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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Hoggard High School teacher assistant, who is also an assistant football coach, is charged with assaulting several students at school. Sheriff’s deputies charged Joseph Clinton Brown Jr. with five counts of simple assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Today the families of some of the alleged victims are speaking out.

“My feelings was hurt,” said Donna Price, the mother of one of the boys allegedly assaulted. “I wanted to go jump on the coach and punch him upside the head.”

Brown can usually be found behind Coach Scott Braswell on the football field, but Wednesday night Coach Brown found himself behind bars.

Investigators and the alleged victims’ families say it all started over an i-pod.

Cynthia Bowen, the grandmother and legal guardian of alleged victim Brian Bowen, says Brown hit Brian in the head multiple times March 8.

“It was not right for that to happen to nobody. Not my grandson. Not the other boys. Coach Brown went too far. He went too far,” Cynthia Brown said.

Families of those Hoggard students say the most disturbing part about this whole situation is that Coach Brown came to their house the night before asking about his iPod.

“That was real ridiculous, because I feel like if he had a problem he should have addressed the parents,” Price said. “You was at our house. You could have talked to us about the situation, not take matters into your own hands.”

According to the arrest warrants, Brown hit multiple students in the head with a closed fist, grabbed the throat of another alleged victim and even took a yard-long wooden stick and threatened the students with it.

Price took her son to the hospital with what she calls a bad contusion on his head. The other families remain extremely upset about what happened.

We called Brown for comment today, but he has not returned our call.

New Hanover County Schools says Brown is still suspended with pay pending the outcome of an investigation. That investigation is expected to be done by Monday.

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  • JTH Class of 2011, one of the last good years

    I graduated from Hoggard in 2011, so I know how these kids act. These kids are completely out of control and don’t have respect for people or their belongings. Stealing is wrong regardless of your “behavioral/mental/whatever state”. Honestly im sure the kids deserved to be hit, Brown is a good man and knows how to do his job. Nobody would want to deal with these kids for such a long time period; you are bound to crack. Also if he would have asked the parents about the ipod the child could have easily lied about it, and the parents would have believed them. Parents think that their children are angels when they are actually criminals with no regard for human feelings or personal belongings. People who steal either can’t get what they stole or just don’t care about how someone would feel. If the child wanted the ipod so bad why wouldn’t their parents buy their perfect little angel the ipod?

  • whoa

    so now it’s the parents fault that coach brown snapped over a cheap ipod? Whoa there honey slow down.You don’t know those young people,you are passing dumb judgement on young people you do not know anything about accept they were in a specific classroom.I am just shocked that the other students are painted as saints and these particular students are called thugs.You adults up here are just awful and now I see why they got rid of the coach.You can’t have those type of people around young people.NO ONE HAS TO OWN ANYTHING! Coach brown was so wrong,so you own it.Glad he was fired because anyone with a temper like that do not need to be around anyone’s children.Now why the name calling of young people you do not know? There are bad students in majority of the classes,so stop it.

  • suchalie

    Bottom line,he was fired because he was wrong and was being watched anyway because of previous complaints.You cannot be serious.are you serious? He was surrounded now? lol where are Brown’s bruises? Why didn’t he report it? Just stop the madness ok.He was out numbered by “thugs” and walked away unharmed right? These kids feared him because he built a trust type of bond with them.Which is all apart of a control freak’s manipulation strategy.They are thugs that will roam the streets right,but yet they get up every morning and actually attend school.Wow what a thug these children are.I guess all kids in a “bad kids” class are doomed too right? Just stop it,not every successful person was great from pre-k to adulthood,we all hit ruts in life.No one is perfect! You don’t have a heaven or hell to put these children in,so who are you to say where their future lies.Yes,maybe they are at risk children and some have bad reps,but that does not make what Brown did right.What is he teaching children by having a gang of young people fighting battles for him? Brown’s horrible ways are just catching up to him.Every bad thing we do in the dark,we will all ONE DAY face in the light.Amen? Goes to show you can manipulate some on this planet,but in life it does not work that way.You cannot manipulate life and what’s right/wrong.He may be a good man,with dark issues.No one is perfect and he is paying for it

  • notkiddingyou

    So important pics like that are left on a device that are known to crash and have short spans? You would think they would be taken off and put onto a computer atleast.He was fired because right is right and wrong is wrong.What else is on that Ipod? Seriously

  • listenthentalk

    You will be amazed at how far a parent will go for their child.When or if you have children,you will understand the love in due time.Brown went too far and that’s that.He was fired for a reason and had complaints long before.I think they made a great decision.No matter how Brown,his friends,family,associates,ex co workers,students may feel about the at risk youth he worked with,those children did not grow from the ground,someone gave birth to them and love those children like another poster mentioned.

