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Commissioners vote down family planning grant, Barfield regrets decision

READ MORE: Commissioners vote down family planning grant, Barfield regrets decision

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Providing contraception for women has been a national topic for months, and now it has sparked debate in New Hanover County.

Commissioners unanimously voted down a state grant that would fund contraceptive supplies and services in the county. Just like the national story, providing contraceptive healthcare to women is anything but one-sided, but commissioners all seemed to have the same mindset.

"I have a fundamental philosophical issue with using tax pay dollars to fund someone's irresponsibility," said Commissioner Rick Catlin, who also serves on the county’s health board.

"If these young women are being responsible and didn't have the sex to begin with, we wouldn't have this problem to begin with, but unfortunately that's the problem that we have,” Commission Chairman Ted Davis said.

All five commissioners voted to turn down a nearly $9,000 state grant to help fund contraceptive supplies and medical services related to family planning. The decision did not sit well with some.

"I think it's outrageous that an all male panel have declared women who are taking responsibility for their basic health care, which includes contraception, that that would be irresponsible," said Melissa Reed, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

"They should be trying to legislate to protect women's health rather than trying to legislate morality," said Han Hills, a pro-choice advocate and president of Humanists and Free Thinkers of Cape Fear. "That's not what they're there for."

After thinking it through, one commissioner says he regrets his vote.

"I'm one of those abstinence guys, so I agree with those comments," Commissioner Jonathan Barfield said during Monday's meeting.

Barfield says he realized his mistake after talking with his wife.

"Her first question was, 'What were you thinking?' and we started walking through and talking about this discussion," Barfield said. "She brought up some very valid points that if someone is seeking contraception, it shows that they are being responsible."

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That's right ladies!

No more of this irresponsible sex. Only if you are married and specifically trying to procreate. That should make everyone happy because taxpayers won't be paying for any contraceptive devices, nor will they be paying for any of these children all of these irresponsible women are having! What do you say, men? Everyone happy now?

are you nuts?

If you don't think we will pay all the expenses for all the children of the women who breed daily then you are living in a fantasy world. We will pay for all medical visits for the mom, pay for delivery and all hospital / doctor charges, we will feed, house and put clothes on these kids till they are 18 and by then they will probably have children of their own and the cycle goes on.

I'm guessing

You're not familiar with sarcasm...

Disgusting Humor

Over 92 posts have been made on this subject and over 90% of them are from a bunch of old farts sitting around who havent gotten any,aint getting any and arent looking to get any. Contraception and this crowd mix like oil and water.


Way to go Mikey! Too bad their parents didn't use contraception.


The mentality of your post, "gittin' some" is exactly the problem here. Do you contribute to the protection during sex or do you not want to bother with it and let the woman take on the responsibility? And as far as old farts go, what? You think old farts haven't lived?? I hate to bust your bubble but you idiots didn't invent sex. It's been around quite some time.... fool.

Another brilliant post by Mikey!

So we have no right to discuss how our tax dollars are spent, right?

Mike T. - master of inconsequential, meaningless rhetoric.

This is about women rights

Why do so many of you think this has anything to do with women's rights or an all male panel voting on female issues? This is nothing more an a panel voting on how to use tax payer's money. Women do receive free contraceptives from the Health Depth. I shouldn't have to waste my money on this because a woman is too STUPID to remember or too LAZY to take her FREE pill everyday

Thank you Commissioners!!

I am sick and tired of my (tax) money being used to provide goods and services to individuals when I, and my family, have to pay "out of pocket" for the same goods and services. If you, or anyone else, feels led to fund these endeavors I am sure the Health Department will take your check.

Why have we strayed away from charity organizations in lieu of "forced charity" through higher taxes?? If our government (local, state and federal) would stop robbing our paychecks to pay for these things people would have more money to fund the charities that are "close to heart".

Wilmington Observer

Applaud the commissioners

Finally we have some guts to say no to the run-away irresponsible establishment. What are they going to “assist” people with next? We are living in a such a screwed up time. Why is it, If an issue deals with irresponsible sexuality or homosexuality, or any deviant perversion, and anyone has the courage to stand up and express the slightest sign of restraint or express anti-establishment views they will be crucified by the establishment and be pressured into silence. I applaud the commissioners decision and would hope more sound decisions will come out of them. And for those cry babies, pay for your own contraception.
I am sure the bleeding harts are going to wine about disease, unwanted pregnancy, rape, insist and the war in Afghanistan, wake up, take your head out of your pants, stop with the third grade mentality.

