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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Columbus County man made his first appearance in court today to face charges of murder and other crimes after investigators say a robbery led to a deadly car crash. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says Lloyd Thomas Buffkin, 32, Sidney Cherry Rd. is charged with murder, common law robbery and assault on a government official.

It all started just before 4 p.m. when deputies were called to a robbery as the Master Mart convenience store on New Britton Highway in the Old Dock community. The clerk reported that the suspect, who was not armed, reached across the counter and stole the cash register drawer with approximately $500 in cash.

Deputies spotted the suspect speeding on Hallsboro Rd. just south of Hallsboro. Before the officers could catch up with him, they say Buffkin tried to cross over US 74/76 at a high rate of speed. Deputies say Buffkin ran the stop sign and hit a car driven by Joye Campbell, 56, of Chadbourn. They say Buffkin’s car ehicle continued across the intersection and hit another vehicle that was stopped at the stop sign on Hallsboro Rd.

Campbell was killed instantly. Buffkin received minor injuries. The people in the the third vehicle suffered injuries that are not believed to be life threatening.

The Sheriff’s Office says as officers were taking Buffkin to Columbus Regional Healthcare to be evaluated and treated, he assaulted an officer and tried to get the officer’s gun.

Buffkin may face more charges. He’s expected to make a first appearance tomorrow at the Columbus County Courthouse.

According to Department of Corrections records, Buffkin’s criminal record includes convictions for breaking and entering, car theft, gun theft, burglary and drug possession.

Buffkin is due back in court April 11.

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  • guesty

    Because all the people that are defending this lowlife piece of crap would be demanding the deputy be fired and jailed.

  • Cheesemonger

    When he tried to disarm the deputy why didn’t the deputy give it to him muzzle first with a few shots to the chest? True justice would have been served and the taxpayers would be saving a lot of money.

  • sad

    An innocent lady lost her life because of a person that has no respect for the Law. This man has a record and he was in court in a different county just this week and this story would not have this ending had his case not been continued….again.

  • guesty

    It seems these thugs are just like roaches, really hard to kill unless you just gas them.

  • Guest1946

    And, Mr. Buffkin should be hanged. Lowlife trash.

  • i think the family knows well enough about there son. the public can so easily through stones. ask yourself what if this was my child how would i feel .you cant help what your children do you can only raise them and pray they turn out to be what we want them to be. mr buffkin has a big heart and has helped people in his life time he has helped me and his parents are some of the best people i know.so stop writting all these bad comments and think to your self it could be you or your child . the family is hurting enough and just like mr cambell life will never be the same again.

  • tony sellers

    You may think someone is stupid. But when they open their mouth they remove your doubt. He who has no sin let him cast the first stone. You need to get on your knees and ask for others to have more mercey on you than you have on others.With what judgement you judge others you will be judged also.Show mercey receive mercery.No mercery YOU are doomed.

  • 3293

    You are right…he should be hung by the feet until he rots. But you know he will most likely get by with all his charges regardless of his criminal record. Probably slapped on the hand and probation while the innocent victims’ family will live in pain the rest of their lives for their loss.

    He was probably “spanked” when he was a young boy and “cannot” help what he has done.

  • countrygirl

    This young mans parents are some of the best people I know in this county. They would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.I know them very well,and I know they raised him well, as parents we always hope our children will be responsible adults and when they fail as some of them do it doesn’t always mean that they weren’t raised by responsible parents who taught them them better.

  • alicia

    I grew up know his family both his parents are very good people who dont deserve this, i saw the trouble they had raising him they did everything they could for that boy but drugs destroyed any chance he had, now that poor woman and her family are paying for his flaws, Lloyd might have been a productive member of society had he never got on dope, but plain and simple, everyone involved has had there lives tore apart and im so sorry for everyone involved. “want to kill a snake cut the head off”, if the cops would shut down green acres, est arcadia, the pondarosia, stanley circle, the sand pitts…. ect ect maybe stuff like this wouldnt happen everyone knows about the dope that goes thru these places and yet nothing is done

  • 28431

    3293 The parents of this young man are not the blame for what has happened. I realize someones mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, daughter has been taken away from her family, however this mans parents are the best people you would ever meet. They stand for whats right and also their parents raised them to stand for whats right. This young man chose the wrong direction as to the way he was raised. Yes he should have to face the punishment for what has happen but you have to keep in mind that his parents are suffering with this situation as well not just the ones who lost a loved one. I believe that when the lord calls your number you will go, it may not always be the way we would like to go but you must go. Ms. Campbell was a very nice person as well. I grew up living next to her and her number was called and she had to go. Had this young man not made a stupid choice she would have gone to be with Jesus another way. So before we pass judgement on people look at your own lives and family and see if you are doing the same thing this young man is doing. Drugs are being used every minute of the day and it could be you next that will kill or rob someone because of your drug use. May god have mercy on everyone that is involved. I am praying for everyone including this young man’s parents. They are good christian people.

  • ArchieBunker

    with a mustache and or a neck beard anymore? Next thing you’re gonna tell me is a guy with a windowless van is unscrupulous. I can’t keep up with the world anymore.

  • PublicAvenger

    He did not mean to kill anyone. But when he drove so wreckless, it shows he did not care. Then he tries to get a deputies gun. This shows no remorse, just pure selfishness. Hopefully he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars, or better yet; get a lethal injection.

