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LAKE WYLIE, SC (AP) — A modern survey of the state line between North Carolina and South Carolina has sent 93 property owners into another state.

The border was first drawn in the 1700s, but wasn’t surveyed again until now. The new line was drawn with computers and GPS systems, narrowing it down to the centimeter.

The old border was off by several hundred feet in some areas.

The owner of a Lake Wylie store says he will likely have to close because he is now in North Carolina, where gas is 30 cents more a gallon and he can’t sell fireworks.

For property owners, most of them around Charlotte, it will be a bureaucratic nightmare of changing schools, phone numbers, driver licenses and even the lawmakers they call to complain about the problems.

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  • Sensible Sandlapper Gal

    Our state borders need to be left alone! After a few hundred years, everything is mute. Why isn’t “possession is 9/10th of the law” applying? Greed and keeping other important facts from the public are the reason.

    We are trying to honor a dead king. Why? He was never an American!!

    We have starving citizens, homelessness, unemployment, and natural disasters that are devastating lives!!! *****Help them with these resources!******
    Don’t disrupt anymore lives. This is sheer craziness and bureaucracy at its finest! Use common sense, please.

    People own property where they wanted to purchase it. Stop the madness, waste of resources, and mental abuse, and future financial torture of these loyal U.S. Citizens!!

    By the way, one of my parents is a Tarheel. My family is half Sandlapper and half Tarheel. I am Sandlapper born and raised. But, I am a Sandy heel or a Tarry lapper, as well. I love both states just the way they are!

  • ncsnoangel

    I agree, I live in NC and they are greedy people, thinking seriously of moving to SC. NC needs to leave it alone

  • Guesttoo

    Why not just give these properties a “Sunset” clause? Leave the current property owners alone and leave the property as-is until it changes hands. At that point, it would revert to the state that the survey indicates it rightfully belongs to.

    Families could vote for candidates that they are familiar with, kids could continue to go to the schools that they are already a part…nobody has their lives disrupted.

  • Patricia

    They should just leave it alone.It has been like that for over 300 years.Why should they try to fix something that is not broken to begin with NC could take payment for the sale of the land To SC .and let SC keep it . NC makes a little money. How simple that would be. that would be less stressful to everyone. Thank you for listening. Pat

  • MapFolder

    There have been a number of state boundary corrections in the last few decades. Keep in mind, most boundaries were mapped with the old rod and chain method of surveying and the GPS wasn’t even something that could be comprehended yet. Even the US border isn’t perfect. The town of Derby Line, Vermont is separated by the US/Canada border and even has its library split by an international boundary. Cool! “Fort Blunder” in New York state was build in Canada due to surveying errors. Even the glorious four corners monument is just over 1,800 feet from where it would be if placed by modern mapping/surveying methods. But the courts determined that the location of the monument is the official spot, right or wrong, so a couple of the states just aren’t as right angled as they thought they were in that location. Brian Unger’s show How the State Got Their Shapes covers a lot of these really cool topics.

  • SCgirl

    Looks like NC is once again getting greedy. All of this tax dollar waste on something ridiculous. Leave it that way it has been since the 1700’s. Aren’t there bigger issues to be handled? Common sense just isn’t so common.

  • ChefnSurf

    … common sense does not apply. What’s the point in paying for a new survey that just creates more problems. If you look for trouble, you’ll probably find it. It would be nice if governments fixed existing problems instead of looking for new ones.

  • Guest Traveler

    “NC, SC state line isn’t where folks thought it was”

    Actually the NC/SC state lines fall just south of the New England,USA area!

  • Guest2443

    Your comment is stupid and makes no sense. The southernmost state of New England is Connecticut. The distance between CT and the NC/SC state line is close to 700 miles…not exactly “just south.”

  • Snowman

    I LOVE IT!!!! SO TRUE! SO TRUE! They have taken over these once great States!

  • Guest327

    It would seem like the logical thing to do is forget about this. Leave it like it is.

  • Guest2222

    Why does it matter???? Move the line to what was believed and lived by for so many years. I think that there is a law that states that when something likes this happens, the people aren’t harmed, they just go on living as they have and the state makes the adjustment.

  • guesty

    It has been that way since the 1700’s so just let it be. Wouldn’t it be easier to leave well enough alone and not force all these people to change?

  • Missy

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t it be easier, less expensive and a lot more convenient for the legislatures of both states to adopt the “existing” state line?

  • Guest 21992

    Oh yes! that would be easier, but we live in a day when the people who run our government, local and National, are complete IDIOTS. For 200 years this has been an adopted border, but let’s spend money to change everything around, and then complain when we all run out of money. Thanks U.S government for being so dumb.

  • RSimmons

    I guess we are still stuck with RC Soles and his boys

  • Guest3224

    I hate it for these folks that own these properties in question, and I don’t blame them for getting so upset. I, for one wouldn’t mind at all if SC annexed the Cape Fear region of our state. I would actually love it if that happened.

  • JoAnn Dixon

    I think of South of border.When you reach South of border you see,
    the Giant statue of Pedro standing there.
    The people between the states are belowing everything out of,
    p.We love going to S.C. all those for camping&vacations.


  • guesty

    How much do you drink before you decide to post?

  • Justin America

    Do you live in that statue or something? No one lives between States here. We sub-exist under them. Conform, comply. Resistance is futile…

  • RSimmons

    Just say that New York and New Jersey are part of New England.

  • NANA

    That comment wont tick off a Yankee since they too are considered Yankees the only ones it will tick off are New Englanders.
    If you ask my granddaughter and grandson if they are Yankees (both born here in NC) they will pout and say they are not Yankees they “Red Sox”

  • Guest Traveler

    Oh is that right? Next you’ll tell me that Ireland isn’t just off the coast of California, I suppose!
    What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh……Gullible :-()

  • Challengetheworld

    The war was over a long time ago. We won, you lost. We bring progressives and modern thinking to backwoods mentality. Its New Carolina now.

  • GuestReality

    Just in Leland at the ghettos of Brunswick Forest, Magnolia Greens, and Waterford.

  • Mike T

    One of the best new words in the new Southern vocabulary is “Flipem” The definition of Flipem is to sell Yankees half acre lots in the backwood Pine Forests of the southeast coastal regions on dirt logging roads so they can “FLIPEM”.
    You Hacks are mental gaints!!! When you get tired of being unwanted take Pantano back with you.

  • Guest57893

    please spare us the “progressives and modern thinking.” Seriously, anything but that. The last two place you Rust Belt refugees brought “progressives and modern thinking,” SoCal and Florida, they’re now losing US born population. The “backwoods thinking” created the society to which you chose to flee and choose to stay after you and your parents destroyed your own. I think the South had it correct before you “progressives” arrived.

    What did you win exactly? 100,000 more dead troops than the South, a peaceful surrender with no loss of territories and the South put its Senators and Representatives back on the Hill a year or so later – not much of a victory. Nobody won. Even the slaves who were freed found themselves destitute and the ones who went up North seeking salvation found themselves treated as badly as they were on the plantation. The ones who stayed ended up in a debtor/sharecropper system. The people who “won” still wanted cheap cotton.

  • Guest785692

    be examples of “progressives and modern thinking?” Really? Now I see why your original home states are in the shape they’re in and you’re having to flee them to the degree that you’re bleeding population, jobs and Congressional seats.

  • Maybe that’s what you heard, just wait.


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