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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram has fired a deputy cleared last month in a shooting investigation.

Back in December Sgt. Brian Tully shot two people during a domestic disturbance call. The District Attorney later determined he did nothing criminal.

Sheriff Ingram fired Tully at his discretion. The Sheriff’s Office did not give a reason for Tully’s termination.

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  • vet0300

    10 years, no disciplinary action, cleared by everyone in the shooting including the S.B.I. Jon David said he should be commended for his actions. Sounds like another Sheriff hiding behind the “at will” policy. Sheriff’s use “at will” when they have no legal reason to get rid of someone based on employment law. Wonder if Tully knows to much? Skeletons of Miller and Ingram? Sounds like another reason to get rid of a Veteran Officer and Military veteran to me!

  • Grand Ole Party

    But if he knew to much wouldn’t that be all the more reason to keep him? Do you think he knows who really killed JFK? You may be on to something.

  • PublicAvenger

    Law Enforcement Officers should be fired when they need to be. But there should always be a well documented reason. They should have the right to appeal to a higher source, independent of the one that fired them, to review the facts.

    I don’t know the situation here. All I know are good things about Sgt Tully, and Sheriff Ingram. It’s a shame, that in this state, many deputies and police officers, are fired at the drop of a hat, and no reason even needs to be given. This invites corruption. Look at the situation in Leland, and the Brunswick Sheriff’s Dept, under Ronald Hewett, less then six years ago.


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