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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Firefighters in Brunswick County have been busy battling wildfires this afternoon.

The first fire was in Leland. It started in the Springstone neighborhood off Lanvale Road. Firefighters believe landscapers were using a mower that hit a rock and sparked the fire. The wind made it bigger.

Crews are also working a fire on Bethel Road near Sunny Point north of Southport. Firefighters say although they can’t confirm what started this fire, they think it was caused by a train that went by.

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  • Phone Guy

    Thats pretty observant, my father works for NC Foresty and he said just tonight 4 out of 7 controlled burns have gotten out of control and had to be fought by local FF’s and ground forestry to gain control back. Controlled burns are a double edged sword- we need them but they can quickly turn on you.

  • Guest461

    Really now, how conveniently close these “wildfires” are to the “controlled burns” they just had on gale force, windy days.


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