  • Sam Stephens

    You don’t know the whole situation and you dont know coach brown so you can shut the hell up. He is a good man and coach

  • John

    An Ipod is for music not photos, videos etc. like an Iphone.

    You really have your head in the clouds if you are defending these Thugs/Men. You don’t think for a second these boys instigated the fight? He was talking to them all and then one began to threaten him. The others began to circle him like a pack of dogs and then reacted.

    Hoggard is one of the worst schools in North Carolina and Coach will be missed.

    So for all you defending these boys I hope you enjoy another night with these idiots roaming the streets around you. If you don’t watch out your neighborhood will be another ghetto, if not already, before you know it.

  • are you kidding me

    you want to know what was on the ipod?! how about pictures of his mother who recently passed away. You dont know coach brown. hes a good man and a great coach, your the punk for judging people you know nothing about

  • wow..

    so basically this mom is mad at coach brown for physically assaulting someone so she wants to physically assault him.. thats hypocrisy at its finest. Im not saying how coach brown reacted wasnt over board, but this whole situation wouldnt have happened in the first place and hoggard wouldnt have lost a great coach if the thug thief kids didnt take what wasent theirs in the first place. Its funny, i see kids like that all the time that act so tough and steal stuff but as soon as an adult reacts and the parents get involved, they play the innocent victim like they did nothing wrong.

  • Ella456

    First, lets address the Children, regarldess of rather they are in a behavior class or not- they know right from wrong. You DO NOT put your hands on things that do not belong to you… Rather it is one of these students or not Somebody or somebodies knows how has the IPOD. You as a parent should return the IPOD regardless- that shows respect and that teaches your child to do the right thing and make better decisions in life. Also, that stealing is wrong.
    Second, the Teacher Assistant was wrong for going to the parents home. In this day and time that is something that you just dont do- beacause these parents today believe everything that their kids say rather its a lie or not. Parenting has truly changed.. He was wrong for hitting them- BUT I know how he felt because there is no support in the school system AT ALL.. Been there done that.. He was wrong for putting his hands on the kids- I agree with that. And its is probably going to cost him his job… But these damn kids can push youover the edge…
    Third, lets look at the principle of the issue at hand. The child that stole the IPOD– You- knew that it wasnt yours!!! And if you took it home and your parent(s) seen it and they knew that they didnt purchase it for you- then they should have questioned you. Your parents should return it to it rightful owners. Now you have all this mess started. Rather you come out now- This is something that you will have to live with the rest of your life. I hope that you have asked God to forgive you.. As well as your parents..
    Teacher Assistant- maybe its time for a change…. You need to control your temper… Let this be a lesson to you… Do not take expensive toys in public…

  • Guest2013

    Conversation not quite over yet “whatever”. When THUGS enter the public school system and put other students and teachers in danger, they should lose their right to attend that school. There are other schools geared to handling them and their issues, and their parents “entitlement” issues. Coach Brown is going down because someone failed at their job of raising their kids and yes, stand up for once and take responsibility for something. It all comes back to how these children are raised, what they are taught as being acceptable and not acceptable. It comes down to RESPECT. If these THUGS are not able to behave and control theirselves around the general student population, they don’t belong there. Read the student comments and you’ll get a great perspective on these upstanding Citizens who contribute nothing to society. Coach Brown does more in a week than these THUGS will do in a lifetime….OWN IT! And don’t tell me they are “scared and frightened”. Those THUGS are not scared of anyone or anything thanks to their lovely upbringing.

