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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new poll shows Ilario Pantano with more than double the support of David Rouzer for the Republican nomination for North Carolina’s 7th District seat in the US House, reports Politico.

The survey, taken by Wenzel Strategies on behalf of Citizens United, shows Pantano with 47 percent to Rouzer’s 23 percent. Twenty-eight percent are undecided ahead of the May 8 primary.

“The more conservative the likely voter, the more likely they were to hold a favorable opinion of Pantano. Among Tea Party conservatives, 56 percent had a favorable opinion of him,” pollster Fritz Wenzel said in a memo provided to Politico. “He leads 41 percent to 19 percent for Rouzer among moderates, by a 42 percent to 25 percent margin over Rouzer among non-Tea Party conservatives.”

The poll of 755 respondents was taken March 7-9 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

Randy Crows in also on the ballot for the primary. The winner will challenge Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre in November.

“The poll again shows what we know to be true: that the more the voters in the 7th District of North Carolina get to know all the candidates in this race, the more they see me as the true conservative who will fight for them in Washington,” Pantano said in a statement.

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  • GuestCommonscent

    This is great news! I would just love to have a killer like him support me and my Tea Party buddies. We are for war and killing anywhere at anytime. Also, I like people that don’t have jobs and don’t pay their bills running for office, especially when they aren’t even from around here. So this is good news to me and I hope that he wins so he finally gets a job.

  • Das Weibstück

    I agree.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Neither has an ice cube’s chance in hell of beating McIntyre.

  • SurfCityTom

    sadly though, there will be those who focus on his service in Iraq, and his subsequent Article 32, rather than on his positions and plans for seving NC.

  • GuestCommonscents

    he is self-serving and has no plans to help SENC. He just wants to get a GOVERNMENT job. If he was so smart he would get a job in the private sector so he could pay his bills. Of course, in Common, Guesty, and SlurpCityTom, they don’t want to talk about his past because he is a carpetbagger, he worked on Wall Street, and he killed unarmed civilians by shooting them 60 times. We have nothing to judge him on other than his past. Leopards don’t change their spots. Chances are, if you have always been a POS, you will continue to be one, as are the 3 others I mentioned.

  • SurfCityTom

    he has a job in the private sector.

    Oh well, at least you only have 17 more days until the next issue of “Entitlements are Mine” rolls off the presses.

    You might want to get a job; the day of unfettered entitlements are upon you and those of your ilk.

    Funny how liberals, marxists, and entitlement recipients must always resort to personal attacks rather than show some sign of intelligence by responding with fact.

  • Guest461

    Common, Guesty, SCT and myself have spent many a writing trying to explain to cowardly Marine bashers such as yourself that continue to rag on Pantanos past with your “factless and opinionized” version of his service. No matter how many hard and accurate facts are supplied, you incessantly want to convince everyone he is a murderer. If you hate him because he is from NY, that is you right. If you hate him because he worked on Wall St. , that’s your right as well. But Pantano bravely served our country in 3 active tours of duty and if you hate him for that, it makes you a coward, a traitor and a sympathyzer for the enemy. You likely clapped and screamed “allah!” when you viewed the photos of OUR ambushed troops, their burned their bodies hung from bridgework and drug through the streets didn’t you? So you love the Iraqi’s so much that you demean your own American soldiers that protect YOUR freedoms? You mentioned that a POS is always a POS. You sir…painted a self portrait with that statement!!!

  • guesty

    Just because you are a POS doesn’t mean myself, common or SCT are. You must not have taken your meds today.

  • GuestScents

    I suppose this isn’t a personal attack, now is it?

  • GuestScents

    unarmed civilians has anyone else shot 60 times? I can’t change facts, but you sir seem to want to.

  • GuestCommonScents

    Is that the best you have?

  • guesty

    You are not worthy of my best.

  • Guest777



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