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STATE COLLEGE, PA (AP) — The lawyer for the late Joe Paterno says his family was surprised and saddened by a report by Penn State trustees that cited a “failure of leadership” for the longtime football coach’s ouster.

Wick Sollers says in a statement that the board’s report Monday was another attempt to “deflect criticism of their leadership by trying to focus the blame on Joe Paterno.”

Paterno was fired Nov. 9, days after retired assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested on child sex abuse charges. The board found that while Paterno fulfilled a legal obligation to relay an employee’s accusation of witnessing alleged abuse, it said Paterno should have done more.

Sollers said the latest statement reaffirms that the board did not conduct its own thorough investigation and engaged in a rush to judgment.

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  • Guest Reply

    Because he was fired…I guess his pension went out the window too, and his wife collecting 50%/70% survivor pay from his pension plan in the event of his death. That is if he chose those plans.
    Kinda ironic he was fired and died 2 months later with a terminal disease.

  • ou812

    bad thing happen to bad people

    ironic would be that sandusky molested him as well

  • SurfCityTom

    to wait until after he died.

    Causes one to wonder if the lawsuits are hitting and this is their defense?

  • chefnSurf

    A leader: A person who guides or directs a group. When Paterno discovered that a long-time associate of his was engaged in sexual activity with a same-sex minor in Paterno’s facilities and then didn’t really follow up on that, he stopped being a leader. And he wasn’t the only one.


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