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Wilmington rally to focus on race, justice for slain Florida teen


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Tensions are rising nationwide because of the case of an unarmed black teenager shot to death by a Neighborhood Watch captain in Florida. Protests have been held throughout the country. Now a Wilmington man is organizing another for this weekend.

It has been a month since a Neighborhood Watch volunteer claiming self-defense shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Now rallies are calling for the arrest of Martin's shooter, George Zimmerman, and to raise awareness.

Ivan Redmon is organizing a rally for Saturday here in Wilmington. He has six sons and says what happened to Martin is a wake-up call for all black people and especially parents.

Redmon compares Martin's killing to the death of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955. He says it is proof we have a long way to go until achieving equality.

"I think it's important to do this in Wilmington for two reasons. We remember the Wilmington 10, and we also remember the race riots of the 1800s," Redmon said. "We have to make sure that we stay in check and make sure we know what's going on in our communities. We don't want a Sanford, FL, in Wilmington."

Redmon says protesters plan to all wear black hoodies that say "I am Trayvon" on them, in memory of the teen.

The rally in Wilmington is planned for Saturday at 8th and Red Cross Streets. It starts at 5 p.m.

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A wake up call?

What kind of wake up call stupid? Do you even know half the facts? The Streets and The Black Panthers are a bunch of pansies. They group together because alone they are afraid. He won't need to hide forever, no one will do a damn thing. Some kid decided he was a bad a@@ and now some kid has been buried. Life goes on, just not for him. No more thug nasty for this young lad. I have seen the pictures of him the media is using, the ones on his facebook are much more telling. Was he wrong to shoot him? Hell I don't know I was not there, but every single issue does not have to be a race issue. I can't fathom why people are not up in arms when a black on white crime happens. No race issue there right? Damn hypocrites. I am not buying into it.

I'm with you

I'm with you on most of what you said. First of all, I will say this is a very sad situation and I am not sure the real truth will come out. Anyway, the fact that the new Black Panther group has put out a bounty on him says alot about them. Mob mentality will rule. I don't think alot of these people are really interested in the truth. They want a reason to riot and hurt others. I also have a problem with the young man's parents. He is dead and they are blaming others, but yet, they are doing their best to make money off of the back of the death of their son. Doesn't say much about them, now does it?

The media has alot of blame in this because they started putting out stuff before the story became known. They are fueling the fires of racism. And now that Al Sharpton is involved, good bye common sense. The man is a racist of the 10th degree and leaves a path of destruction no matter where he goes.

This shooting has nothing to

This shooting has nothing to do with the black on white crimes of the Wilmington 10 and 1898 riots.

Let me see....... He broke

Let me see.......
He broke the man's nose
The man had a gash, to the back of his head, and grass stains on the BACK of his shirt.
A independent eyewitness confirmed that Martin, not Zimmerman, was the aggressor.
It was a struggle for a gun, which put Mr Zimmerman in a life threatening situation.

Somehow, the glove just don't fit here.

But these facts mean nothing to Jesse Jackson, nor the Black Panthers. The same Black Panthers who were dancing and celebrating when OJ Simpson, a real murderer, was acquitted.

Its time to look at ALL the facts in this case, and put skin color aside, even if the Black Panthers don't like it.

crying shame

Zimmerman approached an unarmed man looking for trouble, in the process he gets his butt beat and his nose broke, then he remembers that he doesnt know how to fight so what does he do ..pulls out his pistol and blows a kid head off!!?then tells a one sided story, cus obvisouly treyvon cant tell his side of the story.juss bcus u see a strange african american walking the streets with a hoodie on cus its raining doesnt mean there up to no good. So yes right now its an eye for an eye. Were not goin to stop until zimmerman is locked up or.....yea .

Ya gotta be kidding....

"Were not goin to stop until zimmerman is locked up or.....yea"

Now this is funny. Let's be honest, you are not going to do JACK!!! You will sit in Wilmington and hope someone does something, but in the end you will still be on your couch watching re-runs of Family Matters. You're nothing more than a wanna be with a keyboard. Not a single soul is worried about you. Why don't you carry your tough a@@ down to Fla. and tend to buisness? You know why? Because ole Mr. Zimmerman will you put six feet under as well.

