits a crime! That takes courage! Most family members just want to make excuses and claim they are innocent.

    Sir, if more family members were like you and had a no-nonsense approach to family members committing a crime, I have no doubt that many lives would be changed for the better. My hats off to you!

  • Latisha

    Jimmy how could u say that bout me…anyways im Miss green im out …I gotta job go to school now n dnt even stay n town…poll worrying bout da wrong thing :)

  • Guest guest

    who are you? You dont know Latisha! she has never been involved in anything like this but chk your other sources,,, because if you really knew her you wouldnt….i gu=est latisha is the only one you know huh? she’s been through a lot also but never evr known for anything accused…you should be ashamed of your self who ever you are!!!!!! if you knew her wouldnt lie online and never call any other names…for all we know you could apart of that system willing to convict an innocent young women or representing the persons that involved her in this mess. the only thing she’s guilty of is getting in a car with folk that she had know clue (what they were doing) talk to the lawyers anfd get that facts straight !! this girl is not in involved and not apart of everything the police and prosecutors probably already have evidence on…if they bust them why was she such a surprise…Dont worry she has a lot of people praying for her and believing God for her vendication because she is innocent…and that will be her testamony when this is over with..becare who’s car you enter and becareful of the people brought around you…they look for the ones that are green to the things they are accustomed to.

  • Gtown Native

    Mr. James…how dare you call Latisha out??? The other young lady involved in this mess is your brother’s daughter as well which makes her YOUR niece!!! I have known Latisha all her life & I have never known her to be involved with any drugs. Instead of you being supportive, you have already convicted her by saying that she’s guilty. According to the BIBLE, you should not judge anyone and you are judging your niece. Both of your nieces need support right now and as their uncle, you should be giving it to them. And for the record, you should find out more about your niece Latisha before you go around making ignorant comments like the one you made.


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