  • Truth HURTS

    With that temper,,I hope you aren’t in the school system too.These children are failed and doomed.So sad! All I hear is complaining,complaining and more complaining.Call me ignorant all you want but the truth hurts.If it’s too hot then get out of the kitchen.If you cannot handle the stress of being a damn coach/teacher,then choose another profession.Sit in a collections agency and answer phones all day.Don’t present violence to children who are already at risk and need you to guide them into becoming model citizens of society.Children are our future,we are not God and have no heaven or hell to put them in,so who are we to call them trash or predict their future?? You are ignorant to believe that being a coach at a highschool is the hardest job ever.Try working on death row or being a doctor at St.Jude’s.I am guessing he took the job because of the challenge.Nothing is easy in life and it does not give any of us the right to assault anyone,especially children.I mean you all really are gonna take up for a guy that snapped and risked his career over a IPOD..a Ipod??? really? There is something on that device Mr.Brown does not want exposed,you think? Or maybe he found it,and feels like stupid now.This entire situation is awful and these ignorant comments justifying a grown man losing his temper at a profession HE chose,is even worse.Brown was wrong and needs to be punished.

  • what a LOSER

    To call a child trash,is super low.You are a waste of space on this planet.Why were you created again? Are you human? Do you have a soul? Are you the spawn of satan? So just abuse and neglect children that were in a “bad” kids class because it is ok,right? They are loved and have family too.You all are a bunch of ignorant and dumb people.I wonder if the children of columbine were in the “bad” class..umm no they were not and they still shot up the school.So while you are ignoring little billy thatgets picked on for taking honors classes to focus on Jason in the “bad” class,think twice.Your tongue should be cut out of your mouth,for that comment.That is why America is in the state it is in now,because these children have no one to look up to.Have IDIOTS playing the roles of adults.Crawl under a rock.

  • whatever

    so you are gonna be able to protect your child from society? your child is gonna be the model adult you are striving for? You don’t know what the future holds for children because unfortunately society has a hand in raising them as well.Bad children or good children,guess what? THEY ARE CHILDREN AND BELONG TO SOMEONE.So if Brown goes ,your child can go with him….so he can brainwash,build trust with your child and then break him down.You can praise the control freak,but putting your hands on anyone’s child is not a good thing.You parents are ignorant and I feel sorry for you.Now..HAVE A SEAT.Conversation over

  • say what you want

    It was a IPOD for crying outloud! Where is it in the teacher’s manual where it says you can assault your students?? The facts on Charles Manson,Mlk,etc are true and comes down to this….THEY WERE ALL ONCE CHILDREN.

    MOST OF THESE COMMENTERS ARE COACH BROWN,HIS WIFE,AND THEIR FRIENDS.He built a trust in these children,to then put fear into them.YOUR children probably never told you about things he has done in the past because they are scared.He told them his wife is a lawyer and he will get off.

    If his temper is that bad,he needs to work elsewhere.I don’t care if the children did provoke him,you can work in elementary school and kids will try you.You as a man and adult…should know better.There are/were other options,

    THERE IS SOMETHING ON THAT IPOD,AND I PRAY IT TURNS UP.Risked his entire career over a device he probably had insurance on,costa couple hundred bucks,shouldn’t have been in the classroom anyways,and he was able to bail out of jail for that amount?? he can afford a new one,and couldv’e found out who stole it another way.He’s a animal,like it or not

  • tell the truth

    you must not have children…??? If someone physically assaults your child,you wouldn’t be upset?? I don’t blame the mom,she did not go hit the coach upside the head,she said she wanted to.smh so quick to throw these children away

  • a

    He did not “beat them up”, they surrounded him! Put yourself in the same position….being an educator does not make you a saint it makes you a scapegoat for an irresponsible society..

  • vincent A. Russo

    You’re so ignorant , I can hardly commprehend it! Let me tell you something about life these days! An 8 year old that is selling drugs will shoot you in the heart faster than you can say, “what”!!
    And you take a gang of thugs word over a well seasoned teacher and coach, and you do not even know the circumstances!!
    I wish you could put yourselves in his shoes and see what you would have done! I’m sure it probably would have been a lot worse!
    But you sorry leaches that exist in our society continue to destroy good people!
    That coach is a good man! I’m sure that what he did was justified in a REAL MANS mind!!! And you sorry asses that condemn him deserve the same thing that happened to him!
    Why don’t you try to be a teacher and deal with the garbage that you try to help, and lets see how you do!!

