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Hoggard coach fired after arrest for fight at school, students react

READ MORE: Hoggard coach fired after arrest for fight at school, students react

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Hoggard High School teacher assistant and assistant football coach has been fired days after being arrested for allegedly assaulting several students at school. A New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman said Joseph Brown's termination was effective yesterday.

"All the people that's always been around Coach Brown is just wishing that he never got into that situation," said Durojaiye Andrews, a Hoggard High School football player. "Just wishing he was still here because Coach Brown was a good coach and teacher and a good role model for all the kids at Hoggard."

The school district said Thursday after Brown was arrested it would wait for the results of an internal investigation before moving forward. Brown had been suspended with pay since the fight at Hoggard March 8.

Sheriff's deputies charged Brown with five counts of simple assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the arrest warrants, Brown hit multiple students in the head with a closed fist, grabbed the throat of another alleged victim and even took a yard-long wooden stick and threatened the students with it. The fight was reportedly over a stolen iPod.

"He kind of did take it a little to far, especially when they said he broke a ruler," said Hoggard freshman Lester Jackson. "I heard it was just an all out brawl in the classroom so it was pretty bad."

Students say Brown is the talk of the school and simply got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

"I feel like Coach Brown is a good guy. I've known him for a little while," said Hoggard senior Kenny Lanier. "Things got blown out of proportion a little bit but genuinely he's a good guy."

WWAY called Coach Brown but he has not returned our message. His court date for the alleged assaults is on April 10.

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coach brown aint even do

coach brown aint even do nothing
from what i seen
and i was there

aint even do?

Wow...there are obviously some teachers that need to join Coach Brown in the soup line.

A perfect example as to why this country is in the shape it is today. Education has gone down the toilet.


I sure hope that you are trying to be funny with this response, because if you aren't, your teachers have failed miserably or you just don't care. What pathetic writing!!!

I thought it was...

a haiku at first glance.... alas no.....

sad situation-Good Luck coach

I just hate that it happened-PERIOD! I just want to wish Coach Brown the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. My son who currently goes to Hoggard said that Coach Brown was great, and was great at getting the team pepped up before the games,and I know he will be missed by many. Whether you approve of his actions or not you can't really say with any amount of certainty how you would have handled it until you are in that moment. I can sorta understand the frustration, imagine trying to help someone again and again and again, going to bat for them, bending over backwards, sometimes helping them when they aren't even trying to help themselves, and getting crapped on for it time and time again, I'm sure this wasn't just about the ipod in question but just the frustration of thinking you've finally reached through and taught them something, only to get smacked in the face(figuratively) with the realization that they not only stole yet again but that they stole from you the one person that has been in their corner through all of the crap they have done. I'm sure he felt betrayed and it was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. However, having said that the school board had no other recourse but to let him go,they couldn't take a chance of anything else possibly happening. The safety of ALL our students is a great and serious responsibility, and shouldn't be taken lightly. soooo..... Good luck Coach Brown!


While I don't disagree with a person sticking up for themselves and their property...the man is apparently not intelligent enough to be teaching kids anyway. If he thought that as a teacher, fighting with students would lead to ANYTHING but his firing and arrest, he is obviously too dumb to be teaching. May not be popular, but it's the cold truth.

who do you think you are?

You don't know Coach Brown, so don't start calling people dumb when you insecure about your own intelligence, Coach Brown if FAR from dumb, he is one of the best teachers i had ever had, very nice guy, great personality, helped a lot of students. including me. you calling him dumb or unintelligent is just your opinion, writing this it was pretty hard not to cuss at you for your ignorance. you wouldn't be calling him dumb if you actually knew what kind of guy he is.

And "obviously", takes one to know one!

Based on your posts, you don't seem to be hitting on all eight cylinders either! Seems to me that with the thugs this coach had to deal with, he just had the last straw laid on his back. I know somewhat of his environment and it wasn't and isn't good. It takes very special people to deal with out of control, lost soul kids like he did. Even angels have their limits! tell us all MAJ, just exactly how many criminal, drug sucking, irresponsible thug kids have YOU tried to turn around in a positive manner and change their life for the better? "Obviously"...ZERO!!!

