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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Fred Lynch is stepping down as the Laney High School boys basketball coach after 26 years. He will remain the Laney director of athletics. Lynch informed his players Thursday night at the Laney basketball banquet. He wanted to let them hear it from him before the decision became public knowledge.

Lynch replaced Clifton “Pop” Herring as the boys basketball coach at Laney High School in 1986. Lynch served as girls basketball coach for one season before being named the head coach for the varsity boys. Prior to Laney Lynch coached basketball at D.C. Virgo Middle School in Wilmington. His tenure at D.C. Virgos started in 1975.

Lynch was an assistant coach when Michael Jordan starred for Laney. The story on Jordan not making the varsity team the first time he tried out is a story Fred Lynch knows first hand. ” even though that story has been greatly exaggerated.

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  • Fellow Buc

    Fred Lynch coached with character and ethics. Played with the players he had and had a very successful career. This years team was named by the NCHSAA as a Scholar Athlete Team that boasted an overall GPA of over a 3.1 . Thanks for all the great memories Coach.

  • Keepingitreal

    Lynch was and still is a underhanded poor excuse for a coach and person as you can get. He has the integrity of a dead ant.

  • LaneyBuc

    He’s been there for a long time but he is not and was not a good coach. As harsh as that sounds it is the truth. I wish him the best but I think that you will see the elevation in game play of Laney in the next few years.

  • Buc23

    I think he should have retired years ago. He has done nothing to better his school.

  • gladfornewmovesatlaney

    Some teachers like any other career don’t know when to let go and things pass them by. Here is a good example of things that have passed people by, learn how to let go. The only thing that could make this news better is if he stepped down as athletic director, so the football coach could get fired, that is a whole other issue.

    And Sutton should be gone too, she has the biggest attitude that I have ever seen on a teacher and she won’t change because in her mind…she is tenured..and no one can touch me!!!!

    Time to move on and start fresh with new coaches!!!!

  • Dodd Mays

    Why in the world don’t ya’ll step off Coach Lynch and Ruby Zell? I love those folks!

  • buctownbootcamo

    Should’ve happened 15 years ago. All the talent Laney has had over the years and hardly no one ever gets recruited… No coincidence. Gary Battle or Coach Livengood should be the next coach


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