  • poparent

    You are wrong, none of the trash that he allegedly hit were football players. Period! They were not eligible to play any sport, just eligible by no child left behind to rape our school system of respect…These kids are TRASH…Send them somewhere else, like juvenile detention..then prison..

  • Guest111

    You teach? It certainly isn’t english, spelling or grammar. My gosh. Do yourself a favor, go back to school and get an education. Your heart seems to be in the right place but you ’emberrase’ yourself with your writing.

  • Guest675

    Kids at Hoggard do look awful and likely did steal iPod; here is record of one of the scholars in question…


    DOC Number: 1278083
    Probation/Parole/Post Release Status: ACTIVE
    Gender: MALE
    Race: BLACK
    Ethnic Group: AFRICAN
    Age: 18

  • Guest1011

    I think this is a prime example of what can happen to teachers/coaches in stressful situations for too long. I noticed from all of the comments that no one is arguing the points made about the students involved being rough kids. After a long time of being immersed in that kind of stress, most humans will snap at some point. It’s very unfortunate how this has ended for everyone involved.

  • Guest5793

    So we have:
    “Families say coach came looking for alleged victims night before assaults”
    and they also say
    “You was at our house. You could have talked to us about the situation.”
    It sounds like that’s what he tried to do and when no good came of it, the next day he took the issue back to the students and things got out of hand.
    “I wanted to go jump on the coach and punch him upside the head.”
    These “kids” learned by example.

  • Former Hoggard Parent

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well, it’s hard to LEARN from any book when you’ve been put in “in school suspension” again. How many of these young men were placed back in “in school suspension” because they were tardy repeatedly and how many because they had been groping female students in the crowded hallways, stealing in classrooms, brawling, fighting, spewing vulgarities at teachers and each other, and more?

    You use Charles Manson as your poster boy for 3rd grade honor behavior. Anyone who knows Charles Manson’s history knows that he was a criminally, physically, sexually, and horrifically abused child who should have been taken from his mother at a very young age. However, he was not disruptive and at least his 3rd grade peers were able to LEARN in a quiet, obedient classroom as opposed to where my son teaches that on any given day of the week in 27 classrooms, 8 to 15 students in every classroom are acting out so violently, rudely, and disruptively that NO LEARNING is going on to the point that more than 70% of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students cannot pass the state end of grade reading and math tests. Think about that. Only 30% can PASS. How can any teacher TEACH when that many “students” arrive at school with such poor self management skills that any wrong look leads to a brawl? Should I have compared them to animals? Perhaps that was not fair. What is fair? How about the children who would like to learn but are stuck in a rural county where that many youngsters are that out of control and the school system is constantly fighting parents who think their little angels are being abused by teachers attempting to keep them from killing each other hour to hour…literally. And where are the FATHERS of these youngsters created in one night stands with women who were not morally responsible enough to just say no or socially responsible enough to practice birth control in out of wedlock relationships?

    This coach was in the class with the largest, toughest, roughest “boys” in this school. I sincerely doubt that him using a ruler or yardstick to slam a desk to get their hardheaded attention even vaguely scared them. I’m really supposed to believe that this young man was “scared”? Really? He wasn’t too scared to steal. He wasn’t too scared to misbehave to the point of being put with the “bad boys” in the “bad boy holding pen” for kids marking time until they can graduate to the Big Pen. He wasn’t too scared to already have a rap sheet with local law enforcement. An adult rap sheet. No telling what the juvenile rap sheet is hiding in this case.

    Let’s face it. Do you really believe that those 8 to 15 in every single class at the elementary school are going to grow up to be exemplary citizens given their home lives or what passes for home lives? I used to be one of those teachers who believed I could really make a difference. I still tutor and try my best with that population. But every year, I become more and more cynical. Unless you can remove them from that environment or someone at home will hold them accountable and DEMAND they behave, all the tutors, coaches, principals, counselors, Angel Trees, and church volunteers in the world aren’t going to keep but maybe one or two of those hundreds in every school district from going astray.