Your missing my point

I am not saying what the man did was wrong or that he didn't just have enough of the drug addled delinquents. I'm simply saying that if he thought that his actions would end in anything other than his firing, then he apparently has no grasp of reality. In this day and age, any teacher who raises a hand to a student is going to get fired. That is simply the world we live in. I'm not commenting on whether it's right or wrong, or what he did was right or wrong, but the man simply had to realize that if he was going to fight with students he was going to lose his job. Try understanding a comment before you reply jerk

MAJ, You call "ME" a jerk?

I read your post completely and totally "understand" that the title of your post refers to the coach as an "Idiot", you then go on to remark on his lack of "intelligence", his vision of "reality" and TWICE state that "he is too DUMB to be teaching".
Why don't YOU try reading the comments YOU wrote, understanding them and THEN deciding who is the JERK!
Your post is attached below in case you forgot where to find it.

Submitted by WilmingtonMAJ on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 1:10pm.
While I don't disagree with a person sticking up for themselves and their property...the man is apparently not intelligent enough to be teaching kids anyway. If he thought that as a teacher, fighting with students would lead to ANYTHING but his firing and arrest, he is obviously too dumb to be teaching. May not be popular, but it's the cold truth."

No Right.

you have no right to call one of the best teachers i ever had dumb or unintelligent. you don't know him the way the students that were in his class do or the students that do know him. if your going to call someone dumb, look at you own level of intelligence, calling someone you don't know dumb or unintelligent is disrespectful especially when Coach Brown has done so much for his students. he has helped me through a lot. i wouldn't be where i am now without him. he helped me get my life straight.

Good Job School Board

Good job school board!!! Way to go!! Woo Hoo!!

I am feeling really great about your rush to judgement on firing a coach over an "Alleged" assault on students. I mean, come on, these students did not get all the breaks growing up.

Subsidized housing, food stamps, welfare money, stealing things that don't belong to them, sexually, physically and mentally harassing students and teachers, suspended criminal sentences because the judge was trying to give them a break, Obama phones, crackhead moms and not to be seen dads so they are raised by their 3rd grade education grandmothers, who clearly failed any attempts of parenting these knuckleheaded theives.

Good job school board. Your decision perpetuates the cycle. This time it is a coach, next time, it will be a kid who is tired of being bullied, brings a gun to school and THAT student will "fix" what Coach Brown was trying to teach, instill and prevent.

Perhaps that tragedy will be as big as firing a man, who defends himself in the course of a fight because some thieving ass hat steals something that does not belong to him. The only mistake that the coach made, from my prespective, is he left witnesses.


What? Okay he was a good coach and the kids and some parents really liked him. But, when he chose to hit a student or students, he became a thug. He is the adult in the situation and should have handled it as an adult, but he chose to get down to their level and be a kid. Now he is paying for that stupid decision. He had an opportunity to teach a valuable lesson, but he chose the wrong route and the lesson he taught was incredibly damaging.

I guarantee if this had been a white coach, the demand for his firing and charges of assault would have been coming from every corner of the county.

I wish you the best

Actually we need more adults to stand up to these pieces of trash that bully and threaten our students. I wish the very best for this coach.

