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BOLIVIA, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — At the conclusion of a jury trial that lasted over 3 weeks, Matthew Kevin Yow, age 40, of Ocean Isle Beach, was found guilty on Monday afternoon in Brunswick County Superior
Court of two (2) counts of Indecent Liberties With a Child and two (2) counts of
Disseminating Obscenity for incidents that occurred over a period of time from 2006 to
2007. The victim in the case is a male child who was between the ages of 13 to 14 years
old at the time of the incidents and is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is on
the Autism spectrum of disorders. Yow, who previously worked as a prison guard in
Columbus County, was sentenced to two (2) consecutive 16 – 20 month active sentences
in prison, which amounts to a total of 32 – 40 months behind bars. The victim and his
family were present in court for the entry of the sentence and offered victim impact
statements to the court prior to the entry of the judgment. Yow will now be required to
complete sex offender treatment while he is in prison and to register as a sex offender for
thirty (30) years after he is released.

In honor of the victim in this case, and other children in Brunswick County and
surrounding areas who are victims of physical or sexual abuse, members of the
Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office will be participating in the 2nd Annual
Coastal NC Run/Walk for Autism at Mayfaire Town Center in Wilmington on April 21,
2012. April is both Child Abuse Prevention Month and Autism Awareness Month.
Anyone interested in participating, volunteering, or otherwise supporting this event
should contact www.coastalncrunwalkforautism.com for more details and to register.

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  • SurfCityTom

    his dance card should be filling up as I type. Active jail term likely means go to jail; directly to jail; and do not pass go unless it is to pick up some personal hygiene items.

    He should be walking differently when he’s released.

  • DD

    You should keep your mouth shut about this case that you know nothing about. Yea the jury found him guilty but a jury also found Casey Anthony not guilty, our justice system needs a major overhaul. Kevin is one of the nicest people I know . This could easily happen to you or anyone in your family then I bet you would change your tune. This boy has been in trouble at school for years, beat his grandmother, ran thru town naked and is a complete nut as is the grandmother Carol . So before you say the phrase he should be ” walking different” you should know the story . But I bet this isn’t the last you hear of it!!!

  • afriend

    This is BS I have known this man for 8 years I worked with him and have taken my family on vacation with him his wife and son. If u had any idea of what was going on in this case u would fill sorry for this man and his family. To keep from getting arrested for beating his grandmother the boy told cops a lie and to keep from getting in trouble he keep it up.it is sad that the jury in this case was to blind to see this and has destroyed this mans life.

  • DD

    Because the judge didn’t believe this crap for 1 sec that’s why the sentence was so light …. Had u and that screwball surfin Tom been in the court room you would have seen….

  • DD

    This child as you call him … He is 18 is full of pure Evil one day soon you will see his name in the paper for doing very bad things … His name is Austin when you read it don’t say you were not told!!!!

  • Guest28451

    Totally agree but how he got off so lightly is beyond me. Not even 5 yrs for molesting a boy who had known developmental/mental issues. That fact alone should have been considered an aggrivating factor in his sentencing, consecutive sentences of less then 2yrs each is way too light for what he did to this young boy. Something is seriously wrong when pedophiles are getting shorter sentences for much more vile crimes then guys who have a little too much marajuana on there person. This is a disgrace.

  • SurfCityTom

    everyone involved was wrong; Right?

    Had there been the slightest shred of innocence, a good attorney could have created the premise of “reasonable doubt” and he would have walked free.

    But that didn’t happen did it?

    Happily for me, and sadly for you, it won’t happen in my family.

    DD, you only have 17 days until the next round of entitlements roll out.

    In the meantime, why not go to the facility where he is incarcerated and spread the truth as you seem to know it. See if that alters the treatment he receives by his cell buddies.

  • Oriana

    “everyone involved was wrong; Right?

    Had there been the slightest shred of innocence, a good attorney could have created the premise of “reasonable doubt” and he would have walked free.”

    Surf city Tom, were you in the courtroom? Because I sure was! I sat on the jury (lucky #13) and listened to 3 weeks of NO EVIDENCE other than circumstantial, one persons good word against another’s.

  • SurfCityTom

    must have had pretty poor legal representation. The fact remains the accused was convicted. All of the after trial rhetoric is for naught.

  • SurfCityTom

    when chowderheads like you can not come up with logic or fact based discussions, you resort to personal attacks against anyone who dares disagree with you.

    Have you not been down to the facility to share your point of view with all of the cellmates who will make him feel warm and welcome?

  • Oriana

    I was the thirteenth juror on this case. I was dismissed before deliberation. I, too have felt like there was a lot more going on in terms of family dynamics that was skewing the evidence in the boy’s favor. I think they were expecting Mr. Hollar to call witnesses, I did not feel he needed to, all the work was done on cross.
    The boy’s therapist felt there were abuse issues that occurred around age 10 (due to being “over-sexualized for a 10 year old for the boy (The convicted did not have visitation with his son until age 12 when he started getting out of control and violent. This same therapist who testified was under the impression that the convicted father was the one who raised him.
    I am calling a foul.
    Sir, I wish I would have been allowed to deliberate.

  • KaneAlec

    I went to school with the kid who claims he was molested. He was a good hearted kid, people sayin you’ll see him in jail?? Are you serious?? He has autism..i remember in 8th grade he spit in my hair. It took all restraint not to strangle him..but kids like this need people with paitence around. I know Yow is autistic but EXTREMLEY intelligent to. He would always come up to me and hug me back in the day. I hope this man didnt do what he’s accused od doing..not gonna say anything because i dont know if he actually did.However the whole thing just boggles my mind,

  • Befuddled

    I worked at CCI with Yow and he was one of the most passive and friendly guys that a person could meet. I was shocked when another former co-worker told me about this. He really didn’t fit that script, then again others didn’t either, but from my own judgement of the man that I worked side by side with, I just can’t see it. I haven’t seen transcripts or anything. If, in fact he committed the offense that he’s convicted of, I hope he finds proper treatment, but if he didn’t do it, I hope that one day the man that I knew and enjoyed working with, finds vindication and peace.

  • to sad

    If you want to know the truth call his wife! If you were is friend at CCI you would call his wife and talk to her! In 2 years or less you will all know the truth.. Its funny that a juior told someone very close to the case in the last 2 months that they compromised!!! How do you compromise with someones life?

  • truthshallsetyoufree

    Keep you ears open, some interesting news coming from Brunswick County.. The truth will come out, not everyone that gets convicted of a crime is guilty, espically in Brunswick County….


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