    My son used to believe he could make a difference. He’s learning fast that most of those kids have already checked out of school and are biding their time until they can graduate to Big Pen 101 or Out of Wedlock Welfare Momma.

    Oh, and comparing these young men to Martin Luther King, Jr. is a travesty. That man died so these young men could receive an education worthy of any child in this nation. That man died so they would never hear the “N” word again. That man died so they could grow up to be educated men of character. He did not have a rap sheet for crimes AGAINST others. He had a rap sheet for civil disobedience, for peace, for voting rights, worker’s rights, and educational rights. There’s a big difference. He was NOT disrupting his classrooms or embarrassing his parents or schools. He was learning and graduating and going to college and preaching and marching and leading. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a leader. He was a real man. These boys are either thugs on the road to thugs and there is no way Martin Luther King, Jr. would defend their disruptive behavior that keeps others from learning, growing, and succeeding.

    If one of these young men decides to try to turn his life around, I will be the first to applaud. But so far, I think I’ll be more likely to see their names in the crime section of the local paper. And yes, I think this behavior starts long before high school. Show me an out of control kid in third grade whose parents, teachers, Sunday school teachers, pastor, and counselors don’t get control of and I’ll show you a kid in prison before he’s 30. And that’s not a color issue, a socio-economic issue, or a ethnicity issue. It’s a behavior issue.

    I feel bad for Coach Brown. I can’t imagine being surrounded by a group of huge hoods and being threatened. Even if he had time to hit the panic button, most schools ignore them because the principals and security officers are often engaged elsewhere. AT least that is my son’s experience. Doesn’t do any good to hit the panic button when they’re drawing blood, the nearest principal is off dealing with another group of mini thugs and thugettes brawling, and let’s face it…the teacher gets the blame.

    There’s not enough money in the world to be a public school teacher today. Good luck to Coach Brown. I’m sorry you tried to help them. I’m quitting all of my free tutoring. I’m over a community that refuses to hold their children responsible for their poor behavior. I’m not wasting my time any longer. I’m over their excuses.

    My daddy was raised by poor, illiterate grandparents. No one gave him a backpack, free breakfast, lunch, or dinner, put his name on an Angel Tree, bought him Air Jordans, socks, or underwear or a fancy mountain bike, provided him free tutoring, coaching, or lessons, held seminars for his grandparents, or gave him any help whatsover unless you count him being allowed to mop the cafeteria after lunch every day in exchange for a peanut butter sandwich and an apple. All we’ve done is create a generation of ill behaved young men and women who think the world owes them something no matter how badly they treat others and no matter how much disrespect they show each other and those in authority.

    I’m glad all the do-gooders think these young men are worthy good boys. I hope each and every one of you shows up at Hoggard High School after passing criminal background checks to volunteer in the “in school suspension” classrooms as volunteers, tutors, and one on one behavior monitors/shadows. I can’t wait until you see what I see.

    A third grader who does not learn to self moderate his or her behavior will turn into a 7th grader who cannot self moderate his or her behavior which turns into a 14 year old pregnant “mother” and a 17 year old “father” sitting in an “in school suspension” classroom with Coach White, Coach Black, or Coach Brown taking one last shot at helping before the young person “graduates” into the North Carolina Penal System and we have another generation of little unwanted babies being raised by a great aunt or the foster care system.

  • Guest54879

    Well he is a confirmed plagiarist. Boston University formed a committee to study his doctoral dissertation and decided he had lifted significant portions of his dissertation from other works. They more or less acknowledged the degree should be revoked but due his being a former person, they said no good would come of it. I wouldn’t revoke his PhD either because I wouldn’t want to wake up dead after the outcry but yeah, he did steal academically and does not really have a valid PhD. A Civil Rights historian stated that his dissertation “was taken almost entirely from secondary sources.” But you can believe if it had been you or me whose dissertation was found to be no better than a high school book report decades after we ceased to exist, our degree would be in the Boston University shredder.