  • Terri Hunter

    What happen to the three sticks rule:breaking and entering, car theft, gun theft, burglary and drug possession. Did it have to come this before
    there is any justice. The will be no justice for Joye Campbell and her family.

  • Guardian Angel

    As much as we want to hate this person, it is not what God would have you do. I can only imagine if that were my wife or child that had been in that car and how devastating it would be. We all must pray for the one at fault here and the family that lost their loved one. This is a test of faith and in Gods plan there will be something good that will come from this, although we are feeling a terrible loss now. This man will suffer for the pain the has caused and we must let God take control from here. Please lift up Mr. Campbell as he needs your support and prayer. Mr. Campbell was a new employee for the company I work for and I was just getting to know him.

  • Guest CommonTater

    God should handle this…. let’s arrange a meeting for him.

  • Guest 10101

    Been religious all my life but well intentioned people like yourself sometimes make me twitch. Who put you in charge of telling us what God wants or telling us how to feel or what to do? Well intentioned or not, that often comes across as sanctimonious foo-faa.
    – Not all bad things are a test of faith or are part of something good happening. That’s like saying God planned for Adam and Eve to commit original sin.
    -This man suffered so much from the pain he caused he tried to take a deputy’s gun after he caused all of this suffering.
    – When someone commits a crime, we have authority here on earth to take control, not just leave it to God.
    – We should lift him up? Sometime a man has to hit rock bottom first before he’s capable of even wanting to be lifted up. A just punishment will give him plenty of time to work on that.
    – You were just getting to know Mr. Campbell? Perhaps you were just getting to think that you knew Mr. Campbell. Good people are sometimes totally unaware of how bad another person might actually be.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    My God, are you naive!

    He will not care one iota, exactly the same as most criminals. They are mentally defective. The law and your life mean nothing to them.

  • Guest2020

    God granted us permission to punish murderers. I do not know anyone involved in this and I do not hate Mr. Buffkin or anyone else, but he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  • challengetheworld

    This is a good case for the Death Penalty.

  • WilmMan

    I say we help him meet God a little sooner than he expected

  • Guest CommonTater

    all the way. Let God sort em out!

  • Guest327

    Hopefully, he will be the cellmate of “Big Bubba” Johnson for a few years and not get along so well.

  • Guest 277


  • not judgeing

    i don’t think anyone needs to throw the first stone at this family. yes the son did wrong and all involved have to pay the price. no one here on earth has the right to throw stones because we all have fallen short of the glory of GOD. pray that the son will realize what he has done and gives his life to CHRIST. and pray that all involved will let GOD strengthen their hearts and lives.

  • Das Weibstück

    Where was “god” when this criminal decided to drive through a light and kill an innocent person? Give his life to christ? pfft yeah that always works.

  • GuestAgree

    I totally agree with your post. Parents raise their children to a certain point, but their children reach a time of accountability where they are responsible for their own actions. I’m 50 years old. If I committed a crime tomorrow, would my parents be held accountable? No. This young man knows right from wrong and chose to do wrong. He is the one who needs to be held accountable, not the parents.

  • 3293

    The comment that was made regarding the fact that “he must have been spanked as a young boy” was not a reflection on how Mr. Buffin’s parents raised him. My comment was directed to the judical system on not making criminals like him accountable for his actions. Too many times the system will not hold a person responsible for their actions because of some minor issue they may have had as a child such as a spanking, etc.

    My heart goes out to his parents as well as the family of the innocent person that was killed.

  • TC citizen

    I agree that Parents can not control what their children do…but then we have to look back when we were raising them and try to figure out what went wrong?? Did I give into their wishes to much? Did I not spank them over the right things?
    I am not saying that the parents caused this to happen..but we have to own up to what we did wrong…and stop doing it right on and right on…(bailing them out of jail every time they do something wrong and them tell us..”it wasn’t me…it was someone else”.)
    I don’t agree that this girl’s “Time” was up…It talks in the Bible about people dying before their time….so we don’t know when her “time” was..then or years from now…
    As for the Drugs…hey…my family has dealt with kids on Drugs…but they haven’t used the excuse of their drug habit to justify killing someone…and some HAS BEEN on some really bad stuff..
    This young man does not have any remorse over the things he has done…(in the past, now or EVER!!)He has a son that is going to have to live with the things his dad has done…What away to have to remember your dad….
    Yes, Lloyd Needs Prayers….lots of them…I hate to think about if he should get the Death Penalty…I PRAY FOR HIS SOUL!!

  • guesty

    You removed all doubt for us.

  • GuestReality

    Humans beings have freedom of choice and sometimes they make wrong choices. Why blame God for that? Blame the idiot who drove through the light.

  • Guest 25

    I agree that he has good parents. And I agree about the drug problem in our society, such as the places you mentioned. However, the true snakes are the very ones that we look up to. The drug dealers are backed by some who are well off, tipped off and protected by certain LEO, Attorneys and Judges and even “pillars of our communities”—-why, there are so many involved that it would probably blow our minds. It is a corporation. And until the good people stand up to them and raise hell, more of our youths are going down the drain. My heart aches for both families, even Lloyd Buffkin.


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