I have the answer


Now THAT is taking responsibility!!!

birth control

so why is it always on the woman's shoulders? if all the women who can't afford contraception, and don't qualify for gov. supplied contraception, simply 'witheld sex'... perhaps the men would 'man up', grow a d--k, and help out. This should not be a 'woman's issue', it takes two to take 'advantage' of contreception.... this issue has been borne by women for way too long, while men just go their merry way and except everythying to be 'taken care of' for the.

It's not the government's

It's not the government's responsibility to pay for birth control.

Republican Platform

No Jobs, No Money, Ban Abortion,& Less F#@$ing. That should get the women's vote locked up for sure. Cant wait to hear the speeches from Tampa!

Once again, Mikey.....

Nice try, but facts will easily trump your empty, meaningless rhetoric.

Abortion isn't going to be banned, and women can pay for their own contraception. If they can't they can get it free as the Department of Health.

Do you liberals believe in anyone having to pay for anything (other than your "soak the rich" lunacy)?

Bet if it was viagra for war vets they would have

accepted the money dont' you. Needless to say ALL MALE COMMISIONERS making decisions on female health issues? I say vote their A$$e$ out of office..ignorant bastards

Given that half of the

Given that half of the babies murdered are male, I think that men do have a voice in this issue.

Well guess what...

Well guess what genius, it's not viagra for war vets. If they want birth control they can purchase it. Health issue my ass!!!! Give it a rest. I am sick of my taxes being used for such ignorant purposes. I doubt a free loading moron like you even votes. Get bent.

Check...Exactly! You hit the

Check...Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. My wife and I work and she has to pay for hers. You should have to pay for yours or keep your panies on.

Got to hand it to Barfield.

Got to hand it to Barfield. He knows how to ride both sides of the political like you want to and then say you made a mistake in an attempt to please everybody. Guess he thinks people are too ignorant to figure him out.


He ain't riding no fence. He's whipped!

I feel this way......birth

I feel this way......birth control is cheaper than lifelong welfare. Also, if insurance covers Viagra (it does) to enhance mens' sexual pleasure, women deserve to enhance theirs by not having to worry about pregnancy. I am a man, not a woman.

Guess again, slick!

Drugs such as Viagra are covered by insurance WITH A CO-PAY that is larger than a normal co-pay on most plans.

In August the Obama Administration issued an imperial edict that insurance companies cannot charge a co-pay for birth control pills.

So you may be a man, but you're a misinformed man who is paying higher health insurance premiums to subsidize something that women should be paying for themselves.

This is a phony-baloney issue launched by the Democrats to increase the number of freeloaders in society in time for Obama's re-election campaign.


Timing of this seems a bit odd to me….

It's not odd at all

It's part of a national effort by the Democrats to convince women that the Republicans have "declared war on them." It's an absurd, nonsensical charge of course, because refusing to create a new entitlement is hardly waging war on anything except the welfare state the Democrats are so enamored with.

On top of that the Republicans are totally inept when it comes to dealing with all things political, so if they were intentionally launching a war, it would be a total failure in about a week anyway.

The simple fact of the matter is that poor women can get free birth control already, and those who aren't poor should pay for it themselves.

Nothing beyond that, from either party, is true.

Tax Money Issue

Our Commissioners voted to NOT use tax money to fund a program. Usually when local government accepts tax/grant money, it means those taxpayers will continue the program with their own funds. In other words a new tax payer funded program has been created on that government level! It is also a way to change or initiate public policy. Groups like Planned Parenthood and other concerned individuals can still contribute their monies to this cause. They will not be prevented from doing so.

Men should also share responsibility. This is not just a woman's issue, but the vote was just a tax money issue.

Hormonal contraceptives for

Hormonal contraceptives for health "care" is not health care at all but lifestyle care. Hormonal contraceptives do NOT offer any protection from sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, herpes, hepatitis, etc. Only barrier methods would do that which are relatively inexpensive and frequently free at most health departments.

If we are trying to offer hormonal contraceptives to women as health care for OTHER conditions then it falls under the things that insurance, medicaid and sliding scale clincs would and should handle as these are off-label uses which are not regulated by the FDA.

IUD could wipe out half of welfare checks in 5 - 10 years

IUD funding is effective for 5 or 10 years and user has no pills to take.

That's so naive it's almost sweet...

My first job out of college was in a social services occupation and unfortunately, the folks who regard entitlements as a career option have a view that's polar opposite. The more children on their "case," the more money coming in. SSI alone makes it a nice incentive to have more kids to bring in the bucks. The women who choose to prevent the pregnancy, are likely the ones you want to pass along their genes but won't.

yes but only if you force

yes but only if you force someone to have an IUD which I don't see happening. If you are on welfare you almost 100% surely qualify for FREE birthcontrol already be it IUD, Pills, shots or condoms through Medicaid, the health dept or planned parenthood yet pregnancies still happen. Free birth control is NOT the issue here.