  • Guest2013

    Here’s the deal TELL THE TRUTH. The kids that are going to school at Hoggard High School should not have to deal with the likes of your thugs who have these records. These thugs are separated from the normal school population for a reason. GET THEM OUT! It violates my child’s rights for them to be there. Because their parents can’t parent them and don’t invest the time or energy to do it, we all have to suffer. And I’m a single parent, so don’t tell me that you can’t raise a good kid. You can if you put your child first and step up to the plate. YOU HAVE A SEAT and take your lovely Thugs with you out of our high school. Our teachers and coaches don’t get paid enough money to deal with the likes of them. Some of us care and are DOING THE RIGHT THING! You should be ashamed of yourself stating in a public forum that it is OK to have a criminal record. No wonder this world is in the shape it is. HAVE A SEAT FAR, FAR AWAY FROM MY CHILD. IF COACH BROWN GOES, THESE THUGS NEED TO GO ALSO.

  • GuestTerday

    Brownie dat I no is coach supreme and class act. Sure he tough but y’all kids ain’t right like man say. If brownie hit the boys the they need it. Shame he will go to jail cause no one will believe him cause he black. In my day my grandma would beat me for stealing all the time and now I coach and teach too. My kids no better than snitch. Not saying I hit them but they no better than mess with me. Same with brownie now.

  • Guest461

    …that I would even consider any type ot teaching or coaching position in a public school anywhere! These rotten kids have NO parenting, NO manners, are extremely rude and are completely out of control! There is NO discipline at home, No discipline at school (because the mamby-pamby parents won’t allow it!) and zero respect for the teaching/coaching staff. With the disruptive, rude and obnoxious nature of kids these days, I’m surprised anyone takes a career path as a teacher or coach. It’s an exercise in futility and is borderline self-abuse! I have a tremendous amount of respect for todays teachers and coaches and believe it to be SHAME they have to put up with the behavior of thse kids and lack of support from their so-called “parents”. IF the teachers could spend as much time actually teaching, as they do having to babysit and keep the class in order, we would’t have so many ignorant and ill-behaved babies walking around! And you parents wonder WHY your kids live with you until the late 40’s? Geeeeez…give me a break!


    Your point? Martin Luther King Jr has a police record right? Judge Mathis has a police record too? Soooo what is your point? So all criminals have records??? ALL of the students who isn’t in that class are saints right?? No chance of the other students becoming ‘thugs” or “drop outs” “or “serial killers” etc right? I wonder if people know that Charles Manson was considered an honorable student in 3rd grade??? Seriously check that info out,I wonder if they just KNEW he was a thug.Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.Have a seat


    Brown is a straight up PUNK! Those of you that are agreeing with him are PUNK Followers.A grown rusty man hitting teens over a IPOD? If sir punkness can bail out of jail for that amount,his sorry self can buy another IPOD.What’s really on that IPOD? Whoever has it,I want to know what’s on it.Child porn,undercover gay porn site pics,what could it be? For him to be involved with this young men and then snap like that over a item that cost that little amount of money? Then to risk his career….?? something is on that Ipod that will really ruin his entire life I bet.Cheating on the lawyer wife?? Something isn’t right.
    To judge these children and throw them under the bus because of their disabilities is a disgrace.What happened to no child left behind? Then to judge a parent on how they are raising a child.Society plays a huge role in raising children as well.When we button up our children’s jacket and send them off into the world,all you can do is pray.Children spend majority of their day in school,5 days a week,8 hrs a day…that’s a lot of time to be influenced by others,learn from others,look up to others,etc Get what I mean? School life plays a major role in their growth into adults.A GROWN MAN THAT THEY TRUSTED,PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED THEM.You think that will help their future behaviour?? You think he taught them a lesson? No,he helped mold them even more into this pitiful society’s box of so called “thugs”.He will pay for it,because what is done in the dark will come to the light.He could have chosen another route,but the stupidity that dwelled within him took over and now he has time to think about his dumb actions.These children seem to be the thrown away kids.Kind of like being followed around the store because you look like a thief…meanwhile the old lady on isle 3 is stealing t-bone steaks! yes,judging a book by it’s cover.Other students in other classes are not all saints bc they are not in that class.Are you folks even adults? These comments are horrific,you don’t have to love these children,because somebody loves them.If coach was so right,he wouldn’t have been arrested and suspended.If coach was provoked,he would have something on his body that revealed signs of a struggle.He was out numbered,and it proves these young men were afraid.Flipping over a IPOD,really? There are other ways to punish children,he took the easy way out.Meanwhile,his career is affected and personal life might be too,to hell with his rage/anger..you do not put your hands on others kids.So round up your street thugs,there is always someone badder.What I would give to know what was on that Ipod.tisk tisk Should have left it at home or in the car,classroom is for teaching anyways Coach Brown.People like that sicken me.This will not be let go.
    People are so stuck in headlights blind.Reminds me of a rape case that happened in a high school,bc the parents/students thought he was a great teacher they sided with the pedophile.He pleaded guilty and shocked everyone.I bet they felt stupid in the end,and I cannot wait for this truth to come out.Coach Brown is a flat out loser and his faults will come to light.

