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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Naked and on the run. That’s what folks on Forest Hills Drive saw when a man sprinted down the road with no clothes on chasing cars.

“It’s not something that happens in the neighborhood very often,” witness Bill Poteat said. “Certainly we’ve never seen that before.”

What Poteat saw was a naked man running down Forest Hills Drive.

“I looked in my rear view mirror, and he got up and started running down the street. Obviously I sped up enough so he couldn’t catch me,” Poteat said.

Poteat says the man, who looked to be in his mid-20s was chasing after cars.

“He was jumping, chasing them, diving into bushes,” Poteat said.” Supposedly he broke into two houses down the block. They found his clothes behind one of the houses.”

Police caught the man around 2 p.m.

“Situations like this can be dangerous, and that’s why it requires a lot of officers out there and detain the individual,” Wilmington Police spokesman Cpl. Kevin Smith said.

Poteat says he was told the man had taken several hits of acid.

“I think that was the general determination by the officers at the scene that it may be drug-involved or drug-induced,” Smith said.

Police took the man to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for an exam.

“It’s a contrast of comedy and tragedy,” Poteat said. “It’s unfortunate to see someone behave that way. Of course he was on the influence of some illegal drugs.”

Police say because of privacy issues, they cannot release the man’s name until he is medically cleared and booked into jail. They say they will likely charge him with felony trespassing, misdemeanor breaking and entering, and hinder and delay.

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  • Guest2020

    yes they call him the streak weeeeeeeeeeeee. look at that look at that. the fastest thing on two feet

  • Guest Reply

    The thing I like most about this story is…it’s the Naked Truth!
    Did anyone ask this guy if he was running a marathon for some charity?

  • beachbunnie

    That must have been some really wicked acid to make that poor kid think he was a dog! I wonder if he’s still trippin?

  • fleebailey

    He will probably receive a short sentence.

  • whatchathink

    He broke into two houses, didnt steal anything, was on an illegal drug that he is probabally addicted to, and he was indecently exposing himself in public. So tell me what to do you think is the best scenario for this 20 year old kid? the death sentence? 10 years? The problem is that drugs just like prescription drugs are addicting, once a person tries them, they cannot just stop taking them. Good kids, celebrities, leaders of our Country have all been guilty of the same crime. There is no cheap solution but jail wont help him, only rehab or a drug prevention will. We the taxpayers foot the bill either way. He will spend some time in jail but what he needs is help. I am sure his drug free self would not have ran naked down Forest Hills or broken into any houses. Everybody makes mistakes… so nanner I hope he does get a light sentence AND the help he needs! Jirge

  • Woodstock

    Dont do the brown acid man, it’s a bummer dude.

  • Guest45876

    was it pretty impressive? I would think it would be to go full on Nature Boy in broad daylight like that.

  • Guest461

    …as he chased the vehicles. Lots of strange things going on in Forest Hills these days. Vehicles without lights speeding at 90 mph, killing three peeps, now a naked man thinking he’s a dog.
    Is Creekwood growing on Forest Hills or is this just a natural transition? It happened years ago in Durhams spectacular, “Hope Valley CC”, a Country Club neighborhood in the midst of a ghetto… Guess where the prestigious “Duke University and Medical Center” is located? Things DO change…sometimes the wrong way.

  • Rumblefish

    Who let “guesty” out of its cage??

  • guesty

    Nice to see you are thinking of me. It must have been much better for you than it was for me since I had long forgotten about you.

  • Sawitmyself

    Those crazy democrats!

  • Renfield

    Was it Brian Berger?

  • Guest211


  • Guest Reply

    Some people will do anything to get a new Ball Park here…or…that was his laundry day…nothing clean to wear.
    Speaking of Forest Hills…I used to live over there years ago…and had a doctor neighbor that had a couple hogs as pets. Some of the Biddy neighbors thunk it brought down their property value…so they had the city have him remove the hogs from his humble abode. So the doctor complied…and drove his pet hogs off in a limousine!!! I will never forget that. That Forest Hills…can’t live with it…can’t live without it! HA!!

  • sotter

    Acid is NOT a chemically addictive substance…do some research


    How can you say that this kid wouldn’t have broken into any houses if he weren’t tripping on acid? Do you know him or his criminal history? As far as acid being addictive…since when? If acid is addictive then one would have to accept that marijuana is as well. Your body will QUICKLY get a tolerance to LSD and the more frequently you use it the less it will affect you, if at all.

    I agree the kid does need help but, he also needs to be held accountable for his actions. Punish his crimes then get him some help. Not taking responsibility for his actions won’t help anything.

    Judging from his booking photo he looks like a somewhat normal kid. I tend to wonder why he would be dropping acid alone? That is normally a drug that is used as a group. Rarely do you run across people tripping alone. Makes me wonder if he really was alone or if maybe someone ditched him in that area after he started acting up.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    All manner of people who are totally devoid of self-discipline and individual responsibility get addicted.

  • Guest1234



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