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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Just days after New Hanover County Commissioners voted against state funding for contraceptives, the response has been incredible.

A few hundred people came to Riverfront Park in downtown Wilmington Thursday in protest of the vote. The board’s vote Monday has since made national headlines, even getting a response from the ACLU of North Carolina. Though commissioners will re-examine the funding at their April meeting, they are still catching backlash from their initial decision.

“It’s just a shame that they are having to waste the time that was such a no-brainer in the first place,” protestor Page Rutledge said.

“I couldn’t really believe we were talking about 2012,” protestor Carol Chappell said. “We’re talking about something I stood up for 40 years ago.”

Commissioners Jonathan Barfield and Jason Thompson showed up to listen and take questions, but Thompson found the gathering unproductive.

“Mostly it was people name calling and pushing me and spitting at me,” Thompson said. “There are just some really nasty people down here.”

The commission will take another look at the family planning funding at its April 2 meeting. Commissioners and the Health Department plan to be fully prepared for the second time around.

“Based on the information I had on Monday, I made the correct vote,” Thompson said. “We’re going to hear it again in April, and of course the Board of Health has already given new information. Some commissioners are getting new information.”

However, some wonder if a change of vote will mean a change of heart.

“I think if they vote it through, it’s to appease the people. I don’t think it changes anything in reality,” protestor Melissa Robon said.

“I can tell you that I will put my money where my mouth is and make sure more women get elected,” Rutledge said.

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73 Comments on "Protest held in response to commissioners turning down family planning funds"

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2016 years 2 months ago

It started with LBJ’s War on Poverty, which insured multi-generational poverty became a way of life for a quarter of the country.

As long as we pay people to sit on their corpulent bottoms and produce the next generation of societal leeches, requiring no effort, no self-reliance, or no individual responsibility on their part, we cannot get upset when they think that life owes them something. Much like Pavlov and his dogs, we have conditioned them to expect rverything to be handed to them, and we reward them when they breed by giving them more on their EBT card and… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

Silly example.

2016 years 2 months ago

That guest did make a lot of good points. Kudos!! Now if only people
who do the voting would read it and think before they vote.

Linda Barnett
2016 years 2 months ago

From the tone of many of the comments here it is obvious that a small vocal angry group of misogynists from decades past have reared their ugly heads in a final death gasp of hate . The spirits of the dying grip of patriarchy that has strangled the lives of women over the past centuries were present in the room with the New Hanover County 5 when they voted to reject a grant needed by the Women services Dept of the county health dept to meet the needs of county women. The comments of Ted Davis undisputed by the rest… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

Fasle? So you claim politicians are held to the same criminal justice standards as regular people? Suuuure they are and I have a bridge to sell you.

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