  • Hmmm?

    Charles Manson? 3RD Grade? Do you have a point? I didn’t judge him, the court system did and it was for theft. And that’s a unique way of using the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Any student can become a thug, drop out, or serial killer. I’m just addressing the one that is currently being made out to be a saint by Grandma. Not MLK, Manson or Mathis. Using that logic I guess we could all do crime since all crime has been done before??? Hmmm? I’m done, you can have my seat…

  • PublicAvenger

    This is so sad. When I graduated from high school, 30 years ago. We had that 2-3% that were animals. They were simply expelled. It allowed the other 97% to be educated in a civilized enviroment. We never even saw a cop on our camupus.

    Now the gangster thugs know they can do anything they want. And all they get is another “warning”. You are so right. If a teacher even dares to tell the truth, they are fired.

  • guest, just another

    Whats wrong is that these thugs are used to not being accountable or respectful to teachers or authority. This teacher did what used to happen to those of us that grew up with respect, he demanded it and enforced his position.

    There is A LOT more to this story than whats being told, I’m sure.

  • Student

    The bottom line is a teacher or coach should NEVER hit a student. I don’t care what Coach Brown’s excuse is to justify hitting them but it does not matter. There are many other ways that he could have handled this situation, perhaps he could have to the sheriff on campus. It’s unbelievable to me that he decided it would be ok to assault a student. I’m sure Coach Brown is a great guy but he deserves to be punished for his actions.

  • Just some guy

    Excellent post. Agree with you 100%.

  • Vigilante in Training

    Why not take responsibility for the kid’s actions, since they were the precursor to what has transpired, and make them give the farking ipod back.

    I will offer you this, if they show up at my house, they won’t need the police to protect them from me. They will be leaving in a hearse because I parted that melon with the hydrashocks and laser dot.

    Don’t sing it, just bring it.

  • N/A

    It was his football students he beat up, it was a class of kids he taught

  • N/A

    He had no right to hit any of the kids, whether or not they took his stuff. He deserves to stay behind bars.

