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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina public school officials are overriding a requirement for 185 classroom days after local school districts complained about the extra costs to operate buses and buildings.

State Schools Superintendent June Atkinson said Tuesday that school districts estimated it could cost them about $14 million. She approved exemptions for all but about two dozen of the state’s 115 school districts.

School leaders also said since the extra days would be taken out of time allotted for teacher preparation, it would displace needed training time before a statewide course of study starting out next fall.

The General Assembly last summer voted to extend the calendar while preserving a state law requiring a 10-week summer vacation.

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  • FertileMind

    Now maybe the “honorables” in Raleigh will get the hint and let the professional educators manage the schools like they are paid to do.

    Another stupid idea is the start/stop dates required because of tourist vendors needing summer employees. If, as I suspect, most of the employees are college students, why are the institutions of higher learning exempt?


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