Thieves vs Justice

Well.... I will begin by saying that... I am sorry that he lost his job. With Mr. Brown lossing his job does that justify the principle issue at hand... Kids stealing something that doesnt belong to them????? It doesnt matter what was on the IPOD... What matters is that it didnt belong to the theif... It doesnt matter if the kid(s) were in the behavior class or not... Once, again what matters is that it did not belong to the THEIF.... Hopefully, the butt whipping scared the mess out of them and they will think twice before they bother something else that doesnt belong to them...Just maybe Mr. Brown saved them for going to jail one day or maybe Mr. Browns butt wiping will make them go the other way next time, or maybe Mr. Brown butt wiping will make them think twice about touching someones else belongs and they will encourage their friends and family not to as well.
Mr. Brown , I know that these kids can do some MESS... I have been there and I can undersatnd your fustration.... You trying to help these kids and they give you their butt to kiss... Then there is no support in the school system nor from their home.. Thats enough to piss you off. Look at this as an opportunity to better yourself and sometimes change is GREAT...
PARENTS STAND UP AND BE ACCOUNTABLE (be a parent not a friend) and MAKE YOUR CHILDREN ACCOUNTABLE... I am not saying that you all are bad parents because we all have done something(s) in our life.
Oh!!! I know all yall are waiting on THE CHECKS from the school sysytem. BUT let me say this to yall..... If you all are deal social service or live in low income housing, section etc... Here is some information..... You will have to REPORT THAT MONEY TO SOCIAL SERVICE etc. So I hope that is you dont own your own home-- I suggest that you purchase one (have something to call your OWN), I suggest that you put some money way in a savings for the child, I suggest that you use the money wisely.... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY A CAR!!!! BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT LIVE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! Most important..... TELL YOUR CHILD TO KEEP HIS HANDS OFF OF THINGS THAT YOU DONT PURCHASE... Because that is STEALING... Let this be a lesson to everyone. Children keep yourhands off of things that do not belong to you And do not STEAL... Parents teach your child that stealing is WRONG and you as a parent should have whipped their butts and made them or he return the item.. Isnt that what parents use to do??? Mr. Brown.... I am sorry that it came to this but hold your head up.. Remember you cant touch the children.... And self control.... Best of Luck to YOU...


Man stands up for himself and gets canned? I imagine he had enough of the brats, probably burned out. Sad for him. The punks will all end up in jail sooner or later. No amount of mentoring will help these punks.

Brown is a bully

I can just see what would happen if a special education student stole my ipod, oh Id go crazy, I mean crazy! First thing I would do is call 911 and wait for a detective to come take a report. Then I would call my Principal to see what sort of insurance the school carries for teachers' personal property, such as an ipod filled with vulgar rap music. Then I would wait for the authorities to do their job.

Or I could do what Rambo Brown did and grab a few bad boys off the football team and load up in a truck and head out wild west posse style to go seek revenge, teaching these good little boys in his posse what taking the law into your own hands is all about. Then once I caught up with the little suspects Id choke one of them, punch a few others in the head and scare the mess out of one of the more retarded of the bunch.

But I would value my 30k a year job being a mentor and a soft guiding voice to kids who are disabled and mentally retarded so I wouldn't do anything. I'd chalk it up to my stupidity for bringing an ipod into class in the first place.

Brown will get probation and will find another job at some teen youth organization and will end up back in the newspapers like Coach Vaughn.

Watched a lot of TV over the years too did ya?

"First thing I would do is call 911 and wait for a detective to come take a report. Then I would call my Principal to see what sort of insurance the school carries for teachers' personal property, such as an ipod filled with vulgar rap music. Then I would wait for the authorities to do their job."

Suuuuure. A detective will come. Mmmhmmm. An honest to God detective. Two of them actually. The more senior guy will wear a bad suit and grumble about how the Captain is bustin' his chops because he's gettin' da heat from da boys downtown over this Ipod because the press has been snoopin' around. He'll even show you his cool badge that flips out from a leather carrying case and if the gods smile upon you: he'll let you sit in his unmarked car and put the little light on top. His younger partner, who doesn't play by anyone's rules and does things the unconventional way, will have a great haircut, a blistering wit and he'll wear a white t-shirt that's two sizes too small and constantly crosses his arms so you get a great view of the gun show. Oh yeah, they'll take a report alright. Then they'll skillfully interview and use mental acrobatics to get critical information out of the crafty special kids. The detectives will confront a criminal mastermind who fronts stolen goods, track down some of said mastermind's runners, go on a wild chase that involves a crash 'em up car chase through downtown, somehow find themselves hanging off a helicopter skid, dropping onto a building, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and finally, falling through a roof into some rather elegant event. When they stand up battered and bleeding as people look on in shock, the senior detective will utter whatever his trademark catch phrase is, such as: "I'm gettin' too old for this sh*t" as he pulls your scratched and dirty Ipod from his pocket. The young detective will bring you the Ipod while heading out for a date that evening with his super model girlfriend. At some point, Mayor Saffo will give them the key to the city. That's how they roll.