  • Hmmm?
  • BOB


  • Former Hoggard Parent

    Here we go again. We have a good coach with a nice family and a teaching license. He tries to make a difference with young men so they don’t end up on the streets of Wilmington and in the NC prison system. How do they repay him? They steal from him. They surround him. They attack him. Hoggard High School is a good high school but even in my children’s day, it was full of thugs and wannabe thugs. My daughter was groped by these thugs in the halls every time there was not a teacher around. She had items stolen by these thugs. Half of these morons already have juvenile rap sheets. WHY do we keep giving them more chances? So they can grope more students? Steal from more students? Ruin the careers of good coaches and teachers? When does it stop? Any student who has dealings with the police of any kind should NOT be in our public school classrooms. These “boys” are NOT good kids. They are NOT students. Oh, they may be enrolled but you can bet there is not a teacher at Hoggard High School that will be willing to stand on camera and claim that even one of them has ever made ONE attempt at being any kind of student at all. They go to school, thug their ways through the halls, harrass the girls, tease and bully the small kids, spew hate and vulgarities, STEAL, maybe show up when they feel like it, and now another GOOD TEACHER is going to go down. Oh, and for those idiot do gooders who actually think these kids are redeemable? I’d challenge you to go to the school where my son works where the third, fourth, and fifth grade animals reside and who spend their days attempting to maim, injure, and kill each other daily. His career is being ruined before it ever starts because the animals who are procreating more out of control animals who don’t know how to behave in civilized society and HE is accountable for 700 who can’t read, can’t write, can’t spell, can’t type, can’t be kind, can’t be nice, steal, throw, hit, pick chairs up as weapons, use rocks as weapons, brawl, beat, steal, and I’m sure I have forgotten some. I know one thing. I am saving my money because I do not want ONE future grandchild of mine to have to attend a school in a system that has to pretend to educate “students” who we all know are thugs and criminals. STEALING IS A CRIME. I don’t care if it is an iPod, a phone, or a CAR. It’s a CRIME and criminals do not belong in public schools. Get the THUGS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!!! I’m over them and their trashy mouthed “parents” who obviously aren’t capable of raising decent, law abiding children. Can we send their parents to jail with them? I hate living here. I really do. There is no way a teacher would be on the line for something like this where I came from. The public would be holding a parade for Coach and shaming their parents who dared show their faces after their children STOLE from the coach trying to help make them better, responsible, law abiding citizens and MEN. Shame on these parents. Shame on those thugs. And shame for every single person blaming this coach.

  • guesty

    These are some great comments that you can’t just make up.

    “My feelings was hurt,” said Donna Price,

    “You was at our house.” Another Price gem.

  • Guest45778

    is rough you up, tell you to drop and give them twenty, get in your face and yell “You gotta problem with dat, son?!! Now let’s hit the showers!” That’s what they always did to me anyhow after a long day of teaching history or special education. Just kidding.

  • Guest228

    Well it seems the coach showed up at the house of the victim the day before with other kids to beat up the victim. I hope all of you praising this so called “educator” who flipped behind an Ipod realize that this man seriously wanted to harm these kids. Yeah, they were wrong but let the police handle that. As an adult, you dont show up with a mob of children behind you to beat up another child. Whats wrong with this picture?

  • N/A

    We have less of these so called “thugs” because the enforcement of the school rules but some just won’t go away. Ive witnessed several vugar and direspectful acts and its a tough job that Coach has. He keeps them away from all the kids trying to get a serous education and your going to take that barrier away? Good job school Board, now let some of your stuff get stolen and then have someone swing at you and see what yout reaction is. We are all watching, go right ahead.

    FREE BROWN!!!!

  • Student

    I’m a student at John T Hoggard so I know the types of people these “students” are, I know what type of a person Coach Brown is, and I think that all these ignorant cyncial comments about the school system and teachers are incredibly biased due to the one sided opinion of this horrible written report.

    These delinquents are horrible little demons with no respect for anyone, they are impossible to talk to, will randomly promote violence in the hallways and randomly say insulting and uncomfortable things to people they don’t know in the hallway. Once I saw a huge (220+ pound) delinquent push a 5’2″ freshmen girl who probably weighed 90 pounds at MOST, just because the girl’s bookbag made contact with the delinquent. So the guy figured he’d push her violently onto the floor and then said something very insulting to the girl and left.

    Coach Brown isn’t some sort of authoritize junkie who needs power and physically abuses his children. He does what he does with the sole intention of trying to help these irrepairable children…

    These kids are being made as the victims in this report! I can’t beleive that all they mentioned was his Ipod being stolen. And to all you un-informed parents out there: If you (Teacher or Student) lay a hand on a delinquent for whatever reason, the others will assault you from behind. I guess its some sort of gang mentality but I know for a fact Coach brown didn’t assault these kids. Smacking a ruler on a table to frighten the students? Loud noises seem to be effective to frighten wild animals(these kids aren’t that intelligent obviously, no offence), so Coach Brown was probably trying to force these kids into submission by frightening them. That’s alot better than using self defence to beat up these kids even more. I think that he did his BEST at attempting to control the situation.

    Personally I think these kids should go to a convent. This would give them a whole new reason to fear the ruler, but they would still probably frighten the nuns.

    Coach Brown should be praised, these kids needed a beating. This is almost as stupid as the reason Mr. Wright got fired…

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