Grand olllle party

And anotha thing i will b coming home this weekend and i will be attending this rally on 8 th street. So if u wana come down there n kick it with us im sure we will have a Grand ol party. Bring all your big mouth guesty friends.!I support this rally!

Of course you support it

But maybe you should support spending time learning the English language.

Grand olllle party

Y are you so mad that this boy parents want justice? JUSTICE 4 TREY..u must be a pig oops i mean cop? right As for me i dont live in wilmington, but im from there, c/o 2000 wbhs! While u crying bout news in wilm im 12 hours away laughing @you cus ur stuck there & at a dead end job..move away man u mite can find some real work..oops


Uh oh someone has been hitting on the crack pipe, where did I even mention this boy's parents in the above post? Can't find it? That's okay neither can anyone else. I am happy you found work 12 hours away, I hope shucking oysters in Louisiana pays you well. If you learn to spell maybe you can find work a bit closer to home cupcake.

who's being racist?

I have a question. Who is actually making race a factor in this death? The man who shot this kid is NOT white, he is hispanic. The black panthers and everyone else have already tried and convicted this man. Why is so much attention being put on this killing? Is it because a teenager is involved? Is it because the "shooter" is being labeled as "white"? I don't get it. There was a child, I believe he was 9 months old, that was killed inside his home from someone who shot at his house numerous times with a AK47. Where was the outrage and media hype about that? This was an infant. Is the reason that story didn't get media hype because the shooter was black? It seems to me that the black community is saying that it is ok for a black to kill another black, but not for any other race to kill a black, otherwise the black panthers and al sharpton will be showing up screaming racism. I haven't decided what I believe about this shooting because I haven't heard ALL the facts.

according to the witinesses

according to the witinesses trayvon was yelling for help. the dispatcher told zimmerman to STOP following trayvon. If he wouldn't got out the car trayvon wouldn't be dead. Why zimmerman not comin publicly with his story ?where are his bruises at least pictures? Say what you want but if a white man follow me I will be scared. Either way I'm sure if justice not serve somebody will end up killing zimmerman in florida its the truth. There's already a hit on him black ppl not playing anymore being abuse scarred spit on days are OVER.


That sounds like a threat.

Who's abused or spit on you?

"black people not playin anymore?" Oh really? A lot more black on white crime happens in this country than the other way around. Not to mention the black on black crime that's happens more often than white on black crime. That's a cold hard fact. If you can't take that into consideration, then you think emotionally instead of rationally. If you ask me, it's the other races who aren't playing anymore because they're arming themselves and refuse to be a victims anymore. CASE IN POINT.


"I am Trayvon" huh? So these people support a 17yr old male who put a man on his back and proceeded to beat him to the point that he broke his nose and cut his head? Beat him to the point that the man was yelling for help. If Zimmerman was indeed acting in self defense then it seems like poor little Trayvon got what he needed.

If this group wants to talk about equality and how far we've yet to go, maybe they should consider the fact that the majority of young black males are killed by other young black males.


I sure hope they call you to the witness stand, cause obviously you were there right? I guess Zimmerman screamed and right when he pulled the trigger, he just automatically stopped huh? I guess when the two neighbors came out and asked him 3 times, what was going on, he was so petrified that he looked back at them without saying anything. Now in my opinion someone who was just attacked so savagely would have ran to the ladies and frantically told them to , hmm, I don't know...'call the police, I was attacked' or something close to it. I'm sure you're on Zimmerman's side, cause you're also a 'white hispanic' maybe? I'm sure if you saw someone 'suspicious' in your neighborhood and you had a gun, you'd follow them like a fool as well. smart people.

Funny, no one protested in

Funny, no one protested in the streets after Curtis Dixon strangled, drugged, raped and killed Jessica Faulkner here in Wilmington.


Well, that's funny huh? Question: was he arrested and charged with his crime? If so, nothing's funny...if not, well you can start the protest. :)

WWAY Bloggers Reaching For Anything To Condone Murder

Um, isnt Curtis Dixon in jail? I do believe he is not leaving voicemails on people's phones thanking them for their support and hiding. To try and compare the two cases is just ridiculous! I hope you are not an attorney.

Excellent Point

Excellent point! If they had, they would have been accused of being racist....but it's OK if this group does it. How insane is that?