What will really happen is the 911 dispatcher will wonder why people call 911 for an Ipod and not call the police non-emergency number. An overworked uniformed officer who has waaaay too many calls to answer in a given shift to be dealing with a stolen Ipod will take a report but you'll never see your Ipod again. He might even tell you sorry about all of the very personal content, such as videos & images (why do you assume the black teacher had vulgar rap music?) that are likely already on the kid's Facebook pages. I had a car that was hit in a parking lot and the a-hole left some minor damage. The officer called me to take the report, we both realized there were no security cameras where this occurred, he admitted they'll never find anyone and mailed me a copy for my insurance. I appreciated his honesty and for not wasting my time and his own publicly funded time. That's what the authorities will likely do for your Ipod. It's all they can do for such a low dollar item. And I really wanted to meet a detective.

But if you had gone to Principal Belding about that insurance, he'd try to contain his laughter as walks away to scold Zack for some of his unrelated antics and see if that mischievous blonde stud might have stolen the Ipod and traded it to an unknowing and trusting Screech for doing one night's homework. Oh! Ask Principal Belding if you can meet his cool brother Rod and maybe, just maybe, go on a rafting trip!?

Rambo Brown it is then

So I take it the self destructive Rambo way was the way to go on this. Yeah good idea. And I love the nexttimeitwillbeakidwithagun guy too. How about Brown just being an adult instead of a thug?


Sometimes enough is enough. Like another poster said, these were not little boys but Thieves, bullies and Thugs. One day they will pull this crap again, try and intimidate the wrong person, steal, bully and so on. That person will do as the Coach did, stand up for Himself, hold accountable and put an end permanently the reign of terror these thugs impose on other students. Ever touch my Kid, bully, assault or harm in any way. You may be read about in the paper again. Good for You Coach! Enough of this behavior in our schools. Cower in the Corner NHC School Board.

Save your breath

How stupid are you Peyton? Five people didn’t steal one iPod. Coach exhibited the same behavior you are whining about these supposed thugs committing. You can’t have it both ways. Coach will do 30 days in jail and find a new job somewhere, and it will all be forgotten. Save your breath.




west brunswick tried to take out the trash, but fletcher got reinstated. he will be running the same old plays every down, he will be playing favorites again with the players and only starting the ones he likes. I guarantee you the sons of a certain biology teacher at west, will be playing and starting no matter how many game changing mistakes they make or how many practices they miss because of baseball. I guess it's who you know. The are alot of kids at west that won't play because of favoritism. maybe this guy can help feltcher coach, lets bring all the trash to west!!!


What in the hell are you talking about?? This story pertains to a coach at Hoggard HS getting tired of some trash and soon to be felons and you are talking about about a coach being bias at W. Brunswick HS.


Your post has NOTHING to do with the story. Stop crying and grow up, life happens.

It will be the best thing that ever happened to him!

Now the man can go on and have a productive life! He's spent all of these years trying to rejuvenate trashy, unappreciative, hell-bent for crime kids that never gave a flip about anybody, even themselves.

Coach, I think you did a great job and went well beyond the call of duty trying to help those boys! Now you can go find success without the frustration of losing all of the time. You went a thousand miles further than I ever could've without losing it!

I glad that NHCS has finally

I glad that NHCS has finally taken out the trash. Good riddance!

Yeah, it's all good now...

it's an enlightened paradise producing moral, educated citizens that will advance the culture... oh who am I kidding. I'm going to take these Xanax the kids at the bus stop gave me and then go wonder around WallyWorld watching the jobless zombies...


Too bad NHCS couldn't take out the trash that are the students in that class


Amazing how the story seems to point fault at the teacher without knowing what happened. The kids he was involved with are complete trash. Keep in mind these weren't boys he was in a fight with but straight up thugs.

This will be a blessing in disguise for this teacher. Good luck in your future endeavors Coach.